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Thank Heaven I Don’t Have Ebola. I Got Saturday Night Live Fever!


Thank Heaven I Don’t Have Ebola. I Got Saturday Night Fever!

Do you watch Saturday Night Live (SNL)? Can you believe this is the 40th year? What if SNL lasted to the 100th season?

SNL is the best live TV show. There are many copycats but make no mistake; there is only one Saturday Night Live. Creator Lorne Michaels built a respectable show for the ages.

Regardless of your preferences, you must respect SNL. It functions like a fraternity. Feature players are pledges; and Kenan Thompson is President of the Greek Council. Vanessa Bayer is Vice President.

SNL is in a rebuilding process. The show needs to remember their writers are only as good as their actors. Stop making casting changes. Stick to the script. And perform to the tee.

If Tiger Woods can come to a ruin, so can Saturday Night Live. Empires do collapse. And SNL is the Imperial Majesty of sketch comedy.

I’m a long time SNL fan. I won’t give up on the show because of one bad year. It’s like football. The team can stage a comeback next season.

Saturday Night Live discovers top triple threat talents. It’s not unusual for cast members to sing, dance, and play guitar or piano.

Did you know late night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers started on SNL? Conan O’Brien served as a writer. The show takes good care of their alumni.

Let’s talk about Andy Samberg, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler. All three former repertory players received their own TV showsWhat if they were never on SNL?

Alumni Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler have had successful movie careers. Lorne Michaels is a miner, because Saturday Night Live finds diamonds in the rough. And Bobby Moynihan is a jeweler.

Jay Pharaoh owns a pawnshop. His Uncle Tim Meadows helps manage the shady business. While sister Shasheer Zamata trades in her jewels for dough, her brother Chris Rock explains why as a black man he loves diamond chains so much.

Alec Baldwin Vs. Steve Martin

If you watch SNL regularly, you are aware of the rivalry between Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. Baldwin is winning. Overall, he has hosted SNL 16 times compared to Martin’s 15.

Because Baldwin had a major role on 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live gave him the opportunity to break the record. What if Steve got a part on Parks & Recreation? SNL could call that shot.

Pull up the archives. Look at the evolution of these actors. You can literally see Hollywood stars transform before your very eyes.

Saturday Night is a critical moment in a celebrity’s career. Without it, Steve and Alec would have normal star power. Now, they shine bright like diamonds.  

I tip my hat off to Steve Martin. Although Alec is ‘winning’, Martin’s performances are more valuable because he is a real thorough comedian. The cast can relax with Martin behind the wheel.

Christopher Walken

I can’t wait for Christopher Walken to take the stage. When he presents, bad things happen in a good way. He is a good old fashion actor.

SNL should book the multi-talented star one more time. Whether Broadway or Hollywood, no one delivers better than Walken. Wherever Walken’s walking, it is prime real estate baby!

I love it when former repertory players come back to host. In 2008, Tina Fey returned to SNL in style. Who could forget Tina’s impersonation of Sarah Palin? I believe 2008 was the best year in history.

Looking back, Saturday Night Live made more millionaires than Forbes Celebrity. SNL Alumni and Funny or Die Co-Founder Will Ferrell is set for life. He doesn’t have to worry at all.

He is the best George W. Bush impersonator. His movies are crazier than a Bessie bug. And he’s funnier than 7.124 billion people.

And so, I nominate Will Ferrell President of World Wide Web Comedy.

It seems that Saturday Night Live runs the whole industry. They have their hands in everything. They’re the opposite of TMZ.

Stars hate paparazzi like TMZ; but they love Saturday Night in New York like a refugee.

You’re not a celebrity, until you appear on SNL. If you haven’t been on the show, sit down and talk to your agent. Seriously, SNL is where stars shine brightest. It’s a magical experience.

Fred Armisen is among my all time favorites. He excels at sketch comedy. He is exceptional.

He impersonated President Obama perfectly. I wish Fred had stayed a few more seasons. He could have taught Jay Pharaoh his secrets. 

By the way, Jay is coming along nicely.

Maya Rudolph should have stayed a little longer. Although she had a long and prosperous 7 years, she was still highly productive. She left way too early.

It was hard replacing Maya Rudolph. Smart, beautiful and funny is an unlikely combination.

Maya is still a triple threat.

Rudolph paved the way for Nasim Pedrad. Nasim took shortcuts on the road to stardom because of Maya’s past work. Even though SNL welcomes competition, there isn’t any animosity within the show. It’s all one big family.

Niches = Riches

Money is in niches. Through the years SNL cultivated invaluable niches in holidays and politics. Around Thanksgiving, Christmas and U.S. election cycles the best episodes air.

Old cast members like to popup on Christmas. It’s their way of saying I’m gifted. Dressed in sweaters they sing I Wish It Was Christmas Today. It’s funny to see Jimmy Fallon back on Saturday night.

Get well soon Tracy Morgan.

Who remembers Horatio Sanz's Saddam Hussein impersonations? Saturday Night lives on the edge. Sometimes SNL crosses the line.

And, that’s the beauty of the First Amendment. Free speech is protected. Just don’t yell ‘I got Ebola on an airplane.’

I love it when musicians host and sing the same night. That’s what you call getting your money’s worth. Justin Timberlake does it best.

Who watches Saturday Night Live? Do you want to join my fan club? Thank heaven I don’t have Ebola. I got Saturday Night fever!

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