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How to Be Healthy: Lifestyle


Health is wealth. If you’re healthy, you’re wealthy. Life is the most precious gift in this blue and green world of ours. So, stay healthy so you can be wealthy.

In 2014, I made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle. This means I eat better food. I try to only intake nature’s best ingredients. In fact, my whole family is living much healthier lifestyles. So, this is an added bonus. 

Where Do You Start? 

If you’re feeling unhealthy, then you feel broke; meaning, you don’t have any money to spend. The fact is time has more value than money. 

You see, money is infinite; and, mankind’s lifespan is definite. So, make the most of your time; and, you’ll make more money.

Listen to me. I’m a Guru. Life is like yoga- you have a limited number of breaths. Start by embracing what is sacred. First of all, you should value yourself and family.

By nature, yoga exercise stresses relaxation and relief. If you’re unable to start jogging I recommend you combine your walking with yoga. If your life has a whole lot of chaos, yoga can help balance tricky situations. 

Next, drink water. Water is the key ingredient of good health. When you’re tired of drinking water, try drinking almond milk.

When you have five minutes to spare, click here for more information about almond milk. I have been drinking almond milk for five months; and, I can attest to its many benefits.

Yes, milk does the body good; but, almond milk does the body better. Your body breaks down as you getter older. Start right now and make a lifestyle change. 

There’s no reason for your body not to function. If you fuel your tank properly, you should be able to drive for the long haul. No matter what is holding you back, you can do it. 

Take a bite out of apples. Your body will thank you. Your brain will tell you well done. Don’t forget to eat salad.

2014 is your year as well. The first step to being healthy is to eat healthier. You might have to change your diet. This means, eat more fruits and vegetables. Remember: you eat what you are. 

The Iceberg 

The whole truth is you have to exercise. The Doctors want you to work out 30 minutes per day. Here are 13 ways to exercise Hey, if you enjoy dancing, dance away. Do some salsa, ballroom dancing or aerobics.

All physical activity counts toward your health and wellbeing. Start working out and you’ll feel happier, and have more energy. Furthermore, if you want to lose weight, exercise is critical. 

There is toxic fat around you organs that can only get lost through exercise. For more information click here. I don’t advocate depriving yourself of food. Exercise is of the upmost importance.

The purpose of the iceberg is to float. I want you to tread above the water. Don’t beat yourself up. If you can’t do these things yet, remember time is your friend.

Do a little here and a little there. Every bit adds up. Value your health like you do your wealth. If it means: jogging on a treadmill, jumping jacks or jumping ropes, or improving your posture with yoga, just do it.


Your lifestyle has to change. Begin by making good health your top priority. Read articles on the topic. Here is a nice article for women’s health tips.These are nine easy steps toward good health. 

At an early age, I knew I wanted to be a writer. My family encouraged me. My teachers encouraged me. And, sooner than later I landed my first writing job at a newspaper. 

What compelled me to write is the lifestyle. Writers have the ability: to work for themselves, work when they want, and get freebies. Authors want me to read their books. And, as a result I’m offered free material.

My good health is also a lifestyle choice. I exercise at least three times per week. I eat a ton of fruits and vegetables every month. 

If you’re struggling with bad health, don’t forget to take your first step. Whenever you climb to the top: you must take your first step in order to take your last. 

Read about the nine foods men must eat. Stop drinking way too much beer. Start drinking more juice.

How to Be Healthy

John D. Rockefeller lived for 97 years. He is widely considered the wealthiest man in history. What is more, his health was his wealth. 

As a youth, Rockefeller decided he wanted to live until he was 100. Wealth wasn’t his primary concern. Health was his primary concern. 

You see so many people today who work, work, work, and work. All they do is work. Well, it’s time to live. 

You see, Rockefeller understood that time is far more valuable than money. You can have all the money in the world, but you can never have enough time. 

You can be healthy by living the best lifestyle. Appreciate your health. In order to have good health, you have to make it first on your to-do-list. 

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