Friday, June 27, 2014

Top 10 Highest Paid Actors


Who is your favorite actor? Do you like money? Here is a list of the top 10 highest paid actors.

10. Liam Neeson, $32 Million

Photo By: Georges Biard

One word: Taken. The actor has stolen the spotlight from Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and others on numerous occasions. He’s in an elite acting class.

Have you seen Non-Stop?  Neeson is not slowing down even at age 62. Neeson’s career is full of achievements. He’s like a decorated soldier.

The box office is all about the dollar. As you know I love numbers. That’s why I like Liam Neeson.

Neeson has been involved with several blockbusters. He starred in Star Wars, Batman, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Basically, Liam Neeson puts butts in seats.

He is the 10th highest paid actor. Liam made 32 million dollars last year. Movie executives, producers and directors are proud to have him on their team.

9. Denzel Washington, $33 Million

Photo By: S. Jaud

Denzel Washington was born to act. Did you know his mother named him after the doctor who delivered him? Denzel deserves every ounce of respect.

He started off his career humbly. His claim to fame took countless sacrificial years. He displayed brilliance in John Q.

If you have yet to see it, I highly recommend the film. Denzel Washington doesn’t mind playing the villain. In fact, he embraces being the antagonist.

That’s why he thrived in American Gangster, Training Day and Malcolm X. He actually turned down the chance to play MLK. Denzel is an impressive and tough act to follow.

Washington made $33 million last year. He earned $20 million from Equalizer. Do you like Denzel Washington?

8. Tom Cruise, $35 Million

Photo By: MTV Live

If you’re having money troubles, call Tom Cruise. His acting skills will bail you out of a jam. Of course, you have to pay him top dollar.

The Top Gun actor is on top of the totem pole. He’s been in the business for a long time. And, he is still in high demand for many reasons.

He’s short in stature but he is a tall glass of water. Women gawk at his sight. Cruise’s time in the gym has paid dividends.

Did you see Mission Impossible III? The cast had electric chemistry. All the Missions were good.

Now, Tom is not a saint but his acting is close to perfect. As a result of his hardworking workaholic work ethic, Tom Cruise made $35 million last year. This is proof he is the best. Who is the next Tom Cruise? Who knows?

7. Adam Sandler, $37 Million

Photo By: Angela George

Adam Sandler is the funniest man on the list. I mean he is a comedian after all. But, did you know Adam is a great dramatic actor?

Watch Reign Over Me. Sandler showcases the range of his talents. He’s more than one dimension.

The funny man made $37 million in 2013. My only knock on Sandler is his role selections. He must take more pride in his stride and stop accepting junk parts.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio, $39 Million

Photo By: Siebbi

His name sounds like your favorite Starbucks' latte. But, how can you blame DiCaprio when he didn’t choose his name? Anyway, the girls don’t mind.

Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The Romeo and Juliet actor attracts a loyal and supportive crowd. He’s been in the game for a long time. You must appreciate his body of work.

Two words: The Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio owes his good fortune to the misfortune that happened on the Titanic. Without this movie, Leonardo’s name would be smaller.

Leo DiCaprio is big. How big? He made $39 million. It doesn’t take an accountant…to figure out that's a no-brainer.

5. Dwayne Johnson, $46 Million

Photo By: Eva Rinaldi

The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson is the new and improved Sylvester Stallone. Did you see Pain & Gain? Are you standing in line to see Hercules?

I predict Hercules will be a huge success. The casting department got the right man for the job. People say he lives in the gym. No, he is the gym.

Dwayne is authentic. That is the key to his success. Why isn’t he in Expendables? He is indispensable.

Get out of the kitchen if you smell what the Rock is cooking. 

Dwayne Johnson had a great year. The actor received $46 million. He is a must-see movie star.

4. Mark Wahlberg, $52 Million

Photo By: Eva Rinaldi

Mark Wahlberg a.k.a. Marky Mark is an outstanding actor. He’s the white Will Smith. Smith is the black Mark Wahlberg.

Either way you look at it, Marky Mark’s got the good vibrations. Wahlberg is the new and enhanced Tom Cruise. Also, his sense of humor is underrated. Did you like him in The Other Guys and Ted

Mark Wahlberg made $52 million. He is the 4th highest paid actor. The Transformers is an absolute must-see summer fun and family friendly movie.

3. Hugh Jackman, $55 Million

Photo By: Gage Skidmore

Hugh Jackman is the greatest Australian actor ever. Statistically, he has the box office results to back up that claim. This is one of his best years financially and artistically.

Click here for full review of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Hugh is the ultimate Wolverine. I feel sorry for his successor. 

Hugh Jackman received $55 million last year. He was underpaid. Still, he is the 3rd highest paid actor.

2. Channing Tatum, $60 Million

Photo By: Wcfirm

Channing Tatum is the highest paid actor of his generation. 22 Jump Street is also an absolute must-see summer fun flick. Will you buy the DVD?

He was great in White House Down. The good thing is he’s getting better. He could be bigger than Brad Pitt.

Channing is more famous than Dave. He is the 2nd highest paid actor. He made $60 million in 2013.

1. Robert Downey, Jr., $75 Million

Photo By: Georges Biard

Acting is in Robert Downey, Jr.’s blood. Making money in the performance arts is a family tradition. You can’t deny Downey, Jr. has a gift.

However, the Iron Man is overpaid. He was fine in Sherlock Holmes. But, who will call it like they see it?

I will.

Robert Downey Jr. received $75 million. He was in 1 movie! Hollywood has it backwards. Whoever wrote Downey, Jr. that check should be scratching his head. Better yet, he should get his head examined.


I predict Chris Evans a.k.a. Captain America will make the top 10 sooner than later. And, Will Smith may make a list or two if he gets back into the groove. Also, Jennifer Lawrence will command a much higher salary in the future.

This is The Guru Jay launching off to outer space in 5-4-3-2-1. Feel free to comment and ask questions. Thank you for reading and sharing. Meet me @ Mars. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Vs. Justin Timberlake


Jennifer Lopez Vs. Justin Timberlake

Who do you like the best Jennifer Lopez or Justin Timberlake?

Jennifer Lopez

Before Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez entertained millions. What is more, she still wows the crowd with her versatile skills. She sings, acts, dances, produces, and judges to perfection.

JLO is simultaneously confident and humble. Did you know she began as a dancer? Yes, indeed… and, that’s why the Latina deserves our respect.

Newbies should pay close attention to her career. She turned nothing into something. And, Lopez made a lot from a little.

As a result of her success, she is internationally recognized and universally accepted. No one denies her talent. It is truly amazing to watch her in action.

Jennifer is the first to say she got it from her mama. JLO is a sweetheart. Her image is intact.

She is a fine actress and dancer.  She’s also a superb singer. You can’t say one bad thing about her.

You appreciate the fact she stays grounded. Jennifer is not vying for attention. She’s not desperate at all.

So, why can’t we get enough of her? The answer: because she is gifted. Here lies the “Kim Kardashian problem.”

You may argue Kardashian is better looking than Lopez. I give you that because Kim is younger and more self-absorbed. The two beauties are both very pleasing to the senses.

But, JLO has talent. So, JLO is way more entertaining than Kim. That’s a fact.

The Puerto Rican American Idol can do everything at a high level. There is a difference. She’s terrific in all areas.

She is one of the most talented female entertainers in show business. I believe Beyoncé is entertainer of the year though. Although I love Beyoncé, her acting is not as great as JLO. Singing is a different story. Beyoncé’s pipes are flawless.

Now, you must understand Jennifer Lopez paid her dues. She received her big break while starring in the biopic Selena. I’ve seen this movie 100 times and not by choice.

If you ever take a Spanish class, you will have to watch Selena. I didn’t mind seeing it 99 times because JLO is just awesome. But 100 times, is 1 too many.

Who remembers the Wedding Planner? Did you see the Cell, Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-Law? Did you know Jennifer Lopez is the richest Hollywood actress?

Photo By: Mike Hennessy

Photo By: burningkarma

Photo By: Eryn Johnstone

She paved the way for Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens. All three owe her a few million dollars. JLO proves you can be successful by pursuing your true love.

Currently, she is the highest paid TV judge. Why does she command $17.5 million? Part of the answer: because she is lucky.

Go to 7 Lucky Ways Celebrities Make Money. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

My last post How to Be Famous in Seven Steps gives you a plan. JLO is more than just one of my top pop starsShe is one of my favorite entertainers. Justin Timberlake makes my list too.

Justin Timberlake

Photo By: Antonio Rodriguez

You have to see this video.

As you can see, Justin Timberlake along with Britney Spears started on the Disney channel.  Timberlake has been in the entertainment business at least 20 years. Remember, you are rewarded for longevity.

As you put more skin in the game, your name gets bigger. This is the key to fame. Ask Lady Gaga.

If you do anything long and good enough, you become an expert. It’s safe to say Justin is a premier entertainer. Like JLO, Justin has a variety of professional skills.

He sings, dances and produces. 
By the way, Timberlake is a great actor. One day I can see him winning an Oscar. He came close with the In Time movie. Nobody is more dedicated than Timberlake. He puts on his suit and tie and goes to work despite not having a typical 9 to 5 job.

Do you remember when Justin took a hiatus from singing to focus solely on acting? He gave up easy money for the sake of his profession. Talk about commitment!

His wife Jennifer Beal is in Seventh Heaven, because Justin Timberlake commits 110 percent. He hosted Saturday Night Live five timesHe played in the Facebook movie. And, Justin deserves credit for his business savvy.

To the contrary, Timberlake is a better singer than actor unlike Jennifer who is a great actress. Here’s a thought: how about making a movie or music video featuring JLO and Justin. I would like to see that. Would you?

If you’re a young man, use Justin Timberlake as a role model. He takes care of business then pleasure. It should always be a pleasure doing business.

I live by the motto: be cool and have fun. Nobody has more fun than JTimberlake. He acts, sings and looks cool. The girls think he’s hot.

You know Justin was a Disney Kid. Did you also know he was in the boy band N’Sync? Here’s video proof.

Justin Timberlake is on top of the world right now. His acting career is just beginning. He’s successful because he’s rare. 

When you get famous, don’t forget to develop your talents in other areas. Not only will you make more money, you will garner more respect. Seize your opportunities like JLO and Timberlake.

Someday soon Justin will reach the point where he doesn’t have to audition. Screenwriters will write roles specifically with Timberlake in mind. Jennifer Lopez is already there and so is Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx is underrated. The actor/musician/comedian wears many hats.  If you ask me, he’s probably the most gifted man in the entertainment industry. The movie Ray starring Foxx is an absolute must-see.

However, Justin Timberlake is too big to ignore. He’s the definition of mainstream. He has global appeal and world wide reach. You won’t build a brand bigger than Timberlake.

Newbies take note. He is not arrogant. He is confident and humble like Jennifer Lopez. My advice is to build your confidence and practice humility. This is all about reputation.

This is the Guru Jay launching off to Jupiter in 5-4-3-2-1! Feel free to comment and ask questions. Thank you for reading and sharing. Meet me @ Mars.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Be Famous in Seven Steps


How to Be Famous in Seven Steps

Photo By: Andrea Wilson

If you want to be famous, look no further than Lady Gaga. The multi Grammy award-winning artist launched off into the Hollywood stars in 2008. Did you know Akon first discovered her?

How do you reach superstar status in less than six years? You must desire to be famous more than anything else in the world. Lady Gaga was so committed to the idea she named her album The Fame.

What about Rihanna, she rapidly rose to fame too? Rihanna is rare like a 20karat diamond. She is a success because no one comes close to her authenticity.

If you want to be famous, follow Rihanna’s lead. Be bold. Be yourself.

Who are you? What separates you from the pack? Are you the Alpha or Beta dog?

Talent is not enough. You need charisma, style and substance. The following seven steps will show you how to be famous.

Step #1 Find a Mentor or Role Model

Lady Gaga’s mentor was Akon. Jay Z was Rihanna’s mentor. Usher mentored Justin Bieber.

The average Joe Famous doesn’t have immediate access to celebrities. So, a role model is the perfect substitute. You need to figure out how celebrities reach their statuses.

If you want to succeed, study the successful. You have to approach the same situations in a similar manner. Make not of your mentor’s mannerisms.

You look up to role models. Use them as a guide or reference. Learn from their mistakes.

Step #2 Find a Talent (or Name)

If you’re good at it, pursue it. Try to be the best at your craft. Being recognized for something valuable is half the battle.

Once they know your name, you’re in the game for fame. Can your name be your talent? Sure, it can!

To those who say Kim Kardashian has no talent, consider her name. The crafty Kardashian leverages her good name and good looks.

Reality Stars are leading the next generation of celebrities. Kim Kardashian is Madame President. And, Kanye West is the first gentleman.

If you develop your talent (or name), then this will make you popular. Can you imagine LeBron James without basketball? Picture Taylor Swift without music.

Step #3 Build a Fan Base

If you want fame, you need fans. How do you get famous? The answer is to use your talent and get more creative.
Miley Cyrus is a prime example. She stole twerking and sold it to the public. We bit her bait and now we’re hooked.

If you go to Miley’s Twitter, you’ll find it filled with creativity. Her content is unique. Originality is very important when building a fan base.

Look no further than Bruno Mars. Do you see how he built his fan base from scratch? His ballads are the most watched on YouTube. He’s catching grenades and telling girls they are perfect.

Then, there is Ellen Degeneres. Ellen is the best brand name since Oprah. With her signature dance moves Ellen has built an extremely loyal following.

Step # 4 Engage your Fan Base

How many accounts follow you on Twitter? Are you on Facebook and Instagram? It is critical for you to connect with your fans.

Engage your fan base. Get to know them. After all, they know you. They know your work.

Make sure you do it the right way. Read articles or watch videos on how to use social media. Remember to promote your website.

I’ve found if your fans love you, you must love them in return. You know communication is a two way street. So, stay in your lane and remember to fasten your seatbelt.

Step # 5 Create a Persona

At this point you now have: a mentor/ role model, a talent/ name, and an engaged fan base built to last. What’s next?

Do people consider you a diva? Are you the hero or villain? Do you come off arrogant or humbled?

You don’t always have to save the day/ There are both good and bad characters/ Create your persona.

It’s nice to have a mentor. But, it is bad to copycat. Identify what is unique to you and sell it to the world.

Take a class called Marketing 101. Do what works best. Create your celebrity.

Step # 6 Perform

You are almost there. All you have to do now is work at your craft. If you’re a singer, then sing.

If you’re a reality star, just be an inflated version of yourself. They love you. You love them.

Perform. In other words, play the part. Act whatever role is subscribed to you. Give the fans what they want.

If you’re an entertainer, entertain the best way you know how. Actors, singers, and dancers put on the best performances. Learn from their successes and failures.

As long as you execute, you have nothing to worry about. Stay on top of your game. Work smart and not too hard.

Step # 7 Practice

Stay sharp. You do this by practicing. That’s the only way you can perform at the highest level.

What can you do better? What is your biggest strength and flaw? Practice reveals the answers to those questions.

You can’t win a Super Bowl without practicing. Your coach is your mentor or role model. Pay attention to his every word, command and instruction.

This is how to be famous in seven steps. This is The Guru Jay launching off to outer space in 5-4-3-2-1! Feel free to use share buttons at the bottom. Thank you.