Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Bottom Line of March Madness

By: Guru Jay

Upon Us

March Madness is upon us. There is no turning back now. Only move forward. The 2014 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is a time for celebration.

The best basketball players between the ages of 18 and 22 are preparing to play with tenacity. They will display pure grit throughout the tournament. You’ll see the most competitive contests ever known. You have to travel back in time to the Gladiator days, in order to watch anything quite like it.

What will happen? No one knows. Predictions are calculating right now by the second. March Madness officially begins tomorrow, March 20. Bet on the current reigning champion Louisville Cardinals to try to repeat.

Tomorrow, millions of eyes across the United States and around the world will be glued to the tube. There are more than 60 games scheduled. Here’s a good link for the 2014 NCAA Bracket. Who will win? Your guess is as good as mine.

Truth be told, I don’t watch as much college basketball as I do the NBA. But, I always watch March Madness. I assure you there will be clutch shots both converted and missed.

Also, I guarantee you that impossible shots will be made; and, easy layups will be missed. After all, college is a learning experience. Furthermore, even NBA players miss a dunk or two on a regular basis.

Three more things are certain: long three-pointers, big shot blocks and dunks galore. March Madness is a showcase of the most talented basketball players the world has to offer.

You won’t be disappointed. You will be amazed. March Madness makes you experience a range of emotions. One minute you’re sad. The next second, you’re mad. It’s the nature of the beast.

The Tournament is entertaining at all stages. It’s the big dance so you might want to find a dance partner. The tradition of college basketball connects with the history of basketball itself.

Dr. James Naismith first invented the game reinvented by Michael Jordan for college students. You can watch footage of Jordan at University of North Carolina on my blog. The video explains the meaning of NCAA basketball and March Madness.

Watch the Wichita State Shockers. The team made history tying the record for most wins and no losses. The Shockers went 34-0. Find the latest news on Wichita State. It was fascinating to see the college team play this season.

Pat Riley famously coined the term March Madness for the Men’s basketball tournament. March Madness symbolizes a range of emotions from sad to mad. It represents the intensity of sports themselves.

Moving Forward

As I stated before, there is no turning back now. You have got to move forward. At this point, sports history is almost irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you beat somebody last year or even in February.

This is March 2014. And, the purpose of a “march” is to move forward. As usual, you can expect the Duke Blue Devils to go deep. Additionally, Duke’s rival the University of North Carolina Tar Heels look like strong contenders.

The beauty of it all is that it is truly unpredictable. You never know what might happen. Be prepared for anything.

All eyes are on Wichita State. The question is can Wichita State keep going at their current pace? One thing for sure is there will be answers to our questions.

Look for upsets, heartbreaks, downturns, and upstarts. The coach is just as important as the player; and, the trainer is just as important as the fans. Everybody and everything matters.

I play basketball myself. It’s one of the best games to learn. Also, it is becoming the most popular sport around the world.

One crucial basketball rule is you have to move forward. If you go backcourt with the ball, then that’s a violation. Also, you can’t step out of bounds (a predetermined area on the court).

Millions of people are filling out brackets and making their predictions. I have made predictions in the past. I’ve decided this year to not make predictions.

I plan on enjoying the tournament. One benefit is I won’t have to root against teams based on logic or intuition.

What March Madness means

March Madness is a time of pride. Obviously, the parents of the players could not be any prouder of their sons. Yet, basketball fans are proud as well.

Fans are proud of their hometown heroes, local colleges and star athletes. March Madness means family and friendships. I have watched the tournament continuously for over a decade. I’ve discovered that the NCAA Championship brings people together. It’s a perfect time for bonding.

The meaning of March Madness to you might be different. But, the bottom line is that the tournament presents a time for us to socialize with coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers shopping at the store or standing up at the subway station.

There have been many great plays in basketball history. You can watch the greatest basketball play of all time right here on my blog. It’s called "Christian Laettner The Shot 1992" It is the epitome of greatness. To some it is the meaning of March Madness.

The Bottom Line

Winter is almost over; and, spring is almost here. Transitions are tough. Sometimes in the spring it feels like winter. Sometimes in autumn it feels like summer.

If you think nature is spontaneous, you better believe March Madness is a hippie. March Madness is a mixture of all seasons rolled into one. You don’t know if it’s going to rain, snow, or earthquake. All you really know is that the sun will shine. And, the moon may come out at night.

The bottom line is the NCAA Tournament is a very lucrative event. According to the Market Place (click here for report) The tournament makes more than $1 billion in television money alone. In fact, March Madness makes more total revenue than the NFL postseason, NBA Playoffs, MLB World Series, and the NHL Stanley Cup.

The tournament is scheduled March 20 through April 7. It is upon us. Tomorrow!

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