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Who's On Top? 10 Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy Actresses


Who’s On Top?

Lights… Camera …Action. Welcome to Hollywood. Here’s a place where the stars shine 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The glitz and glamor comes with the territory. Actors walk around like they own the place. But, we all know the actresses run the show.

Who is Brad Pitt without Angelina Jolie? Captain America is a chump without Scarlett Johansson standing beside him. I learned early in life that “behind every great man is a great woman.”

The role of the actress is to bring the character to life. She has to dive into the part like a synchronized swimmer. I admire actresses for their crafts.

If you want to make it in Hollywood, you can’t fear rejection. Rejection is part of the game. Who knows? You might go on 100 auditions and still not get a job.

Don’t give up or get discouraged. Remember the goals you have set. No one said being an actress was easy.

My favorite actresses belong to the science fiction and fantasy genre. Although I love all kinds of movies, fantasy resonates with my idea of an unstoppable movie. In a sense, science fiction is unregulated, unlimited, and unbelievable.

First of all, science fiction and fantasy movies are really hard to produce. Most movies in this genre have enormous budgets. As a result, sometimes you hit; and, sometimes you miss.

I systematically analyze movies. Like a frog, I dissect film and get at the heart of the story. A great movie critiques society.

When I watch movies, I feel like James Brown, ‘good.’ Brown said “this is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a little girl.” Hollywood is an actor’s paradise but it would be nothing without an actress.

Almost all Hollywood actresses are underpaid. Click here to find out who are the highest paid actresses. I admire actresses for their tenacity.

In particular, science fiction and fantasy actresses are the best entertainers in the business. The job of the actress is to take on a new identity. Who steals identities better than a fantasy actress?

Top 10

10. Angelina Jolie

Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

The filmography of Angelina Jolie is impressive. She has a great body of work. Angelina is one of the best actresses on the planet.

Few can compare to her acting talent. Jolie is known for her versatility. She can do just about any role you put in front of her.

It makes sense that show business is in her blood. Her father is of course actor Jon Voight. It is safe to say he taught her well.

I recommend seeing Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. She brings the sexy character to life. But the real reason she is my favorite is because of her performance in Beowulf. Also, she is the lead character in Maleficent.

9. Halle Berry

Photo By: Tostie14

Halle Berry is the hottest actress over 45. Click here for the Hottest Hollywood Starlets Under 30. Halle is an excellent actress. And, she is also versatile like Angelina.

You can’t ignore her performances in Gothika or the X-Men series. You can read a review of X-Men: Days of Future Past here. I like Halle Berry because she knows how to do sci-fi fantasy the right way.

I’m the first to say Cloud Atlas could have been better. But, Halle was great in the film. Because of her resume, she is my 9th favorite science fiction and fantasy actress. 

8. Tricia Helfer

Photo By: piguino k 

Tricia Helfer takes the elite 8th spot. She was brilliant in Battlestar Galactica. I like her style a lot.

Watch some of her movies. You can easily tell she is well trained. It is always a treat to see Tricia working on the silver screen.

7. Summer Glau 

Photo By: Mr. "O"

Summer Glau’s work in the Terminator series speaks for itself. Her fans also love her in Firefly and Serenity. She is the cream of the crop in my book.

Summer comes in at number 7. There’s something magnetic about her. I just have to see everything she’s in, because she is so good.

6. Jennifer Lawrence 

Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Jennifer Lawrence makes my list because she is on another level in the X-Men series. She is a young actress who doesn’t act her age. Without a doubt she is the best actress of her generation.

5. Gina Torres

Gina Torres earned the 5th spot on my list. Two words describe her placing: Matrix and Firefly. You don’t have a choice but to admire her terrific acting. She is a natural. On her birthday, a star was born.

4. Evangeline Lilly

Photo By: Dysepsion 

Evangeline Lilly is number 4. She performs to the highest degree in Lost and The Hobbit. She is my fourth because I believe she is underrated. I usually favor the underdog.

3. Scarlett Johansson

Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

It’s not a consequence I find myself writing about Scarlett Johansson all the time. She is truly one of the best Hollywood has to offer. I follow her career and I see greatness in her path. She is a rare breed.

2. Anna Paquin

Photo By: Gage Skidmore

Anna Paquin is wonderful in X-Men as Marie/Rogue. They don’t give Academy Awards to just anyone, you know?  Also, Anna Paquin is ranked 2nd for her excellence in True Blood.

1. Zoe Saldana

Photo By: Georges Biard

Zoe Saldana is number 1. You can’t ignore the numbers. One word, "Avatar" does not do her justice. Yes, she is Neytiri but she also is Uhura in Star Trek. She was Anamaria in Pirates of the Caribbean. What Rihanna is to music, Zoe Saldana is to movies.

Zoe is my favorite because she took on some of the greatest roles in cinematic history. The petite actress is already legendary early on in her career. Yes, the list is exhaustive. But, there’s no denying the great work she’s done.

Now you know who’s on top. These actresses don’t get enough credit. This is my tribute to the top 10 science fiction and fantasy actresses.

I am the Guru Jay. I’m launching into outer space in 5-4-3-2-1…Until next time, I’ll be somewhere beyond the Hollywood stars. Thank you for reading and commenting. Use the share buttons at the bottom. 

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