Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Revelation of TV Action Star Jaimie Alexander


Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Jaimie Alexander kicks ass and takes names on the Blindspot television series. Blindspot is a popular TV thriller airing on NBC Wednesdays. It is currently in the 2nd season.

Jaimie Alexander phenomenally plays Jane Doe on Blindspot. She doesn't miss a beat working with the FBI. Moreover, the show keeps you in ultimate suspense. Another angle pops up, just when you figure out a clue.

You see her tattoos help solve pertinent cases. They give the FBI a significant edge. I recommend watching Blindspot every week if you enjoy putting pieces together. You'll love unwrapping the mystery with likable characters.

Also, if you like Kerry Washington on Scandal, then you'll like Jaimie Alexander on Blindspot. Scandal gives you the TV Politics and Blindspot gives you the TV Action. I wonder when Washington's and Alexander's paths will cross. I know when they do meet, we're destined to see greatness.

In a sense, Blindspot is similar to Quantico. Jaimie Alexander is the centerpiece like Priyanka Chopra. In the latest episode, the DOJ investigates a supposed leak. They try to pin responsibility on Assistant Director Weller, but Jane Doe sticks up for her “man.” There's so much packed in one episode to make your head explode.

Blindspot deals with current issues in an explosive way. They get to the bottom of it without beating around the bush too much. The question is can you handle all the action smacking you in your face.

Jaimie Alexander reminds me of Krysten Ritter who plays Marvel's Jessica Jones (private investigator) on Netflix. She may be slim but she has super strength. In Jessica's case she has superpowers.

I look forward to seeing Jaimie pave the lane on Hollywood Boulevard. The 32 year-old actress deserves to be in more movies. She is destined to appear on the silver screen.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Interesting Tale of Mandy Moore


The Interesting Tale of Mandy Moore

Once upon a time there were 3 princesses: Britney, Jessica, and Mandy. They were three of a kind so to say. At their peak potential, they rivaled one another.

Mandy Moore used to dominate MTV back when Carson Daly hosted Total Request Live (TRL). She could sing with the best of them including Britney Spears. She was more famous than Jessica Simpson at one point in time.

Then, something mysterious happened. She went away- not so much in the physical sense but in the supernatural sense. The pop princess was no longer famous in 2007. Yet, last year she comes out of nowhere like Supergirl all of a sudden.

I call this phenomenon the interesting tale of Mandy Moore. The multi-talented Mandy is a very intriguing specimen and fascinating story. She has her way- coming and going as she pleases. Few celebrities can enter and renter Tinseltown after spending time in Zombieland.

That's why everybody is interested in Mandy Moore's projects. This Is Us left fans literally dying for Moore. Moreover, the singer has proven she's a wonderful actress. Whatever you do, don't underestimate Mandy Moore's magnetism.

This pop princess knows how to entertain the masses. From the Princess Diaries to Tangled, she came a long way on her journey. Who wants to be her Prince Charming? At 32 years old, Mandy is still young and vibrant.

Future Hollywood stars should learn from this celebrity. If you want to succeed in the entertainment business, sometimes you need to take it slow. Far too many actors/singers rush their game and don't get to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

When you're famous, work-life balance may become nonexistent. So try to be like Mandy who is living like a fairy tale. There's a reason this princess is making headlines right now.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why the Chainsmokers Are Number 1

Why the Chainsmokers Are Number 1

Somebody Must Do What Must Be Done

Anyone will tell you that reaching 1 billion views on YouTube is hard. It is practically impossible to do.
Even 1 million eyeballs is a major accomplishment. The Chainsmokers (Drew Taggart and Alex Pall)- Closer music video has exceeded 1.2 billion views as of today. Moreover, their music stays trending.

What's their secret? The key is that they've developed unique styles. Who remembers Gangnam Style? Doesn't everybody love that Psy guy?

If you are a YouTube content creator, you realize that creating masterpieces requires originality. You gotta give your audience something to remember you by aka leave your calling card and make your mark. Don't forget being famous requires sacrifice, dedication, and commitment. You have to be committed to an idea. Hollywood is more than a dream or nightmare.

Without question, if you're browsing YouTube for the most popular music/ best videos, you will come across the Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers are a thriving duo originating out of New York City, New York. Nothing beats listening to the amazing sounds of this electronic dance music group.

Nobody said it would be easy being number 1 but somebody has to be on top. What does it take to be the best? In order to reach superstar status, you must constantly work at perfecting your craft. You must own the moment. There is no time to waste.

The Chainsmokers have arrived on scheduled. Plus, they have earned everybody's attention in a short span of time. By spending extra time in the studio in order to produce consistent hits, they have became the hottest group right now.

It seems Hollywood stars shine brightest during the darkest times. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall are great musicians, who aren't scared of the flashing lights. On April 8th they'll make TV history as musical guests on Saturday Night Live.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Oscars Recap 2017


Last night Oscars had an amazing feel to it. This might have been the most memorable Oscars of all time. Without question, it certainly had the most controversial ending. Here's a recap for you to enjoy.

The TV audience was treated to delightful arrivals on the Oscars Red Carpet. If you're into style and fashion, then this was a special part of the show for you. Everybody was dressed in their absolute best dresses and tuxedos for this incredible celebration.

First, Justin Timberlake got the party started by singing Can't Stop The Feeling to start the show. He and his wife Jessica Biel shared a magical moment on the dance floor. In fact, the whole crowd couldn't stop the feeling. Next, host Jimmy Kimmel kept the jokes flowing throughout the evening. Of course he addressed his Matt Damon beef multiple times.

Later on, Mahershala Ali was awarded Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Moonlight. And Viola Davis won Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in Fences. Jimmy Kimmel interrupted the award show by acting as a tour guide. He hilariously served as an intermediary between fans and celebrities.

In addition, Jimmy Kimmel kept everyone nourished by releasing candy, cookies, and donuts from the rafters. Nevertheless, it was a fun filled night. The stars shined and glowed.

Hacksaw Ridge took home the Academy Award for Sound Mixing. Meanwhile, the Oscar for Sound Editing was given to Arrival.Manchester By the Sea won the prestigious Best Original Screenplay, while Moonlight received the coveted Best Adapted Screenplay award.

Plus, Best Actor in a Leading Role was awarded to Casey Affleck for Manchester By The Sea. And Emma Stone received Best Actress in a Leading Role for La La Land. Finally, Moonlight won Best Picture after La La Land was wrongly announced the winner.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why Russell Peters Is Great


Why Russell Peters Is Great

Great comedy can bring people together. Some standups don't know how to relate to everyone. That's why you see instant backlash and isolated people at shows.

It is important to win the crowd over and get them on your side. Not everyone can do this effectively. Greatness takes time, dedication, and practice. The best in showbiz don't become famous overnight.

Russell Peters is one of the greats. He belongs in the best standup comedians conversation. You see Russell engages in risky behaviors and his audience loves him for that.

This comic will make fun of anybody. Hell, he'll even make fun of himself. When you're not afraid to tell jokes, you sell out crowds easier. Moreover, he tackles challenging subjects in a sarcastic manner.

Born in Toronto Canada, he qualifies as one of the funniest Canadians. Plus, his Indian background contributes a great deal to his material. You could compare him to Aziz Ansari but there is only one Russell Peters. Make no mistake, his style and delivery are unmistakeable.

Many of his jokes are unrepeatable, of course, because they are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). In other words, repeating his comedy at your job could get you fired. So, proceed with caution. Tread on thin ice if you don't want to offend anybody.

Everyone must know the importance of timing in standup comedy. Russell Peters delivers like Amazon, right on time. Right now is Russell Peters time to shine. The celebrity is singing You Are My Sunshine on his way to the bank. He has a lot to be happy about.

The 46-year-old is one of the highest paid comedians according to Forbes. He makes $21 million per year. That's almost as much as LeBron James' take home pay. I highly recommend watching his Almost Famous standup special. And I look forward to seeing his future work.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Why Keira Knightley Is The Perfect Actress


Why Keira Knightley Is The Perfect Actress

Keira Knightley is one of my favorite actresses. I believe she is the best British entertainer right now. Moreover, her qualities as an actor are perfect. At 31, who has accomplished as much as this Hollywood star?

She poetically portrays characters on the silver screen. Also, nothing gets in the way of her delivering top notch results. Keira Knightley is known for superior performances. The Hollywood actress is laser focused in her films. You can easily see how her hard work pays dividends.

In my mind, Keira Knightley should sit next to Julia Roberts at the Academy Awards. Why don't I arrange the Oscars seating charts with Keira Knightley's Name between Roberts and mine?; that's just a suggestion. Like Brie Larson, she's one of the best actresses in showbiz. The red carpet was made for her footprints.

This phenomenal actress is one of the reasons I recommend Collateral Beauty. She helps bring the story to life as her character pulls off an amazing performance. I literally love Keira Knightley, who plays the abstract Love, in Collateral Beauty.

Additionally, she steals the spotlight from Benedict Cumberbatch in the Imitation Game. The wonderful thespian convinces the audience that her character, a cryptanalyst, helps save the world from destruction. Did you know that the movie is based on a true story?

As you can tell, Keira Knightley is everything you want in an actress. She has the look and style plus the talent minus the attitude. Sure, she seems a little sassy but that's how we like it, right? When you make it to the top, you're entitled to special privileges.

Knightley has earned significant star power by consistently shining throughout her illustrious career. She's earned endorsements by commanding attention to her cause. Through constant repetition and memorization, Keira Knightley became one of the highest paid and most in-demand actresses of all time. As far as I'm concerned, Keira Knightley is the perfect actress.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why Bebe Rexha Is Hot Right Now


Why Bebe Rexha Is Hot Right Now

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Bebe Rexha releases her new album All Your Fault on February 17, 2017. You bet fans are waiting patiently for her upcoming debut. She's already hit the ground running. Soon, she'll be flying high.

Have you heard No Broken Hearts featuring Nicki Minaj? Better yet, have you watched the music video? Bebe Rexha clearly wants to receive viewer's discretion and earn your hard to grab attention.

The young Albanian singer is hot right now for one major reason. She has what it takes. Bebe is being compared to Kylie Jenner by Billboard. Plus, like Kylie kissing her is on everybody's to-do list.

Write Bebe Rexha down on your calendar when planning for entertainment venues this year. Consider adding a date to attend her concerts. I know you can't wait until she goes on tour. She's going to win a Grammy soon; mark my word. She may even win the prestigious Best New Artist Grammy.

You can count on her songs topping the charts. It should come as no surprise that she's climbing because Bebe Rexha has laid the groundwork. The celebrity is following the Seven Steps on How to Be Famous.

I first learned about Bebe Rexha last year. Since then, I've listened to her many singles. I became an instant Rexha fan. I love I Got You. Me, Myself and I is a sensational hit. Plus, Hey Mama makes me want to dance.

She resembles Rita Ora as far as her look and style, but she's distinct enough to make her own way in the music business. I believe Bebe is a strong songwriter. She's on record with Rihanna and has worked for Eminem. Also, she's written songs for Ms. International herself Selena Gomez.

Born in one of the world's biggest cities Brooklyn, New York Bebe Rexha's popularity is soaring right now.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Priyanka Chopra: From Bollywood to Hollywood


Priyanka Chopra: From Bollywood to Hollywood

What's your favorite TV show? ABC offers excellent programming choices. Do you like sitcoms such as Modern Family or dramas such as Scandal? How about Quantico? Whatever you have a taste for is on ABC. Lately, I've been consuming episodes of Quantico on demand.

I can't get enough of Priyanka Chopra. The Quantico star is someone to write home about. Isn't she something special? This former Miss World may be the hottest babe on TV.

I hope they give Priyanka a pay raise because she's too good to lose. Moreover, the actor is the main reason we watch Quantico, right? Let's face it, Chopra presents a hot body of work like Sofia VergaraTV viewers are treated to one of a kind good looks.

Still, if you go beyond her charming good looks, you'll discover she's extremely talented too. She's already made a name for herself in Bollywood. Right now, she's taking her turn on Hollywood Boulevard.

Are you looking forward to watching her performance in Baywatch or what? Picture Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron both vying for her attention on the silver screen. They already publicly admitted they're infatuation with her. Who do you think is more her type? That's right Priyanka Chopra can have any man she likes.

Who else can't get enough of Priyanka Chopra? The Indian beauty is easy on the eyes. Additionally, she's devoted to developing her gifts.

Clearly, Chopra knows she's one of the best in showbiz. Plus, Priyanka can handle the entertainment world's pressure. Her Bollywood experience counts for something.

Chopra can convince anyone of anything. Whatever she's selling, people are buying. They eat her up like chocolate chip cookies. They need more of her sugar. The Bollywood to Hollywood actress is maximizing her potential and fulfilling her dreams. What is more, she's making the man very rich.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Golden Globes 2017 Recap


Golden Globes 2017 Recap

Did you watch the Golden Globes? The Golden Globe Awards are a precursor to the Oscars. Tonight's award show was watched by approximately 20 million people. Maybe, you saw the red carpet as well.

Jimmy Fallon made a grand entrance. But the night began with Aaron Taylor-Johnson winning Best Supporting Actor for Nocturnal Nights. Later, Billy Bob Thornton gave an emotional speech.

Then, Tracee Ellis Ross graced the stage winning for Blackish. Atlanta starring Donald Glover earned the award for Best TV series. And Hacksaw Ridge received top recognition. Additionally, Sarah Paulson earned her award for the People V. O.J. Simpson.

You couldn't have asked for better presenters than Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Gina Rodriguez represented for the Latina women. Do you watch Jane the Virgin? Viola Davis received hard earned credit for her performance in Fences.

How could you miss the amazingly stunning Sofia Vergara on stage in her see through dress? Give credit to Carrie Underwood and Sting too. Moreover, Ryan Gosling's and Emma Stone's La la Land was given major accolades. Did Ryan Gosling give a nice acceptance speech or what?

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer shared the stage but Hawn hogged the microphone. Tom Hiddleston scored big for the Night Manager. Claire Foy won on a large scale for the Crown. It was great seeing Casey Affleck win Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea.

Finally, Brad Pitt introduced Moonlight, which was nominated for 6 Golden Globes. Moonlight deservingly won for the best drama category. However, the spotlight shined brightest on Meryl Streep. It was definitely Meryl's moment.

Everybody did a fantastic job. It was a wonderful show. There was a ton of glitz and glamor beginning on the red carpet. They arrived in spectacular fashion inside stretch limousines. The biggest stars showed up, although everybody in showbiz and the entertainment world did not take home an award.

I think Jimmy Fallon was awesome. A lot of excitement filled the air. My main critique is where was the music? They could have used more of the music scores. What do you think? Who had the best smile? Who wore the best dress?

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Incredible Is Melissa Benoist?


How Incredible Is Melissa Benoist?

We are reentering Supergirl season 2 and it's safe to say Melissa Benoist is still super. I began binge watching Supergirl this week. And I've concluded that Melissa Benoist was put on earth to become Kara Zor-El on television. How does she do it, episode after episode? She's absolutely incredible.

You can see the determination in her eyes. Melissa Benoist seeks glory as Supergirl. She belongs in the DC Comics. It is her destiny. No doubt Henry Cavill aka Superman is impressed by the former Glee star. Don't forget that she is a multi-talented celebrity.

The triple threat actress is best suited and well-equipped. In other words, Benoist is up for the challenge at hand. So prepare yourself for a wild ride. She'll flap her cape around and fly you high like a Boeing 777. Melissa is reaching new heights by the second.

It's amazing watching Melissa in action. Whatever she touches turns to gold. I'm looking forward to her future movies. Moreover, the Hollywood star deserves a pay raise.

She's in a similar position as Hilary Duff. All she needs is one big blockbuster or an Academy Award, and she's set for life. Supergirl has a shelf-life, but Melissa Benoist's name can go down in history.

Benoist digs deep down into the heart and soul of a character. You should check out her performance in Whiplash. Not only does she play a wonderful supporting actress, she's a terrific love interest.

Maybe, Supergirl could play Batman's lover now that the Batman v. Superman saga is completed. How's that for a script? Superman and Batman end up as brother-in-laws. You get my drift (they're family). Unfortunately, the likely ending scenario is like Scarface. Do you remember the scene when Al Pacino's character Tony Montana discovered his sister Gina in lingerie at his best friend's home? They had recently got married. That's a story for another day.

Anyway, I say all this to say Melissa Benoist is absolutely incredible.

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