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Ryan Is the New Robert #Gosling #Reynolds


Ryan Is the New Robert If Orange Is the New Black 

Ryan is the new Robert if orange is the new black. Movie legends Robert De Niro and Robert Downey, Jr. paved the way for all actors. Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling owe a great deal to the two Bobbies.

Hollywood is an evolving landscape Gosling and Reynolds are the new version of De Niro and Downey, Jr. The torch has not been passed yet though. As the business evolves, so do the actors. The Ryans still have a lot to learn.

Who is your favorite Ryan? Did you know Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson? What makes a movie star great?

Who is the best Bob? I think they are both exceptional actors. But Robert De Niro is my all time favorite.

Robert De Niro

De Niro is extremely versatile. No challenge is too big for him. All too often, they want to typecast Robert.

Don’t marginalize this movie star. Robert De Niro deserves your respect. He’s been in show business for over 50 years.

Although Robert may excel at mobster roles, he can play anything. In fact, he portrays a CIA agent in Meet the Fockers. He is a chameleon disguised as an actor.

Did you forget about it? Robert De Niro is the lead character in Goodfellas. Also He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Godfather Part II.

He is still in high demand. Robert De Niro’s longevity is impressive. He is a master. His commitment is unbeatable. He routinely gives 100 percent every time.

What is more, the thespian adds a unique flavor to the mix.
There’s no one like him, not even Al Pacino. Have you ever seen a bad Robert De Niro movie? You have? No way!

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. has the biggest ego in Hollywood. He realizes his value. Perhaps, he is made of the best pedigree.

Bob lands coveted roles like a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I’m quite sure John Travolta would give him pilot classes in exchange for acting lessons. Bobby is known for drama.

I call him the King of Hollywood because he is a drama king. He is funny too. He’ll even make fun of himself and his mistakes.

You see, we love comeback stories. Robert Downey, Jr.’s story isn’t a rosy picture. He has fell off the wagon a few times. But, the former child star has been redeemed.

Robert started acting in 1970, when he was 5 years old. His first movie,Pound, was written and directed by his father. As of today, Robert Downey, Jr. is the highest paid actor in the entertainment world earning an annual $75 million

The movie star will go down in history as Tony Stark the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes the detective. But, there are hidden jewels in his filmography. For instance, the Soloist starring Jamie Foxx featuring Downey, Jr. is a classic.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is in the news. Actress Eva Mendes is pregnant with their first child. Just as he is becoming a parent, his career is taking off at the same time.

He is a popular draw at the box office. The ladies love Gosling. If he works hard, he will be the new Robert.

The Ides of March is his best work. He proved he belonged in the same sentence as George Clooney and the best actor. I remember when The Ides came out in the theaters. I was psyched.

Here’s a clip from The Ides of March. I hope you enjoy. You should see the full movie when you have the chance.

Crazy, Stupid, Love established the Canadian actor in the Romantic Comedy genre. He is the perfect leading man in chick flicks. Call Gosling if you need a kissing scene.

Gosling will take his game to the next level. In order to be a De Niro or Downey, you have to accept all challenges. Ryan can just change his name to Robert pretty soon.

Ryan is the new Robert. He is young and charismatic. He has transformed before our very eyes.

Speaking of Transformers, Ryan makes Mark Wahlberg jealous. But good looks don’t mean you’re a good actor. Ryan Gosling is good, but Mark Wahlberg is great.

Give Gosling at least 4 more years. Reread my article in 2020. Mark my words: in 5 years he will be # 1.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds reminds me of Robert Downey, Jr. He seems arrogant like an elephant’s ego. But his bad boy image is just for show. Confidence is the keyword.

You go through tons of auditions to get 1 yes. Therefore, in entertainment you need thick skin. Do you dread auditions?

Did you see Van Wilder and The Proposal? You should also watch Safe House. These films showcase his range of talents.

Are Canadians naturally comical? Guess what? Gosling and Reynolds are both Canadians. Your tennis shoes are made in China. But, your actors are made in Canada.

It’s only a matter of time before Reynolds is a real action hero. Can you imagine Ryan saving the world? He truly is a talented and phenomenal actor with enormous potential.

By golly, I’m going to make a movie starring Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Robert De Niro and Robert Downey Jr. I’ll name it “Ryan Is the New Robert” or “Ryans vs. Roberts.” Michael Bay will direct if he is available.

Reynolds has yet to receive his big break. He is one of the most underrated movie stars. I’m surprised he isn’t a top 10 highest paid actor. In three years times, he’ll be on top.

Ryan will make it. I know he will because he has ambition. He’s a dreamer. And you're only as big as your dreams. So, dream big!

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Review: DAWN of the Planet of the Apes + Commentary on RISE


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes SPOILER ALERT

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is now playing. The second installment is an absolute must-see summer fun movie. I highly recommend you see Rise of the Planet before Dawn.

I reluctantly went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes three years ago. It wasn’t on my radar at the time. Still, the Planet of the Apes proved to be worthy of our recognition.

I’d never seen another movie like it. I couldn’t criticize this if I’d tried. I gave Rise five stars because six is an anomaly.

Rise Vs. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Whoever says Dawn of the Planet is the best is sadly mistaken. Have you seen the Rise of the Planet? You can’t make this comparison unless you’ve seen them both.

Watch Rise again before you pick sides. Maybe, you can build a better case for Dawn. I’d like to hear it.

Here are the official trailers for both movies. Which movie is your favorite- Dawn or Rise? It’s a clear choice for me.

Rise had more power to its punch. The human actors were more talented. The script was flawless. The story was spotless. I feel Dawn had too much speed and no haymaker.

I give you that the apes were more believable in Dawn. I won’t argue that point because Koba ruled with an iron fist. It’s a damn shame that Koba killed Ash.

Luckily, good won over evil. Koba got what was coming to him. In the long run, things fell apart and came together.

I’d like to combine Rise and Dawn into one. Rather than choose one over the other, let’s view the two installments as a single unit. Planet of the Apes is a powerful plot.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes takes the torch and lights a fire. It is an outstanding interpretation of the original. Unfortunately, the writing was lackluster.

I loved everything about Dawn except the writing. At times the apes were incoherent. In the original they spoke like English professors. Now, they speak like two year olds.

My advice is to stay true to the script. Don’t leave any areas open for interpretation. Next time aim for precision.

Dawn begins with little explanation of events. They give us snippets aka ‘tokens of depreciation.’ Blame screenwriter Mark Bomback. Mark did not participate in Rise.

While it’s easy to point the finger, Director Matt Reeves is the boss. So, let’s be fair to the screenwriters. The nature of show beast aka business is cutthroat and coldhearted.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has been number #1 at the box office for 2 consecutive weekends. If the song of the summer is “Fancy” than the movie of the summer is Dawn.

Keep in mind the frontrunner Transformers: Age of Extinction had a $210 million budget, while Dawn spent $170 million. Dawn is more successful in my book. The marketing was more assertive and less aggressive.

Plus movie executives saved $40 million. Profit is the bottom line. Dawn appears to be more profitable than Transformers. We’ll wait and see what happens.


Koba stole the show. Call him a gorilla because this chimpanzee acts like King Kong. Koba reminds me of a ruthless being like Frank Underwood from House of Cards.

I wasn’t surprised he shot Caesar, because Koba got his ass kicked by the Emperor in the beginning. Karma comes back with a vengeance. So Caesar made a crucial mistake.

The Emperor had it coming. Koba saw an opportunity to defeat him; and he pounced on it like a cougar. Here is where I thought the movie could have been better.

Koba tricks the apes into thinking a human killed Caesar. But, is Caesar really dead? Read on for more.

Koba ruled for a split second. From this point on, the movie moves too quickly. To sum it up, Dawn progresses too slowly and ends too abruptly. Blame Bomback and Reeves.

Andy Serkis performed brilliantly in both Rise and Dawn.  He is the key to their success. It was great to see his return.

If James Franco embodies the art of acting, Andy Serkis is a mad scientist. Take a look behind the scenes.

During Dawn the apes evolve while the humans devolve. It is actually the apes that are more civilized. It is the humans that want to go to war and annihilate all the Little Caesars.

Caesar’s son -Blue Eyes-  is the last hope. While chaos erupts, Malcolm informs Little Caesar that his father is still alive. Blue Eyes goes bananas when he sees his dad.

Caesar calms him down, and tells his son the truth. After speaking the facts, father and son concoct a scheme to reclaim their throne. Fortunately, the plan works.

Jason Clarke and Gary Oldman work well together. If Clarke is Houdini, Oldman is David Blaine. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is a magical experience.

It is rare to see a sequel achieve great critical and financial success. For that reason, Dawn is the movie of the summer. Although the film is a remake, it is by no means a copycat.

I give the film four stars. The Rise of the Planet of the Apes was better. Still, Dawn is an exceptional motion picture.

Planet Hollywood

Hollywood gets a bad rap. Think about it for a minute. Can you imagine how hard it is to produce an original movie?

Give the Dawn the benefit of the doubt. Steven Spielberg is a juggernaut, so he is an easy target. Check out his filmography at IMDB. Whether we like it or not, directors rule Planet Hollywood.

Dawn of the Planet director Matt Reeves dropped the ball. Yes, he was above average. But for a movie of high caliber Planet Hollywood demands greatness.

The Hollywood landscape never stops changing. The stars constantly shine. Blockbusters are the new normal. Nowadays, you need at least a $50 million budget with 3D in order to compete.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes beat their competition like the heat. I am a Movie Analyst not a Movie Critic. Despite my rants, Dawn is still the movie of the summer.

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God Save the Queen, O Canada: Who Are The Best British (UK) Actors and Canadian Comedians?


Everybody considers a career in acting and comedy. So, you have the chops, but do you have the X factor? What is different about you? Are you British or Canadian?

British actors and Canadian comedians have taken over Hollywood. I won’t say they are the best in the business. But, these actors and comedians are special.

British actors were born to be movie stars. Canadian comedians were born to be wild. I like to start the conversation off by discussing Daniel Day-Lewis.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Photo By: Muckster

By all standards, he is the greatest actor of all time. The Brit is the only thespian to win 3 Best Actor Academy Awards. That’s more wins than: Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, and Sean Penn.

What actor doesn’t fantasize about accepting the Oscar statue?Daniel Day-Lewis is fantastic. I recommend watching the London native in There Will Be Blood.

If you are an acting aspirant study Daniel like the bible. Try to transform into your characters. If you respect this craft, you will gain the adulation of your peers and fans.

Christian Bale

Photo By: Asim Bharwani

Christian Bale owns real estate on Hollywood Boulevard. He is a big ticket at the box office. What is more, there is a method to his madness. He is a fine method actor.

The thespian is true to his art. He goes to the extreme with his preparation. And, directors and producers love this about him. No one is more dedicated than a Christian.

There won’t be a better Batman than Christian Bale. Ben Affleck is swimming in deep water, when he needs to tread lightly in a lake. YES, Affleck is a great actor, but he is NO Christian Bale.

Colin Farrell

Photo By: David Shankbone

The fighting Irishman Colin Farrell is a worthy contender. His popularity has soared ever since the notorious sex tape surfaced. 
A lot of actors coast by on their good looks and sex appeal.

Colin Farrell is guilty as charged. He is a former Hollywood heavyweight champion. Plus he is a prince of the underground entertainment world.

Colin Farrell’s filmography is rated R. He’s a niche actor, which is not a knock. In fact, he is one of the greatest modern day crime genre actors. If you haven't seen Miami Vice, go see it.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery also known as James Bond #007 is a living legend. 
If you can name 1 bad Connery movie, you deserve a handsome reward. Seriously, you should study Sir Sean like a final exam.

You can spend a week watching Sean Connery’s movies. Connery is the reason why Pierce Branson was the best James Bond.  Connery has helped many movie stars reach the next level.

I admire how Sir Thomas Sean Connery stayed true to his roots. Most foreign actors have to develop a phony American accent in order to compete. Connery broke the rules and succeeded.

Seth Rogen

Photo By: Philkon

Like most comics, Seth Rogen is a funny person. Who can forget Rogen’s performance in Funny People starring Adam Sandler?  I also liked Pineapple Express. Seth's stock is rising like Facebook.

As a result of smart work, Seth is in rocket high demand.
Does it take a rocket scientist to tell Seth is Canadian? I stand by my statement: Canadian comedians are special.

Vancouver is Seth Rogen’s hometown. I didn’t even realized that they spoke English over there. Still Seth Rogen commands the English tongue like Captain Ahab commanded the seas.

Mike Myers

Photo By: Joella Marano

Celebrity net worth estimates Mike Myers' net worth at $175 million. Like it or not he is my colleague and The Love Guru.  
I’ll be frank, Myers can pick and choose his projects.

The Scarborough native is the perfect pedigree. He is a Canadian born to be wild. The Shrek franchise alone is valued at almost $1.5 BillionAnother all time top film franchise is Austin Powers.

I want to see more of Mike Myers. Come out of your semi-retirement and do a few movies with your Canadian pals. Please.

Howie Mandel

Photo By: Matt Ottosen

He’s opposed to high fives, handshakes and germs in general. Howie Mandel is a humorous character. He can turn on the funny like a remote controller. He has a good brand and a motormouth.

Howie is goofy. For the record, I hated Deal or No Deal. I thought it was one of the dumbest shows. I still watched it though because my family did. For some reason, the bald one is a good host.

Today, you’ll find the Toronto homey on America’s Got Talent…It’s a much better show by the way. I like it because it's fun. Also, Howie Mandel is the gel (no-pun) that holds the hair together.

Jim Carrey

Photo By: Georges Biard

Jim Carrey is Canada’s finest production. In all fairness, Justin Bieber and Drake are just beginning. Carrey can call it quits whenever he feels like it. Jim is Mike Myers + 1.

Carrey never retired. And, as a result he never gets tired. He’s highly active and always on the scene. I wonder if his mouth ever got stuck while making those silly faces

His name pops up whenever I write about comedy. Technically, Jim Carrey is an American citizen. And so, I claim Jim Carrey.

This list is not exhaustive. I did not intend to identify all the greats. I desired to give you a good overview and feel. I didn’t mention Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine or James MaCavoy. I also didn’t mention comedians Martin Short, Russell Peters or Michael Cera.

The next time you are watching a British actor or Canadian comedian perform, realize this is a special moment. I don’t know what it is about the United Kingdom and Canada. But, I do know I can text Christian Bale and Seth Rogen and they will reply.

Maybe Leona Lewis will sing “God Save the Queen” as a personal favor. While I’m at it, I’ll have Celine Dion sing “O Canada.” In the words of Austin Powers, yeah baby!

Here’s a riddle. What is sexier than a British accent? And, what is funnier than a Canadian joke? Answer: This is The Guru Jay.

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Boardwalk Empire And Monopoly Money


Why Boardwalk Empire Played With Monopoly Money

It is sad to see Boardwalk Empire end after the 5th season. But, every empire must collapse eventually. The successful show played with Monopoly money.

We all want to own Boardwalk in Monopoly. But gangster Enoch “Nucky” Thompson has the deed. If you value your life, pay him or face the consequences.

Boardwalk Empire played with Monopoly money because their expenditures were unreal. I know for certain that their finance and production departments argued all the time. The accountant’s job is to keep expenses low.

But a big budget was necessary for the HBO show. You can’t make the Great Gatsby on a shoestring budget. So, I understand the high cost.

Nothing compares to Boardwalk Empire. It is literally a monopoly. Although Game of Thrones is incredible, it is in a different genre. Plus Boardwalk has the best cast on television. And, their actors are well established.

What more do we want? There are compelling characters and spectacles, and an intriguing script. Boardwalk Empire is HBO’s boldest statement yet.

We are teleported to the 1920s like an Aziz Ansari joke. When I watch the Empire, I feel as if I am there. After the hour is up, I get back to reality. 

Do you realize Boardwalk Empire’s greatness? I appreciate how carefully they pay attention to details. The writers do not get enough credit for their work.

Buyers beware. Boardwalk Empire is a drug. Take it in small doses; or you’ll become addicted.

“Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to jail.”

My only complaint with the Empire (doesn’t that sound like Star Wars) is it has untapped potential. Why isn’t Mark Wahlberg in front of the camera? I get that he wants to be the boss, but he is wasting his acting talent as a producer.

I challenge you to watch the Departed. It is very violent but it shows Wahlberg from another angle. Can you picture Mark on the cast of Boardwalk?

Also, can you imagine the show as a movie? Make Martin Scorsese the director. In a sense, Boardwalk Empire is already the T.V. equivalent of the Godfather.

The Godfather is crucial to counter culture as well as pop culture. It is highly regarded by fans and critically acclaimed. Steve Buscemi is Marlon Brando.

Like the Godfather, the talent is topnotch. The addition of Jeffrey Wright to the cast in season 4 was a wise choice. Jeffrey plays an exceptional authority figure.

I watched the entire 4th season. All the episodes were impressive. My favorite episode is #43 “William Wilson.”

Jeremy Podeswa is an actor’s director. Episode #43 is flawless because of him. I can’t wait for his next projects.

If you like your American history class, then you will like Boardwalk Empire. Boardwalk reimagines the Prohibition Era. You’ll learn just how easy things were back in the day.

Although the ratings fell in Season 4, I still believe it is the best. What is your favorite season? See invitation to the set here. 

Do you like action, drama and suspense? Tune in Sundays this September to watch new episodes. This is it.

From the start, Boardwalk Empire began with a bang. They spent $18 million to make the pilot episode. They’ll probably spend $20 million making the series finale.

I hope the writers and producers take a page out of the Sopranos script. Who can forget that famous ending? Rest in peace James Gandolfini.

Fading to black is classic. But, the Boardwalk Empire needs a unique ending because it is legendary. If anybody can paint a masterpiece, it is Terrence Winter.

The finale must look at the big picture. What are you trying to accomplish? Have you exceeded expectations?

Boardwalk Empire dominated HBO for half a decade. It struck back like Star Wars. It still is an original work of art.

They not only played with Monopoly money; they played with fire. Nowadays, breaking taboos is important. If you are politically incorrect, you’re forced to apologize.

Photo By: Shinya Suzuki 


Ironically Game of Thrones dethroned Boardwalk Empire. It was an oligarchy instead of a monopoly. And yet, Boardwalk kept playing with Monopoly money.

What if Boardwalk Empire adjusted? What if it cut the budget in half, making way for two or three additional seasons? Is it too late to save the empire from falling?

I feel Thrones and Empire need each other. In fact, they both serve different purposes. You see you get the fantasy with the Game and the reality with Boardwalk.

When I create my show I want to build it to last forever. Boardwalk Empire sets the stage for newbies and amateurs. My show will use Boardwalk Empire to serve as a model.

I love how Boardwalk builds up to the climax. You never know what will happen next. The plot twists and thickens.

The reason why Boardwalk Empire played with Monopoly money is because all along the game was rigged. Gangsters acquired assets illegally and unethically.

Crime ran rampant in Atlantic City. Not even your thoughts were safe. You answered to a higher power named Enoch but his friends called him Nucky.

Corrupt politicians, crooked cops and mob bosses plotted together. They united around an unjust cause. Bootlegging made many millionaires and millions of victims.

Boardwalk is a pricy ‘vacay’ down memory lane. Only our grandparents know the actual truth. And so, we speculate.


We young people are opting out of cable. That’s why great shows are ending before their time. Satellite and cable companies are not getting the memo.

These corporations think they can charge the moon. Well, keep it up and see what happens. It is a mutual exchange.

If you want to attract a younger audience, either lower the service price significantly; or fade to black like the last Sopranos episode. Boardwalk Empire is ending but this isn’t bad news. For every ending there is a new beginning.

Photo By: FlickR

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