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Ava Max Is the Real Thing

Ava Max will release Heaven & Hell, her debut album, on September 18th. Expectations are high for the Milwaukee native. The question is: will she exceed them? The 26-year-old singer is signed to Atlantic Records. That's a big deal.
Like Dua Lipa, Ava Max's potential is huge. I expect her name to ring bells for years to come. I've already listened to many of her songs, and I can attest to her high-quality sound. The definition of great music is originality. There is no one else in the business that sounds quite like Ava. That's why music fans can expect a durable brand. Her name is short and sweet. Plus, she's laid the groundwork by releasing songs and music videos ahead of time. As someone who likes watching the stars, I can say she's headed toward stardom. 

Let's revisit this blog post in five years, and you'll find what I say is true. I've seen stars burn out and lose their shine. Watch Ava Max glow in due time. She started in the entertainment …

SZA: a Difference and Hitmaker

Days ago, SZA released Hit Different. Who can deny the artist's creativity? Not only did she record the song, but she directed the music video too. Who does that? DJ Khaled? Seriously, after watching the video a few times I can say SZA is a difference and hitmaker in the music industry. Hit Different is exactly as advertised. It has a unique twist. Plus, it's unlike anything you have heard this summer. We have two weeks of summer left.

SZA's Big Future
The entertainment business is lucky to have this celebrity. This is the start of something special. She could direct movies in the future. Check out the music video here. As summer comes to a close, I want to nominate SZA for having the song of the summer. Although Hit Different is a late edition, it is a fine addition. Can I compare her with Brandy? That's a fair comparison. I would love to hear her sing I Wanna Be Down. The songstress has the look going for her, the singing chops, and so much more. Born in St. Louis, Miss…

Is Billie Eilish the New Miley Cyrus?

Is Billie Eilish the New Miley Cyrus? The moment has arrived. It is time to recognize greatness and give credit where credit is due. Does the name Billie Eilish ring a bell? Billie Eilish is taking over the music industry. Billie Eilish is the new Miley Cyrus. I make this bold claim because she has the chops. The 18-year-old songstress is incredible. She has the Midas touch. 
Her amazing potential is evident in the music she creates. She could be a musical creative genius. Time will tell. Days ago, Miley Cyrus covered Billie Eilish's My Future. Miley knows Billie is the real deal. That's why she is giving her a shoutout in the most flattering way possible. 

I never thought this day would arrive. Billie Eilish is Miley Cyrus 2.0. Miley's done a lot of great things like Hannah Montana for instance. I don't believe Billie will replicate Hannah Montana, but who knows? Strange things happen. I have a lot of respect for Miley's career but it is time to pass the torch. 

The …

Chloe X Halle = Amazing Potential

Who are you listening to? Chloe X Halle is on my playlist. Originating out of Atlanta, Georgia, Chloe X Halle is an R&B duo recognized by none other than Beyonce. Did you know Chloe X Halle are real sisters? Chloe Bailey is 22 years old, and Halle Bailey is 20 years old. It is rare to see sisters perform side by side. You won’t find many music artists like them. Signing on the dotted line with Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records are major accomplishments. I like the fact they write their own music and produce tracks because the money is in writing and producing. They’re bound to get royalties galore. If they can keep their heads on straight and stay out of trouble, the sky is the limit. You can assess their potential just by listening to them and watching their music videos. Have you heard the “Do It” remix yet?Check out Ungodly Hour, their new album. The album was a successful second studio album for the two songstresses. The album quickly debuted number 16 on Billboard H…

Post Malone Vs. Machine Gun Kelly: Who Has the Bigger Brand?

Branding is the business of a celebrity. As an entertainer, how you package yourself says a lot about your brand. Your name matters as much as what your name is attached to. Attachments are more than just email terms. Celebrities must take care about who they endorse. Pepsi and Coke aren’t the only brand names in town. Ask Dave Chappelle which one tastes better, and be prepared for a wild answer. 
If you want to be a rapper, you’re in the right place. I will tell you how. Remember to read the fine print in your contracts, and don’t do anything stupid. Those are the first steps. Above all, be yourself, write your rhymes, produce some tracks, hop on stage, and put a ring on the next Beyonce. O.K., you don’t have to do everything I prescribed, but do find yourself. What is it that makes you different?
You should pay homage to Post Malone and Machine Gun Kelly. They made their money the right way. Let’s look at the two rappers’ star power. Don’t reinvent the wheel. 
I offered a c…

Remembering Chadwick Boseman

The Marvel universe misses Chadwick Boseman. The real universe misses Boseman. I miss Chad. He came to Hollywood like a meteor. He was a movie star in every sense of the word. His meteoric rise in movies is felt in all the galaxy. As King T'challa in Black Panther, he gave children all around the world a superhero to admire. And he was self-conscious of the roles he accepted. He wasn't acting just for a paycheck. Chad had a passion for the craft. He respected it, and it respected him.Chadwick Boseman, the actor, earned a degree in directing. Who knew? He was also classically trained in Oxford England, where he received sponsorship from none other than Denzel Washington. He gave us a lot in a short period. It is sad how he died of cancer. This news stunned all of his fans. Boseman had a solid global fan base for good reason. Let's remember Chadwick Boseman in this space. Who could forget his portrayal of Jackie Robinson in 42?  I (for one) sure can't. Do you remember hi…

Why Constance Wu Is a Top Actress

In 2006, Constance Wu launched her movie career. She played Jenn in Stephanie Daley. Her second movie was The Architect starring Anthony LaPaglia and Viola Davis. Years later, she would not only make movies but TV history!

Born in Richmond Virginia, the actress started her career in theater and transitioned to the silver screen. Did you know she worked as a waitress and once served Bill Murray? After Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off the Boat, it is a safe bet to say she won’t serve tables for a living again.

They say success doesn’t happen overnight. Constance Wu’s career has been a gradual rise. In all fairness, some movies should have been made a decade ago. I believe Constance Wu is a top actress. She is also a beautiful Asian actress.

I don’t see any reason why we can’t compare her to Lucy Liu or Sandra Oh. She paid her dues, and it is time to recognize her value. Constance Wu is one of the best in show business and has a place in Hollywood, but I believe her work is being underesti…