Saturday, September 7, 2019

Why Constance Wu Is a Top Actress

In 2006, Constance Wu launched her movie career. She played Jenn in Stephanie Daley. Her second movie was The Architect starring Anthony LaPaglia and Viola Davis. Years later, she would not only make movie but TV history.

Born in Richmond Virginia, the actress started her career in theater and transitioned to the silver screen. Did you know she worked as a waitress and once served Bill Murray? After Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off the Boat, it is a safe bet to say she won’t serve tables for a living again.

They say success doesn’t happen overnight. Constance Wu’s career has been a gradual rise. In all fairness, some movies should have been made a decade ago. I believe Constance Wu is a top actress. She is also a beautiful Asian actress.

I don’t see any reason why we can’t compare her to Lucy Liu or Sandra Oh. She paid her dues, and it is time to recognize her value. Constance Wu is one of the best in show business and has a place in Hollywood, but I believe her work is being underestimated.

The Good News

Fans are supporting Constance Wu in more ways than one. First, Constance Wu’s recent 2018 movie Crazy Rich Asians made $238.5 million at the box office. Second, Fresh Off the Boat is renewed for a sixth season. That’s part of the reason why Wu is the leading actress in the 2019 Hustlers movie. The movie is based on a true story. Are you excited to see it?

Her Hustlers costars include Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Cardi B, and Lili Reinhart. With such a great cast, I expect the acting and soundtrack to be award-winning. There is too much talent in Hustlers for this movie to fly under the radar.

 The film feels authentic and I know fans will enjoy every minute. I think the trailer and promotional materials are high quality. Overall, they’re doing a good job marketing this film. I’m looking forward to seeing it come September 13.

I believe Constance Wu is in a terrific position to make a lot of money or win an Oscar. It is up to her how far she takes it. The ball is in her court.

      I would like to compare Constance Wu to Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria. The actresses are all similar because they have highly rated TV shows in their past. Fresh Off the Boat made TV history like Modern Family and Desperate Housewives. Still, Wu shouldn’t be wholly defined by the show’s success, neither should Vergara and Longoria. Longoria has had incredible success outside TV. In other words, Constance can hold her own.

Right now, she is a respected actress because she is true to the craft. Did you know she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) from the State University of New York, Purchase? Constance is a certified thespian who understands what she brings to the table. She has gained the experience and now she has endless opportunity. Give it to her.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Definition of Great Music

Great music comes in many forms. Rap, pop, rock, country and jazz are just the tip of the iceberg. Great music is like glaciers in the arctic. It is really the size of Antarctica. It's not the same as a generation ago, but great music is still there floating...waiting to be discovered. Will you discover it?

Have you ever listened to classical? To define great music, we must look at who controls the music. The Record labels own your ass. I'm sure you heard about how Taylor Swift is rerecording her music. She is thinking outside the box. I feel the record labels don't want you to be free.

What if Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach were legally bound to a record label. In other news, Hasbro now owns Death Row records. A toy company is the owner of gangsta rap records. If you don't have a problem with that, you shouldn't have a problem with Taylor Swift rerecording her music.

Do you think corporations are ruining music? Here are my thoughts. Corporations are actually making music better. Sway doesn't have the answers, neither does Kanye.

We're hearing great music from all around the world because of corporations that make it possible for artists to reach the masses. Corporations are sponsoring great music everywhere. Apple Music, VEVO, and Spotify provide great tools for discovery. 

I'm also sure you heard Jay Z (ROC Nation) made a deal with the NFL. Jay Z may even become a part owner of a football team according to TMZ. It's an interesting development.

The point is everything is changing fast. You gotta keep up with the times. Great music is everywhere. Rihanna is a private flight away from performing at a concert near you. That's who should do the halftime show if you ask me. 

Corporations are not saints. In the end, the bottom line is profit for them. In my opinion, art shouldn't be corporatized. However, the definition of great music is profitable sound.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Top 10 Celebrities Right Now

One minute you’re famous. The next fourteen minutes you’re infamous. You never know when your time is up as a celebrity. So enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame while you can.

It seems the end game is to become rich and famous in 2019. Who doesn’t want more money and recognition? But how do you judge it all?

In other words, what’s the definition of rich and famous? At what point are you rich and famous? This blog post recognizes the crème de la crème in entertainment. The following celebrities deserve the most money and recognition.

They not only have the Twitter followers and Facebook fans- they have real life star power. They are relevant.

Here are the top 10 celebrities right now.

1. Kim Kardashian

What can you say bad about Kim Kardashian? She’s made a name for herself over the years. She is number one in American popular culture. The reality TV star has built a brand that is durable and respectable.

2. Beyonce
There is only one Beyonce. This entertainer is on top of her game. You can count on the celebrity’s bankable star power around the world. Like a Visa credit card, she is accepted everywhere.

3.  Jennifer Lawrence
She is the only Hollywood actress on the list. She has all the riches and fame a blonde beauty could want. She deserves to be one of the highest paid actresses. Throughout Jennifer Lawrence’s career her films have grossed over $6 billion.

4. Drake
He is the number 1 rapper for good reason. Every time Drake makes an album it’s a hit. The Toronto native doesn’t disappoint fans either. He makes the headlines all the time.

5. Rihanna
Rihanna is a top 5 celebrity. Her star power spans across continents. Jay Z trained her well.

6.  Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga won an Oscar for A Star Is Born. She delivered a fine theatrical performance. She is also a phenomenal singer. Something tells me, she isn’t finish winning awards.

7. Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift used to be number 1 but she still makes the top 10. The celebrity is rich and famous beyond measure. Plus her music is good.

8. Justin Bieber
Is he the most famous Canadian in history?  Justin Bieber put Canada on the map. You’re living under a rock if you don’t know who Justin Bieber is.

9. Ariana Grande
No one questions the talented Ariana Grande. Her voice speaks (or should I say sings for itself.) The singer is like no other.

10.   Kanye West
What is a list without controversy? The controversial rapper makes the top 10 celebrities right now. Somehow, he finds a way to make it to the top.

Friday, February 8, 2019

2019 Grammys Countdown

2019 Grammys Countdown


Who is the best new artist? What is the song of the year? Who will win the album of the year? A day from now, the Grammys will provide answers to these questions and more. I will shine a spotlight on the music stars ahead of time. Also, I will give Grammy predictions.

The live Sunday show on CBS starting at 8 PM (E.S.T.) is hosted by the one and only Alicia Keys. I feel fans will get what they deserve. Once the red carpet rolls out, eyeballs will be glued to the TV screen. All eyes will be on Cardi B. What will she do? What won’t she do?

Wait and see, Cardi B’s performance will be the biggest story of the evening. I can see the Tweets coming in, already. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper aims to please. She is one of the hottest topics in the entertainment industry.

I predict Lady Gaga will have a moment. The star will shine. I expect Lady Gaga to win for A Star Is Born. Do the Grammys need to legitimize Lady Gaga? Does she need validation for the Oscars? It would shock me if Gaga doesn’t leave with a Grammy Sunday night.

Best new artist is a crowded field and close contest. Margo Price and Greta Van Fleet are great, but Dua Lipa should win. The “New Rules” songstress is a big deal. You could argue Chloe x Halle should win because of the Beyonce advantage. It is an interesting conversation.

While we’re having this discussion, we must remember Jorja Smith. The 21-year-old British singer is sensational. And Jorja has a bright future.

What about the crown jewel? Could Ella Mai win the song of the year? This London, England native is earning every one of her English Music Royalties. “Boo’d Up” is just as successful as “Bleeding Love.” I believe she is next in line behind Leona Lewis.

I won’t predict record of the year because it is the most complicated award for a host of reasons. I could write an entire article on this category alone. However, I will predict album of the year. The $100 Million Man Drake’s Scorpion should win the prestigious award.

More Predictions

Janelle Monae deserves long overdue recognition. I think best pop solo performance will surprise the viewing audience the most. Camila Cabello could win for “Havana” over Ariana Grande’s “God Is a Woman.”
I expect Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” to win best music video. And you can’t forget about H.E.R. and Beck. I feel The Carters will win trophies too. Beyonce and Jay Z made a masterpiece this past year.

The Grammys countdown is underway. Are you excited? Will you watch the red carpet? What are your plans afterward? More music stories to come.

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Why Jason Statham Is a Top 5 Action Movie Star


Why Jason Statham Is a Top 5 Action Movie Star

I’ll prove to you why Jason Statham is a top 5 action movie star in this article. There are only a handful of action movie stars in the first place. You see it is challenging to make a living in Hollywood as an actor, let alone a movie star. Becoming an action movie star is more difficult than mountain climbing.

Like a mint condition coin, an action actor must stay in tip-top shape. Plus, you must be a good actor to keep your job. You can’t let your skills decline. To keep your shine, you must stay polished.

To be the best, you must strive for greatness. Just Being good isn’t enough. At 51, Jason Statham’s career speaks for itself.

He is internationally recognized as a top 5 action movie star. Plus, the star who was born in Great Britain, is one of the best actors of his generation. The celebrity is popular with approximately 53 million Facebook fans and counting.

What Jason Statham Means to Fast and Furious

Jason Statham joining the Fast and Furious franchise was a brilliant move, because few people can compete with this action movie star. He is on another level. It doesn’t make sense for Tom Cruise and Matt Damon to join Fast and Furious because they have their own franchises: Mission Impossible and the Bourne Identity, respectively. Clearly, Jason Statham has shown why he is in a class all by himself through his “actions.”

Moreover, Jason Statham means the world to Fast and Furious. The franchise can’t survive without his character. He is thriving in his new role. I expect Hobbs and Shaw to be a major success because of his tremendous talent level. Plus, the action actor gels with Dwayne“The Rock” Johnson.

Hobbs and Shaw should shatter box office records in 2019. Check Box Office Mojo for results.

Aren’t you excited about Idris Elba’s part in the movie too? Also, Vanessa Kirby will appear in the film. Kudos to the casting director. I’m looking forward to seeing Hobbs and Shaw. It is a must-see movie without a doubt.

The Expendables star deserves his accolades as an action hero. He is wealthy with an estimated net worth of $70 million. Did you know Statham performs some of his stunts? If you had $70 million, would you stunt?

Do you remember when Sylvester Stallone added Arnold Schwarzenegger to the cast? Jason Statham was with him from the start. You can’t deny the star’s brilliance as an action actor, but he’s more than expendable.

I highly recommend the Crank series and the Transporter trilogy. If you watch those, I guarantee you will like his Facebook page. Check out Blitz, Wild Card, Redemption and the Bank Job.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry are huge, but the elite are a small bunch. You can name the top 5 action movie stars on one hand. Jason Statham is one of the top 5 Hollywood action actors because he is elite. He is the best at what he does. And he does it better than anybody else.

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Why James Franco Is a Cream of the Crop Talent


In 2007, I watched the IMAX version of Spider-Man 3 starring Tobey Maguire in theaters. It was one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. I remember identifying with James Franco’s character (Harry Osborn) at the time. Franco was very convincing in his role.

They were going to make Spider-Man 4 but cancelled. What are your thoughts on the new Spider-Man? I haven’t seen the new franchise yet. James Franco is the main reason I like the original.

When I was younger, I watched Freaks & Geeks on TV. I didn’t care if they were reruns. I memorized the theme song “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. This show, much like That 70’s Show, was a hot topic of popular culture by teenagers. Again, James Franco’s character (Daniel Desario) was relatable. James Franco literally stole the show.

I’ve been a James Franco fan for a long time. He is an impressive guy. Did you know he has a PHD? That’s one reason he is believable in Planet of the Apes as Dr. Rodman. I feel he has earned coveted roles because of his education.

James Franco excels at drama, but comedic acting is his forte. I argue that Pineapple Express is his best movie bar none. Maybe, that’s a little strong but you understand. His chemistry with Seth Rogen is unmatched.

Moreover, James Franco is a Saturday Night Live (SNL) legend. He’s hosted the show four times to date, and I’ve watched every minute of his SNL.
Have you seen 127 Hours? The thespian put his heart and soul into the film. Additionally, he has demonstrated his remarkable talent in a variety of other films.

This Hollywood star succeeds because he takes risks. James Franco sticks his neck out and goes the whole nine yards. That’s why he is a cream of the crop talent.

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Gina Rodriguez: From Jane the Virgin to Miss Bala


Gina Rodriguez will star in the upcoming Miss Bala movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the film, and possibly doing a movie review here. Right now, I feel Miss Bala will live up to all the hype. I believe Gina Rodriguez is becoming one of the best Latina actresses in the entertainment industry. Moreover, this article takes a good look at Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin to Miss Bala. Let’s start examining her talented display.

Given Gina’s experience, she will perform above and beyond on the silver screen. The Hollywood actress was one of the hottest starlets under 30. We just didn’t know it at the time. I argue her name is bigger than Lea Michele and Naya Rivera.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Gina Rodriguez is Puerto Rican. The 34-year-old is a role model. Check out Carmen San Diego on Netflix. She voices the lead character.

This past week I binge-watched Jane the Virgin. They give you a lot in one episode. It is a treat watching Gina Rodriguez improve her acting skills. You can see why the celebrity is a bright Hollywood star by just watching her act onscreen as Jane.

Her acting abilities reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez back in the day. Plus, she is pretty like Eva Mendes. Without question, this former TV star makes Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria proud.

Did you know that they are making a spinoff of Jane the Virgin called Jane the Novelas? Also, you should know Miss Bala is a remake. Do they make anything original nowadays? That’s another story.
Anyway, do you remember Zoe Saldana’s breathtaking performance in Colombiana? I feel Gina Rodriguez’s showing could top that because Miss Bala has a similar plot. Time will tell.

Everyone can enjoy Gina Rodiguez’s talented display. She receives high marks on my scorecard. It is a pleasure watching her entertain. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned.

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