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Top 10 Favorite Pop Stars


Top 10 Favorite Pop Stars

10. Shakira

Photo By: Andres Arranz

Just like the World Cup, Shakira kicks off our list. She easily makes my top 10. The Colombian singer knows how to work it. Click here to see how Shakira is shaking these days.

I was one of the first to watch her video with Rihanna on YouTube. Does this remind you of Beautiful LiarWe can’t get enough of Shakira, plain and simple.

9. Britney Spears

Photo By: Jen

I became infatuated with Britney in the eighth grade. If you will, call it puppy love. Oh my, Britney can work it too

The reality is Britney breaks records in the record business. Womanizers and women buy her goods up like beachfront property. Why? Because she’s hot, that’s why.

8. Alicia Keys

 Photo By: José Goulão

AliciaKeys is a phenomenal solo artist. Not many hold a candle to her musical acumen. She lights up the world with her music.

Not to mention, she has more curves than Justin Verlander and Kate Upton. She's a bad mama jamaShe is an elite 8th but she bats cleanup. She seems so delicate like a dove.

7.  Bruno Mars

Photo By: MyCanon

At 7 is Bruno Mars, because his status has soared ever since performing at the SuperBowl. He pays homage to legends like Elvis. That’s why he is a fine showman.

If you love music, then you like Bruno Mars. His fans are amazing. I admire his work ethic.

6. Justin Bieber

Photo By: Joe Bielawa

Mr. Bieber is my sixth favorite. Click here to read How to Be Justin Bieber. Basically, Bieber is a natural.

His best years are still to come. In a decade, he may legitimately take the number 1 spot. He’s not the King; he’s more like the Duke of Pop.

5. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake manages to mesmerize the ladies. It’s almost like the Suit and Tie musician is a magician on the stage. The singer /actor/businessman pulls out bunny rabbits from his many hats.

Make no mistake. Do you think his marriage to Jessica Biel makes him more desirable? Whatever the case, Timberlake is the future face of entertainment.

4. Katy Perry

Photo By: nikotransmission

Click to read How to Be Like Katy Perry and LeBron James. Katy Perry is my number 4. She just doesn’t make hits; She hits homeruns. Katy Perry knocks it out the park every time she’s up to bat.

I play a lot baseball. And, I listen to a lot of music. If baseball is America’s pastime, then Katy Perry is America’s sweetheart.

Katy is definitely a diva. I may go as far to say she is the Duchess of Pop. But, the Princess title is up for grabs.

3. Rihanna

Photo By: Eva Rinaldi

Keep your eye on Rihanna. Whenever I see her, she looks good. She keeps up with appearances and never disappoints.

She receives the bronze medal. She is my definition of “Pop Star.” Her music appeals the masses. I love numbers.

You see Rihanna lets you in on a secret. Then, suddenly she stops mid sentence. I’m very fond of her puzzling personality.

I still think Disturbia could have been the next ThrillerBut, the timing was wrong. This doesn’t change the fact she is the most viewed artist on YouTube. And, that means she’s doing something right.

2. Lady Gaga

Photo By: Emily

Lady Gaga deserves the silver medal. She is one of my favorites, because she has built the type of fandom I want. I know for one thing, she has 42 million Twitter followers plus 66 million Facebook likes.

I would enjoy meeting Lady Gaga. She stands for a cause. It’s nice to see her spreading a message.

What I like the most about Lady Gaga is how she came out of nowhere. One day we went to bed and Lady Gaga was our dream girl. Her rise was like a movie starring Beyoncé Knowles.

Lady Gaga doesn’t have to sing another song. Come on: Poker Face, Born This Way, and Bad Romance made her famous forever. After launching off into orbit in 2008, the universe now knows her name.

1. Beyoncé

Photo By:Nat Ch Villa

Beyoncé is big. I nominated her ‘entertainer of the year.’ I believe Beyoncé will only get bigger.

Beyoncé is at her peak. There’s no sign of her slowing down and taking it easy. She’s on a mission.

The ‘GetMe Bodied’ girlfriend embodies the essence of beauty. Her sexy skin radiates on stage and on YouTube. You stop and stare as she struts into the room.

Let me put it this way. Beyoncé is #1. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are really hot. But, (the key word) they are NOT Beyoncé in bold letters.

I’ve always been a Beyoncé fan. Through the good and bad, I stick by her. I buy her music, go to her concerts and drink her orange juice.

When life gives me lemonade, I make fresh squeezed orange juice. Beyoncé is different. If you want to be on her level, you must understand your uniqueness.

Did you know Beyoncé started with Destiny’s Child? If you were born in the 90s, you may not know this fact. What Paul McCartney is to the Beatles, Beyoncé is to Destiny’sChild.

Let me be the first to say, the Beatles will always be the best band until the year 3,000. But, as a solo artist Beyoncé is as good as it gets. Who can deny her?

Steve Jobs changed the music business with the iPod, iPad and iTunesMichael Jackson’s influenced pop culture and cemented his legacy as the King of Pop with the Thriller album. Beyoncé is changing the entertainment industry with her self-titled album, tour, and all around body of work.

Taylor Swift

Where is Taylor Swift? I’m sorry Taylor. I’m going to let you finish but Beyoncé had the best video of all time…

This is The Guru Jay launching off into outer space in 5-4-3-2-1! Thank you for reading and sharing. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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