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Top 50 Celebrities Around the World


Around the World In Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Chollywood and Zollywood

Stop Stressing

You don’t have to worry about anything. Cast all your worries in the deep blue sea. Take time to focus on what matters most.

Your health is important. So, stop stressing. Take a break. You deserve it.

After a stressful day, most people want to be entertained. You might have the most stressful job in the world. But after turning on your computer and television stress is no longer a factor of the equation.

Celebrities entertain us. Part of their job description is to make people happy. If you’re feeling sad or lonely, maybe a funny movie will lift your spirits.

Recently, I wrote an article about how to be a celebrity. I defended Justin Bieber, because he is unfairly criticized in the media. In today’s blog, we will identify more than 50 celebrities around the world.

Our list was composed using a variety of sources. I made this list, because I couldn’t find anything else like it on the Internet. I organized the celebrities in descending order.

World Tour        

Let me take you on a world tour of Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and Chollywood. We’re stopping by the biggest celebrity mansions and bachelor pads. On our way I’ll show you only the best.

Oh, did you want to see Lady Gaga’s Beverly Hills mansion? You might as well. We’re travelling around the whole world.

The next stop is Tennis superstar Roger Federer’s Dubai home. Of course, he has a Tennis court! Where else can we go?

I know. Let’s go to China and look at Jackie Chan's rock collection. I thought you'd like that.

While we’re in Asia we might as well go to India and check out Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachchan's Rolls Royce. Boy, is he living the good life!

Celebrities all around the world love luxury. You can always catch the ladies wearing expensive clothes or sporting a brand new luxurious handbag. It’s the way they live. They live a high-price lifestyle.

I want our trip to be entertaining as well as informative. You will receive the royal treatment. We can check in and check out where Prince William used to reside

I’ve heard there is 24-hour room service here. Also, we have a personal chef, masseuse, butler, maid, and chauffer.

Our personal chef can cook you anything you desire. Our masseuse can relax your muscles with her arms and hands. Our staff is here to serve you.

What more do you want? The top celebrities live a luxurious lifestyle. Money is not an object to them. They make millions of dollars per year.

We all could use the money minus the fame that comes with it. It’s no secret that famous people are constantly monitored by the paparazzi. As a celebrity, you’re always on camera.

You can go to the most isolated island on the planet and the cameramen will follow you there. In many cases, the paparazzi will already be there awaiting to snap pictures upon your arrival.

The Price of Fame

The price of fame is not monetary. You pay in other ways. How many times have actors auditioned only to hear the word no? You cannot fear rejection, if you want to be a celebrity.

You may have all the talent in the world and still not get the role. The main thing is that you persevere. If you work hard enough, eventually you’ll get rewarded.

Stay true to yourself. We can learn from celebrities how to act in public. Ok, well not every celebrity. But, you get my drift.

Whenever Beyoncé walks out her home all eyes are glued on her butt. She doesn’t have the same type of privacy as an ordinary person. Wherever she goes, TMZ is tracking her. 

The price of fame is astronomical. You have to make sacrifices. No one ever said it is easy being a celebrity. But, at the same time it’s fun.

You have to weigh the horses to determine if entering the race is worth the hassle. You can lead the horse to the gate, but you can’t make her win. You ought to get off the high horse if you’re afraid of falling.

At times it seems easy to be a celebrity. But, it’s not. It’s a lot of hard work. But, if you stick with the plan you’ll be a celebrity in no time.

Who Wants To Be A Celebrity?

Everyone wants to be a celebrity. Celebrities are literally worshipped. If you don’t believe me, log into Twitter.

Go to Beyoncé’s Twitter. How many followers does Bey have? Go to another celebrity on our list. How many followers do they have? How many accounts are they following?

As you can see (on Twitter), The entertainment world is huge. There are tens of thousands of actors in Hollywood alone. But, this blog entry is bigger than Los Angeles.

Around The World

Our top 50 list covers the whole world. Continent by continent, country by country: I breakdown the best celebrities around the world.

I watch films and listen to music in foreign languages. I do this because I like learning new words. I don’t desire fluency in every language.

Hearing new sounds is intriguing. I love listening to French because it’s the language of love. Just saying a few words, in French to my girlfriend, is a good way to make the mood more intimate.

As a bonus, I have included a list of the top five French celebrities. At the top of the list is Eva Green. She is famous for her role in 300: Rise of an Empire.

Green plays the historical Artemisia in 300. She has proven why she belongs on the list of the world’s top celebrities. The elegant Eva was also a James Bond’s girl in the 2006 movie Casino Royale.

I’ve found some phrases are best said in their native tongues. Language is often lost in translation. However, the genius of languages is that emotions are universal.

The body language of love in India is the same as in China. The intensity of anger in the United States is the same as in Nigeria. A smile has the same connotation everywhere.

Let me take you around the world. Let me introduce you to celebrities you otherwise would not have known. You probably are familiar with their faces. But, you don’t know all of their names.

I don’t blame you one bit. This list was created as a reference and a guide. Furthermore, you can use our list if you ever travel around the world.

My family and I have Netflix subscriptions. I noticed Netflix has a database of foreign movies. They have movies from all over the globe, including Africa.

Several of these films are from Nollywood. Nollywood is a portmanteau. It’s a combination of Nigeria and Hollywood into one.

I recommend watching foreign movies. You may have to put the captions on; but you will enjoy them. Moreover, many African films are in English. Mind you, they don’t have the best diction. It is still entertaining.

The Top African celebrity is Chinua Achebe. The 84 year-old is a world-renowned novelist. He is most famous for his 1958 novel Things Fall Apart. He also won the 1989 Nobel Prize in Literature.

The singer Akon is ranked number five. Although he was born in St. Louis, Missouri he has Senegalese roots. Both of his parents are from Senegal. He is categorized as African for the purpose of our list.

10. Femi Kuti
9. Oumou Sangare
8. Yvonne Chaka Chaka
7. Salif Keita
6. Wole Soyinka
5. Akon
4. Angelique Kidjo
3. Didier Drogba
2. Youssou N’dour
1. Chinua Achebe

I invented the portmanteau “Zollywood.” I combine the word Brazil with Hollywood. Maybe, it will catch some steam.

Brazil is a place where they harvest sugarcane as well as celebrities. The Brazilian people are beautiful. Number four on our list is the eye-catching model Gisele Bundchen.

The talented Ivete Sangalo ranks ninth in Zollywood. She is a powerful Brazilian singer with international appeal. I am shocked she is not ranked higher on the list.

Paulo Coelho, a man that writes beautiful words, is second on our list. He definitely has the power of the pen. He is a modern day Brazilian William Shakespeare. You should read the Alchemist if you have the chance.

Because Brazil is a land filled with superb soccer (football) players, many athletes make our list such as Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaká. Soccer (football) prowess is a big reason the world loves Brazil. 

In fact, the top celebrity on our Brazilian list is the great soccer legend Pele. Also, billionaire TV host Silvio Santos squeezes into the Top 50.

10.  Silvio Santos
9.  Ivete Sangalo
8. Kaká
7. Ronaldinho
6.  Ronaldo
5. Roberto Carlos
4. Gisele Bundchen
3. Neymar
2. Paulo Coelho
1. Pele

China’s Hollywood is well populated. The celebrity Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 is cream of the crop. The Beijing News ranked her first on the “50 most Beautiful People in China” list.

Fan Bingbing is the face of China. The thirty two-year-old actress is idolized in Mainland China. She is also a singer and producer.

Martial artist and actor Jackie Chan comes in fourth on the “Chollywood” list. Chan has a global following. He has acted in not only Chinese films but in American movies as well.

Did you know that Jackie Chan is a comedian and singer too? On an international scale, Chan is first in China. The world appreciates his body of work in the Rush Hour franchise.

It is shocking Jet Li is not on the Chinese list. He has an international audience a lot like Jackie Chan. Jet Li apparently isn’t as popular in China as he is worldwide.

I wrote an article titled Top Ten Foreign Language Films. Number one on the list is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Can you guess who stars in this film? None other than Zhang Ziyi, who holds a rank in the middle of our Top 50.

10. Lin Chi-ling 林志玲
9. Jolin Tsai
8. Huang Xiaoming黃曉明
7. Yang Mi楊冪
6. Eason Chan陳奕迅
5. Zhang Ziyi章子怡
4. Jackie Chan
3. Andy Lau 
2. Jay Chou 周杰倫
1. Fan Bingbing 范冰冰

Bollywood is the Indian Hollywood. Show business in India is growing fast. A number of actors from India have made a stop at Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

You have to respect the Indian movie industry. Bollywood is becoming a major global industry. The International Business Times speculates that in two years Bollywood will bring in $5 billion annually.

Currently, India’s Hollywood is generating over $3.5 billion. Actor Shah Rukh Khan helps make this possible. He is a top five global celebrity. Katrina Kaif comes in ninth on the Bollywood list.

10. Hrithik Roshan
9. Katrina Kaif
8. Ranbir Kapoor
7. Virat Kohli
6. Akshay Kumar
5. Amitabh Bachchan
4. Sachin Tendulkar
3. Salman Khan
2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
1. Shah Rukh Khan

Here is Hollywood, the mother of all entertainment. You would have to go back to the Shakespearean days in order to compare it to a summer’s day. The Los Angeles district wears its badge, as the entertainment capital of the world, proudly.

Oprah Winfrey is queen. Lady Gaga is the princess. Steven Spielberg is king. And, Justin Bieber is the prince.

The following celebrities are the most recognized in the United States. Popular daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres is in the bottom 50, mainly because of the competitive nature of Hollywood. In other words, it’s fairly difficult to make the top ten in America.

Notably, there is only one athlete on this list- Roger Federer. Furthermore, Federer is Swiss.

I was shocked to see Madonna at number five on the list. But, you have to remember at one time she was first. Madonna is an icon much like Marilyn Monroe.

The beautiful Beyoncé Knowles is fourth. Beyoncé is a triple threat. She sings, dances and acts. I feel she should have been in the top three. But, the global ranking is bigger than my opinion.

10. Ellen DeGeneres
9. Justin Bieber
8.  Roger Federer
7. Bon Jovi
6. Taylor Swift
5. Madonna
4. Beyoncé Knowles
3. Steven Spielberg
2. Lady Gaga
1. Oprah Winfrey

Honorable Mentions

Just in case you travel to Japan, the following top five is a good reference. These five celebrities are acknowledged as the top five in Japan. You may want to learn these names.

Cutie pie Haruka Ayase is first on our Japanese list. The other celebrities are: Keiko Kitagawa, Yui Aragaki, Aoi Miyazaki and Namie Amuro. Japan has a mini Hollywood.
5. Namie Amuro 安室奈美惠

4. Aoi Miyazaki 崎葵

3. Yui Aragaki 新垣

2.  Keiko Kitagawa 北川景子

1. Haruka Ayase  绫濑

Selena Gomez is first on the Mexican list. She is only 21 years old but has incredible star power. Her Come & Get It YouTube video has more than 224 million views.

Demi Lovato is in fifth place. The singer of Skyscraper VEVO video has been viewed 124 million times. She is the same age as Selena Gomez. I think that in due time she will surpass Selena and become the nuevo numero uno in Mexico.

5. Demi Lovato
4. Ricardo Montalbán
3. Eva Longoria
2. Cheech Marin
1. Selena Gomez

Emma Watson, 23, is second in France. Do you see a pattern? Young

and attractive women are disproportionately high on our list.

The dazzling 28 year-old Léa Seydoux rounds out the top three actors

from France. The IMDB has a wealth of information. Also, the Box

Office Mojo is a reputable source.

5. Juliette Binoche

4. Mélanie Laurent

3. Léa Seydoux

2. Emma Watson

1. Eva Green

The following actors are the top five German actors in 2014.

5. Sibel Kekilli
4. Elisabeth Röhm
3. Diane Kruger
2. Bruce Willis
1. Michael Fassbender
The following picks are the most popular Brits chosen by Piers Morgan. As you can see, Simon Cowell is first. Piers Morgan is a little bias, because he works for Cowell.

Still, Simon Cowell deserves to be in the top five alongside: David Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Prince William and Ant & Dec.

5. Ant & Dec
4. Prince William
3. Cheryl Cole
2. David Beckham
1. Simon Cowell

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