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Who's Hot? 30 Hottest Hollywood Starlets Under 30 + Photos And Video


Millions flock to Los Angeles in the hopes of fulfilling their dreams. Some succeed. Many more fail.

So, what does it take? The following celebrities possess the key ingredients. Let’s look at who is hot.

30 Hottest Hollywood Starlets Under 30 

Cool video @ the end.


30. Blake Lively
Age: 26

Photo By: David Shankbone

29. Sonakshi Sinha

Age: 26
Photo By: Filmitadka

28. Keira Knightley

Age: 29
Photo By: David Johnson

27. Naya Rivera
Age: 27
Photo By: Gage Skidmore

26. Maria Sharapova
Age: 27
Photo By: Boss Tweed

25. Brenda Song
Age: 26
Photo By: Angela George

24. Colbie Caillat
Age: 28
Photo By: Novice7

23. Solange Knowles
Age: 27
Photo By: Creative Commons

22. Jessica Lucas
Age: 28
Photo By: Gage Skidmore

21. Kaley Cuoco
Age: 28
Photo By: A Kovacs

Blake Lively looks like a dream girl. Her hair is gorgeous. Her smile is infectious.

Blake is only 26 and has the whole world ahead of her. The Gossip Girl is hot like pancakes doused in homemade maple syrup. She is a vanilla/strawberry flavor.

Sonakshi Sinha is more famous than the International House of Pancakes. She is also 26. Sonakshi is hotter than a waffle iron.

She’s comfortable in her own skin. That’s what I love about her. What is more, she is a humble soul.

Humility is hard to find. Begin Again actress Keira Knightly has donated to 12 charities. Keira is also involved in 16 different causes.

27 year-old Naya Rivera ranks 27th on my list. She is very attractive. She makes me spill my coffee.

Maria Sharapova and Brenda Song are hot like a summer day. The tennis star and actress are fantastic. They have bright futures.

MySpace famous Colbie Caillat comes in at 24. She reminds me of someone else on the list, Taylor Swift. At any rate, Colbie can blow those pipes.

BeyoncĂ©’s sister Solange Knowles is 23rd on my list. The Sandcastle starlet is shining on her own. The ‘hottie’ is taking steps to market her brand.

Jessica Lucas is 28 and fabulous. She is beloved even more in Canada. In the next couple of years, I see her career advancing rapidly.

Kaley Cuoco’s stock is rising. She is one of the hottest actresses on television. Kaley has proven she belongs in Hollywood.

20. Demi Lovato

Age: 21
Photo By: burningkarma

19. Ashlee Simpson
Age: 29
Photo By: Toglenn

18. Cassie Ventura
Age: 27
Photo By: lukeford.net

17. Freida Pinto 
Age: 29
Photo By: Romina Espinosa

16. Miley Cyrus 
Age: 21
Photo By: JJ Duncan

15. Megan Fox
Age: 27
Photo By: pinguino k

14. Avril Lavigne
Age: 29
Photo  By: Glenn Francis

13. Emma Stone
Age: 25
Photo By: Georges Biard 

12.  Zoe Kravitz 
Age: 25
Photo By: David Shankbone

11. Amanda Seyfried
Age: 28
Photo By: Josh Jensen

How can you not love Demi Lovato? I like her style. She is only 21, so she has the chance to become number 1.

Jessica’s sister Ashlee Simpson ranks 19th on the list. I think she is hot. She is a duo threat with singing and acting abilities.

Not enough people know about Cassie Ventura.  Did you know she is dating Diddy? You may have heard about her on Instagram

The actress Freida Pinto is definitely on my radar. The Indian born actress was born a star. Freida is on fire like an Alicia Keys’ song.

If you had one wish you would want to meet Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox. They are hot like the Earth’s crust. Miley and Megan make me want to go to science class.

Singer Avril Lavigne is the hottest starlet from Canada. She has over 15.6 million Twitter followers. I’m so glad she’s on twitter.

Her Girlfriend song is one of my favorites. It helped propel her to rock stardom.  How hot is Avril?

Redhead Emma Stone is 13th on my list. She is just getting started. The hot Hollywood starlet is showing us why she is in demand.

Zoe Kravitz is in the same boat as Emma. She would rank higher but her stardom is just beginning. The sassy X-men actress has yet to fully develop.

She is capable of so much more. When I look at her, I see uncharted territory. She will recognize her star power eventually.

Actress Amanda Seyfried is a versatile actress. She takes the 11th spot. From Jennifer’s Body to Lovelace, Seyfried has defined sexiness. It’s only a matter of time before she blows up even bigger.

This time next year, Amanda will make the top ten. Maybe, she might hold the top rank. Ask somebody. She is hot like the Arizona dessert. 


10. Kristen Stewart

Age: 24
Photo By: lukeford.net

9. Vanessa Hudgens

Age: 25
Photo By: Eryn Johnstone

8. Emma Roberts

Age: 23
Photo By: Greg Razzi

7. Selena Gomez
Photo By: Mike Hennessy

6. Rihanna

Age: 26
Photo By: Chris B

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Age: 23
Photo By: Georges Biard

4. Hilary Duff

Age: 26
Photo By: David Shankbone

3. Taylor Swift
Age: 24
Photo By: Scott Mecum

2. Dianna Agron
Age: 27
Photo By: Keith McDuffee

1. Scarlett Johansson
Age: 29
Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Whenever you look Kristen Stewart in the eyes, you’re staring talent in the face. If you want to make a hot movie, then Kristen is your girl. She brought the Twilight Saga to life.

Click here for a hot gallery of Kristen Stewart from PopSugar. It’s so easy to tell that she has earned her stripes. You have to admire her body of work.

25 year-old singer slash actress Vanessa Hudgens is ninth. Like her song Amazed we are amazed by Vanessa.

Click here for photos of the starlet with Zac Efron. She is unduly underrated. Let’s show Vanessa Hudgens some love on WeHeartIt. 

Redhead Emma Roberts is a 23 year-old flame. Really, she is as hot as they come. Emma can perplex any man just by smiling.

Emma has inherited her hotness from Julia Roberts. Do you see the family resemblance? I wonder how many daily proposals she gets.

Coming in at lucky number seven is Selena Gomez. Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is a top 50 celebrity.  The hot starlet can only rank higher.

Selena is destined for greatness. She has a good head on her shoulders. And, she looks angelic on stage and on screen.

Rihanna just missed the top five. She is a Hollywood hottie without question. Could she be any sexier

Sex sells. That’s why Rihanna is hot. She has built a strong brand

Jennifer Lawrence flies under the radar at number 5. Don’t get me wrong. You may put her in first place.

That’s perfectly fine. All I’m saying is she ranks high up on anybody’s list. But, I believe there are four other beauties that outrank her.

Hilary Duff is my number 4. She’s not a media starlet like Katy Perry, but she is hot and tempting. Also, Hilary is just 26.

You either love or hate Taylor Swift. Obviously, I love her. She is a polarizing figure. But, Taylor belongs

Taylor deserves her fame. She works smart. Her music has spotless shine

Dianna Agron comes is the runner-up. She gets the silver medal because she is a doll. Talk about talent.

The gleeful cheerleader turns heads while she walks on the Glee set. She sings like a bird and acts like a fox. You have no choice but to admire Dianna Agron.

The hottest Hollywood starlet under 30 is drum roll please......... Scarlett Johansson! Her beauty is beyond words. I appreciate her genuineness.

If you want the hottest Hollywood starlet under 30, then Scarlett is your gal. See her in Captain America. Hey, Scarlet…You give me fever, baby.

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For more: click link for cool hot celeb picsSources: I used the following five sites to help create my list.
1. People    2. Maxim     3. SugarSlam  4. Guyism  5. Glamour

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How to Party Like a Rock Star and Rock Like a Rolling Stone


Miley Cyrus

Photo By: Rob Sinclair

Invitation to My Party

How would you like to party like a movie scene straight from Project X? Yeah baby, I’m talking about toasting to the good life. If it gets too hot, jump in the pool to get wet.

You’re invited to my party. Please accept if you want to have a wild night. Bring your friends.

Where is it? The party is here on the Guru Jay blog. I hope you like the new layout.

You can now customize your experience. Choose from 7 cool features: Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, and Timeslide. By the way, you’re a VIP.


How do you party like a rock star? How do you rock like a rolling stone? You need style, substance and loyal fans.

Have you noticed how celebrities go out their way to thank their fans? Why are there so many “fantastic" celebrities? Loyalty is priceless.

Fandom comes with a price. If you want to make it, you have to work smart. You can work too hard, but you cannot work too smart.

Miley Cyrus is highly intelligent. Her brand is one of the most marketable products in show business. The young talented singer breaks the rules.

The first rule is to break the rules. Successful celebrities are on the edge. They’re constantly challenging the status quo.

Rihanna is a heartbreaker and also a rule breaker. She pushes the envelope and delivers the mail. She is number 1 on YouTube, because she makes her own rules.

The second rule is there is no such thing as bad publicity. Miley is at odds with the wrecking ball. She demands your undivided attention.

Creativity is a requirement to being a rock star. If you’re a regular 9 to 5 average Joe Doe, then the rock lifestyle is not for you. But, if you dare to be different come on and audition.

If you’re going to party, rock like Miley Cyrus. Miley understands her superstardom. She is a young superstar who has already established her place in music history.

I started following Miley Cyrus on Twitter today. Although I am a not a big fan of her music I am infatuated with her personality.

Her website is even different. Check it out here.

The best way to become a rock star is to be you. Real rock stars are one of a kind. Unlike poker players, you can’t bluff rocking like a Rolling Stone.

Your ego needs adjusting in order to party like a rock star. You can’t care about upsetting some people with your controversial views. You have to stay true to yourself.

The third rule is to break a leg. I’m not saying you should sprain your ankle or tear your Achilles tendon. All I am saying is luck plays a major part in your success.

Brad Pitt will be the first to tell you Lady Luck is his BFF. He says he is lucky to be in his position as an actor. He’s right.

In Hollywood, they tell you to break a leg right before your performance. If you want to be an actor, start acting like an actor. Faking it to you make it, is not the same as escaping reality.

Have you noticed how everyone’s ego in Tinseltown is bigger than a watermelon? Why are their egos the size of melons or Kanye West- bigger than Jupiter? You have to inflate your hot air balloon before the haters deflate your dreams.

The fourth rule is to learn how to play the guitar. If you don’t know how to play, grab a copy of Guitar Hero.  The commercial is cool and so is the game.

Guitar Hero

Learn from the greatest guitarist and rock star Jimi Hendrix. It’s easy to see why he is legendary. Here are links to the Jimi Hendrix Experience Album on YouTube and MySpace

The electric guitar is the rock star’s favorite instrument. There’s something about how the strings generate fires and echoes off of walls. You’ll learn the trade fi you’re serious about superstardom.

Break the rules. Better yet, make the rules. Live by your code.

Imagine waking up everyday whenever you feel like it. If you’re late, it’s okay because you’re the boss. Bruce Springsteen sings about you in his songs.

As soon as you walk out the door of your Malibu mansion, 100 fans are waiting for your autograph. What do you do? You kindly explain you got a job to do.

You are your job. There are impersonators who make a living emulating your style. But they will never be you, because you are one of a kind.

You’re also a jack-of-all-trades. American Idol, America Got Talent and The Voice have contacted you. They want you to be a judge on their shows.

You have so many choices and so little time. Do you wonder about the drawbacks? Well, you haven’t seen your lady in three months.

It’s too easy for groupies to fall in love with you. It’s so hard for you to fall in love with a groupie. What will you do for love?

You canceled three shows on your world tour in order to go back home. All these are scenarios. I say the perks out way the sacrifices.

Mr. Big Stuff, Who Do You Think You Are?

The following is a list of Rock Stars with the biggest fans:


James Patterson is a prolific novelist. If you’re a writer you respect Patterson. Can you name another author on his level?

Writing is my life.  Of course, I am impartial to the writer’s lifestyle. It’s fun and rewarding.

I believe writers have the most loyal fans. Think about the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. Trust me, writers have some of the biggest fans.

I received a ton of fan mail during my time as a journalist. It was awesome. There is power with the pen.


Music makes the world spin. Being on stage  is an exciting feeling.  What is better than making a living by touring the world?

The best thrills come from being a Rock Star. Concerts are a way for superstars to connect with fans. The spotlight is always shining on you.

Many of your fans, know you better than your brand. You can’t party without music. That’s why musicians are so valuable.

They show up and bring the music with them. You don’t have to get intoxicated. All you have to do is boogie and have yourself a good time. It’s a natural ecstasy.


I heard Kobe Bryant parties hard. It makes sense because he lives in Hollywood. If you play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers, no party is off limits to you. State your  last name and number and the hostess will escort you to your reserved seat.

It seems basketball, players have the most fun. But, Baseball stars come in at a close second.  I always read bout ball players messing up in the off-season.


Partying is part of an actor’s job description. It’s a no-brainer; if you have the chops become an actor.  Get in the right movie and you’ll be a celebrity overnight

Ken Jeong gave up practicing medicine for rehearsing roles. He became famous overnight by joining the Hangover cast. The Detroit native is a dream come true.

Actors are the most confident rock stars. They’re know for getting into trouble too. If you can be an actor, do it.


Comedians have the hardest jobs in show business. You may make a 100 people laugh but there will always be 1 heckler. The heckler’s job is to make your night hectic.

You need thick skin to get this shindig. Like actors, you must exude confidence. Otherwise, things go downhill fast.


Every writer, musician, athlete, actor and comedian is a personality in essence. There are exceptions But, most personalities are talented in another area.

Personalities have the most fun at parties. Why? Because they are either offending somebody or making us laugh or cry.


Everybody knows your name. The majority of local celebrities are well known in their regions. There are exceptions.

It is rare to see local rock stars expand worldwide. But it happens. Prince is a rare rock star who began in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Kid Rock Party

We’re going to party like a Rock Star. Were’ going to rock like a Rolling Stone. Like Kid Rock (Detroit Party Don't Stop) We’re going to go at it non-stop.

Party Rock Anthem

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