Saturday, March 15, 2014

What is the Refrigeration Niche?

By: Guru Jay
As I got ready to write this post, I spilled coffee on my computer. Because I am a blogger my computer is a good friend. So, after nursing my computer back to health, I took some time to meditate. 

I thought to myself why the heck am I rushing? Cool is not rushed. You all are cool. That’s why I strive for coolness everyday.

What is the Refrigeration Niche?

Would you like to know more about the Refrigeration Niche?  It’s a new concept about how to live life, how to approach situations, and how to connect with people.

Think about Tom Cruise. He was always cool. Go in your dictionary and look up the word cool. If Tom Cruise’s photo is not in the text, then throw your dictionary in the trash.  Ok, don’t actually do that. But, try to find a better dictionary.

Mission Impossible III is a cool movie. The protagonist is Tom Cruise and the antagonist is the late great Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  For more information go here: You will enjoy.

By all means Tom Cruise is cool. Who else is cool?  Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Lopez, and David Beckham. The aforementioned all have terrific branding power.

Here’s an awesome YouTube video of Jennifer Lopez
How cool is Jenny? Her video was made before YouTube was invented. And guess what? It has more than 33 million views.

I’m an accountant, so I love numbers. Jenny from the Block also has more than 95 percent favorability (likes versus dislikes).  She is a solid brand. That’s why American Idol pays her $17.5 million dollars.

Jennifer Lopez is the third highest paid “judge” on television.  Here’s a nice story on that topic Her humble beginnings and versatility is inspiring. 

If you wonder what else is cool, then watch Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in the Mexican. For more information click here I think you will enjoy the plot and direction.

Sexy is cool. And, Halle Berry is the sexiest and coolest actress ever. Here is an article of the 20 hottest photos of my girl Halle Berry You’re welcome. If you want to repay me, please follow me on Pinterest @thegurujay and Twitter @TheGuruJay. Thanks a lot.

I could go on and on about the Refrigeration Niche. But I don’t want to bore you all, because the Refrigeration Niche is awesome and not boring.

I leave you with some thoughts on Lucy Liu. She is one of the prettiest and most talented actresses out there. I want to see her in more movies like Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2.
Please, put her in more movies, movie executives.

Cool is simple. The Refrigeration Niche is cool and simple.  Actors like Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt and actresses like Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez and the athlete David Beckham, are simply cool. It’s not complex. It’s easy.

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