Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Be Justin Bieber


How to Be a Celebrity 

Oh, baby! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be famous? Can you picture being a celebrity? Are you fantasizing yet?

I won’t wake you from your dream. Keep on dreaming…

You’re Justin Bieber. There’s not a girl on the planet who wouldn’t want to spend a night with you. You walk into the club. Of course, you have bodyguards like President Obama.

You’re freaking Justin Bieber, man! How did you become Justin Bieber overnight? Obviously, you’re still dreaming.

You have a ton of money, a billion tons of fans, and you party all the time. Companies are lining up single file to give you free stuff. Better yet, they are begging you to endorse their products.

Your manager is here. He tells you, “Mr. Bieber it’s time to go on your world tour. I’ve arranged such and such and blah, blah, blah. Thank you so much for not firing me, sir.” Where do you stop first on your world tour?

Well, if you were Justin Bieber it’s a good chance you would stop at Selena Gomez’s home. You might go to your friend Jaden Smith’s crib. You can go anywhere.

If you want to hold a concert in Anchorage, Alaska on Christmas Day, nobody will say that’s a bad idea. Why? Fans are going to show up that’s why. You’re a celebrity called Justin Bieber.

I started to follow Justin Bieber on Twitter yesterday. I still might follow him. But, the dude has 50 million followers already.

In fact, I was surprised to see he has more followers than the President. What does that say about the society we live in? It says we love music.

I won’t tell you I’m Justin Bieber’s biggest fan, because I’m not. However, I will say his story is worth writing about. Bieber came up the hard way.

He was raised in a single parent household. He isn't an entitled brat. So many people try to paint a bad image of Bieber. But, it’s not a true depiction.

We can’t expect a young man who turned 20 recently to act like a 30 year old man. Go back in time when you were young. Think about the dumb mistakes you made.

Now, imagine all your mistakes being broadcasted on national television and the world-wide-web. And, that’s how it feels to be Justin Bieber. Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins.

Although we love to pretend the fact of the matter is no one knows what it is like to be Justin Bieber but Justin Bieber himself.

He is a rags-to-riches success story. Before being discovered, he reached us by posting YouTube videos. On my blog, I have video of Justin Bieber before he got famous.

At a young age, Bieber shared his talent with the world. You might say without YouTube Justin Bieber would be an average college student with $20,000 in student debt. He might also be unemployed or underemployed if he lived in America.

A lot of people (haters) want to focus on his negatives. But, Justin Bieber has positively made society a little better. He is a prime example of how dreams come true.

Ode to Technology

YouTube is a terrific medium. You’re able to exchange social value by uploading a video. How easy is it to make a YouTube video? I made my first YouTube video today, which you can watch on the blog.

I found that technology maximizes the potential of everything. You can be- an entrepreneur, artist, celebrity, or an ordinary Joe from Buffalo. Your gift can be broadcasted for everyone to see.

As a youth, I rebelled against technology. I thought technology would take-over our lives. I felt that technology disconnected people. I was right and wrong at the same time.

The beauty of technology is you can make of it what you want to. No one says you have to make a YouTube video or sign up for a Twitter account. You should do those things, but you do have choices.

In America, we live in a standardized society. It’s a multiple choice test country. We can measure just about everything but love.

I love America. I’m proud to be an American. My family served in the military for over four generations. Thanks to technological advances, we are able to better communicate with our family overseas.

Click on the video above and watch one of the most viewed videos of all time. It’s Justin Bieber’s Baby song. Before you watch it, be aware that it won’t be easy to get the song out your head.

I was right about technology taking over; but, I was wrong about technology being bad. Technology is good. If you are a blogger, you have a way to voice your opinion and influence  somebody’s life in a big way.

As a blogger, I’m thankful if I reach just one person. That’s all. I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1! Like us on Facebook

Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

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