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Eminem Vs. Iggy Azalea


Eminem Vs. Iggy Azalea 

I love my generation. So when Eminem attacks Iggy Azalea, he’s talking about my generation. Do you believe Eminem and Iggy carefully orchestrated their beef? Why would Eminem risk ruining a good relationship?

I expect Eminem to catch a ball in Left Field. He’s an official Detroit Tiger. Eminem made his career by causing controversy.

This is his calling card. He went after Britney, Mariah and the Spice girls. Iggy Azalea was next. Eminem’s predictable because the rapper always goes after mainstream ‘pop’ stars.

The urban legend is Iggy Azalea has a ghostwriter. She doesn’t write her own lyrics like Eminem and most other rappers. And Nicki Minaj exposed her at the BET Awards.

Maybe, Snoop Dogg is her ghostwriter. He’s known to spell out his name S.N.OO.P. D.O.GG. Iggy spells her name out I.GG.Y.

The Snoop Dogg feud shouldn’t have escalated. As the Nicki Minaj news faded, Snoop stole the spotlight. It’s almost like the rappers think Iggy is a problem.

I’m sorry... Does Iggy Azalea hurt their record sales? Why not work with her, instead of against her? Maybe, I’m missing something.

If you can’t make good music, at least make some sense. It’s senseless to criticize a fellow celebrity. Let the fans listen to their music.

The entertainment industry is a hard enough nut to crack. I say let the nut crackers crack. Let the singers sing. And let the rappers rap. Musicians should stick to making music.

So who’s pulling the strings? Who’s behind the scenes calling the shots? Is it the rappers or the record labels? You know the deal.

I get that the music business is highly competitive. Nowadays musicians are more business minded than ever. Maybe, the Iggy Azalea beefs are all hype. I hope it is.

Still, if you’re a celebrity, you need to grow thick skin. Never allow a little joke to upset you. Iggy Azalea should have sought advice.

Addressing the gangster rapper was a big mistake. Snoop received his education at the school of hard knocks alongside Jay Z & Annie. He’s not Drake, Kendrick Lamar, or J. Cole.

Iggy came back firing on all cylinders. So Snoop declared an all out war. And T.I. had to make peace. If you ask me, this isn’t finished.

They both went too far. Neither one should have acknowledged the other’s insults. Recap: first Nicki, then Snoopy, and now Eminem


Listen to the rap song Detroit Vs. Everybody. Then, you’ll understand Eminem’s mentality. In his mind, nothing is off limits.

Even if you don’t admire his authenticity, you can’t say he isn’t consistent. When Eminem includes you in his rap, then you are relevant. Does his one-liners do any real damage? It’s a matter of perspective. Still, Eminem should proceed with caution. You have the right to speak your mind and remain silent.

You see Eminem worked his way up the underground. 8 Mile, loosely based on his life, is a great movie. If you make a movie based on a true story, people will want to see proof. Fortunately, Eminem’s story checked out. In fact, Lose Yourself won an Oscar.

The rap community does not support Iggy because she has no street credibility. Eminem originated out of Detroit. The only place that can rival the dangerous ‘D’ is Compton. 

So, it’s best for Iggy to ‘shake it off.’ Make a song with Taylor Swift. Get your money and they might respect you. Don’t try to take on the World Star Hip Hop. You’ll lose.

A real winner loses sometime. Iggy Azalea is a winner as long as she sticks to making music. I question why she even needs a publicist.

It takes time to master any game. A player must practice every chance he gets. Before Eminem was famous, he honed his skills.

Eminem gets better with time. That’s why the rap community respects him. He’s not afraid.

Eminem received his education from the old school. He’s not new school like James Franco. The celebrity does his homework. He practices.

People like Eminem because he doesn’t seek their approval. That’s the secret to his success. Iggy can learn a lot from Eminem if she listens.

Iggy Azalea

If Iggy ignores her haters, she’ll break records. But if her ego gets too big, the rapper will burst like a bubble. She has to stay grounded.

I’ve never seen somebody burn bridges they haven’t even crossed yet. Hollywood Boulevard is a two way street. You can’t choose sides.

See How to Be Famous in 7 Steps. Iggy needs to read step #4- Engage your fan base. Instead of engaging fans, her attention is focused on her harshest critics.

Iggy’s still young. So she’ll learn from her mistakes. It’s better to outsmart your opponent than to overpower him.

When taking the high road, hire a limousine driver. You can’t chance it. In the long haul, you need security and a dedicated team.

It seems T.I. is the only person that defends Iggy. That’s why it’s open season on Azalea. She should just build her brand.

Maybe, T.I. is to Iggy, what Dr. Dre is to Eminem and maybe not. You see Eminem signed 50 cent to Shady Aftermath records. Eminem cofounded a rap group in 1996 called D-12. 

Eminem made Iggy Azalea possible.

I’ve never heard Brad Pitt talk bad about Johnny Depp. The Movie industry operates differently. What if Iggy started acting?

Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg had respectable rap careers before striking gold on the silver screen. Do you think Iggy compares more with Mark or Eminem?

There are two paths Iggy can choose. She can select the Eminem route or the Mark Wahlberg route. It’s easier to be Wahlberg than Eminem.

To sum it up, T.I. can’t fight all of Iggy’s battles for her. People will start to get the wrong idea. Does T.I. control Azalea’s career?

I’m following this situation because something’s wrong. Fans love Iggy. Rappers love fans. So, why do rappers hate Iggy Azalea?

It defies logic. I am going to get to the bottom of this. Look forward to another one. I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

27 Celebrity Vegetarians


Do you eat enough vegetables? Do you consume too much meat? Maybe, you should try vegetarianism.

There is a 50/50 chance that your favorite celebrity’s a vegetarian. Hollywood stars are always ahead of the curve. Are you a vegetarian? I’d like to hear from you.

If you eat vegetables exclusively, you’re in great company. The following 27 celebrities are vegetarians. You’ll have to prepare vegetarian dishes for them during Thanksgiving and the holidays.

1. Chris Evans

While Captain Ahab tries to track down Moby Dick, Captain America is out saving Shamu. Chris Evans commands the Marvel vessel. You wouldn’t want anyone else at the wheel.

Being vegetarian doesn’t mean you’re weak. Don’t assume vegetarians are weaklings. If Chris Evans can go without meat, you can too.  

2. Prince

Prince makes music like salad. It’s always fresh. And the legendary artist loves veggies.

Can you believe the vegetarian started performing in 1976? Going vegetarian pays royalties. Eat like Prince. ‘You are what you eat.’
3. Ariana Grande

Being vegetarian is one way the princess can keep her figure right. The music industry demands a lot from artists. Still, I think Ariana can handle the pressure. She’s made of steel.

Still, I’m concerned about her vocal cords. I don’t want her to end up like Adele. Conserve your voice and energy. And don’t overdo it.

4. Jenny McCarthy

Melissa’s cousin Jenny receives many benefits from going vegetarian. Maybe, Jenny can rub off on her cousion. Hey, it’s working well for Jenny McCarthy!

5. Brandy

Brandy’s been working since the age of 14.. She deserves a break. Pamper yourself. You see she has good genetics; and, she is a vegetarian.

6. Jared Leto

Does Jared Leto look a day over 35? He takes good care of his body and it shows. 35 years from now, you’ll swear up and down he’s 50!

7. Samuel L. Jackson

The #1movie villain of all time doesn’t eat meat. At first, I didn’t believe it. But, Samuel L. Jackson needs to be in tip-top condition in order to star in 5 movies per year.

8. Demi Lovato

I’m impressed by Demi Lovato’s Fandom. Lovatics are crazy in a good way. I know they're glad that their idol is vegetarian.  

9. Kelly Clarkson

My favorite American Idol happens to be vegetarian. Kelly Clarkson deserves special recognition. Do you know how hard it is for a Texas girl to pass up steak? I applaud her.

Texas is the state of music. Read more about it here. I wonder what the Texas Longhorns think about Kelly Clarkson being vegetarian.

10. Billy Idol

Are all of your idols vegetarians? Can you believe Billy Idol eats vegetables? Just listening to his music makes me want a hamburger.

11. Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard is the lead actress in Jurassic World. While the carnivorous dinosaurs chase the world over, you’ll find the natural redhead hiding with the herbivores. Look for Bryce to land more coveted roles in the coming years.

12. Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory actress is already a TV turn-on. She’d make awesome Movie Eye candy. Her body is a big asset. So being a vegetarian is a smart choice. Check out this blog post.

13. Jesse Eisenberg

From A to Z…Adventure to Zombie Land... Jesse Eisenberg is terrific. His performances in The Social Network and 30 Minutes or Less are noteworthy. I’m not surprised he’s vegetarian.

14. Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin a.k.a. Sookie Stackhouse is a vegetarian. The True Blood actress clearly eats enough veggies. In addition to having a clean bill of health, she is a top fantasy actress.

15. Pauly Shore

Of course, Pauly Shore is vegetarian. He earned an A+ on the Duck Test. Paul Shore is the quintessential PETA spokesperson. 

16. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen wouldn't hurt a fly. So, it makes sense she's a vegetarian. Her wife Portia de Rossi's a vegan. Read more about celebrity vegans.

17. Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh was the backbone of Grey’s Anatomy. How in the world could producers let her leave? The show won’t last long without Sandra.

18. Orlando Jones

Nowadays you know Orlando Jones best for his work on Sleepy Hollow. But he’s been in show business for a very long time. Jones was an original MADtv cast member back in 1995. The vegetarian’s sense of humor and style reminds me a lot of Wayne Brady.

19. Boy George

I want to see Boy George's birth certificate. This man can't be over 50. Eating vegetables keeps him looking young. Despite his bad boy image he eats his veggies like a good boy.

20. Flo Rida

The good feeling rapper is a vegetarian. Regardless of your occupation, you too can go vegetarian. I don’t care if you’re a butcher.

21. Joan Jett

When it comes to hard rock, Joan Jett is the mother. I’m not surprised she’s a vegetarian. In her line of work, she walks a tight rope. Vegetarianism helps her stay balanced. Read How to Party Like a Rock Star.

22. India Arie

India Arie makes inspirational music. The soulful singer only partakes in soul food if it’s greens. Vegetarianism strengthens her brand.

23. Sarah Silverman 

Who is a better comedienne than Sarah Silverman? Watch some of Sarah’s standup comedy. You’d never think she’s a vegetarian.

24. Maggie Q

I wish Nikita lasted forever. However, after four seasons the series got cancelled. The Vietnamese vegetarian Maggie Q made her mark in television history. Let’ s appreciate her contribution. Hopefully, she finds a new calling.

25. Nelly

Whoa Nelly! Have you seen his Cheerios’ commercials? More rappers should follow his lead. There’s no question about Nelly’s fitness.

26. Jane Velez-Mitchell

Atlanta’s finest Jane Velez-Mitchell says no to meat. She sets an example for the Puerto Rican community. She clearly cherishes her health.

27. Ke$ha

Last but not least is Los Angeles native Ke$ha. She got a D+ on the Duck Test. But, it has been confirmed that she’s indeed a vegetarian.

Keep this in mind: you don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetables. Also, don’t forget an orange a day keeps Doctor Oz at bay. Always remember that your health is your wealth. I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

Attribution- All Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Top 10 YouTube Music Videos


#10 Dark Horse

Do you like Dark Horse? What’s not to like about it? It gives you the best of both worlds.

Katy Perry plays Cleopatra in an Egyptian inspired theme. She rules with an iron fist. So, you better obey what she says.

Overall, I give Dark Horse an A-. I’ve never seen a more colorful video. My only issue is that it gets goofy because it targets teens.

If Katy Perry plays Tetris, then her creativity is on the tenth level. Her Dark Horse video shows why she has one of the best musical minds in show business. Hats off to the celebrity!

#9 Roar

At number 9 is Katy Perry again. There’s a reason why you’re going to hear Katy roar. Her music reaches people from Africa to America.

In this video, Katy Perry pounces around in the jungle. She’s trying to get Tarzan’s attention. She makes Tarzan look stupid.

I give Roar an A+. There’s nothing wrong with the music video. Katy is at her absolute best.

Success has a formula. Fortunately, Katy Perry has figured out the components. That’s why Katy rarely makes a bad video.

If George is the King, Katy Perry is the Queen of the Jungle. Roar still generates cash on YouTube. So Katy can sit back on her throne and collect royalty checks.

#8 Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus bares her soul in Wrecking Ball. People pay attention to a crying blonde. It doesn’t matter how short her hair is.

You see at some point a celebrity must open up to media and fans. Miley picked the perfect time. In Wrecking Ball, she gives you a glimpse into her personal life. That takes guts over fear.

The video gets a solid A. At the time of its release, this video set a trend. Now, thanks to Miley all celebs are getting naked. What’s going on in Hollywood?


I don’t understand 95 percent of the words in this video. But, I understand why it’s popular. I’m not as lost in translation as you’d think.

The video presents the lifestyle of a gentleman. PSY attempts to catch a lady’s eye. He goes to the extreme trying to impress her.

He stares into her face for a long time with a seductive look. Whatever he is selling she is buying. You don’t need to know Korean to understand this.

PSY has transformed music. He alone introduced K-Pop to the world wide web. Even though his songs are in Korean, his videos are universal. 

#6 Love The Way You Lie

In Love The Way You Lie, Eminem burns the house down with his accomplice Rihanna. The roof is literally on fire in the music video. The fire represents life’s pains and struggles.

If you want a hit record then sign a deal with Eminem or Rihanna. They are at the top because they came from the bottom. They had to grind the hard way to get to their current status.

Dr. Dre spotted Eminem. And Jay Z discovered Rihanna. Do you see the connection? Dr. Dre and Jay Z are nearly billionaires now.

#5 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

At the time of this post, Waka Waka has 770 million views. It is the 5th most popular video because the world loves soccer. Even in America, everyone watches the World Cup every 4 years.

The FIFA World Cup strategically selected Shakira to sing their anthem. She was a perfect choice. Who else can sing in multiple languages perfectly?

If you want to learn Spanish, why not watch shakiraVEVO? Shakira can’t make a bad video. I give Waka Waka an easy A.

The singer means so much to music as well as Latin America. In a sense, her voice pitches in a league of its own. Do you like Shakira?

#4 Party Rock Anthem

LMFAO made a big splash with Party Rock Anthem. The sensational video inspired two of my blog posts. Check out How to Party Like a Rock Star and Funny Show Business.

Without Party Rock Anthem Redfoo and Sky Blu would be an above average band at best. That’s why the choreography deserves special recognition. It’s so hard to separate yourself from the fray in music.

I give the song a B. But the music video receives an A. Like LMFAO it’s a success story.

#3 On The Floor

On The Floor doesn’t almost have 800 million views by accident. The music video’s success comes from perfect chemistry between two celebs. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull have a great working relationship.

Should they get married to each other? If they date, it will be the most talked about hookup. What are the chances of this happening? If you ask me, Jenny from the block is already in Pitbull’s corner.

While the song gets an A-, I give the On The Floor video a B+. I wanted to see more. JLO should have used backup dancers. Still, it's fun and worth seeing.

#2 Baby

If Christopher Columbus discovered America, then Usher Raymond III founded Canada. Well, Usher did find Justin Bieber on YouTube. To date, Bieber is the most famous Canadian. My apologizes to Drake...

It all started with Baby. The music video has amassed over 1.1 billion views in less than 5 years. You can’t ignore Justin Bieber's popularity.

Justin calls his fans 'Beliebers.' If you had a dollar for every one of his followers, you’d be a billionaire. His numbers are virtually endless. Just keep counting. I'll stand by. Can you picture living like a celebrity?

See How to Be Justin Bieber. You’ll find it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it. Not everybody is cut out. It takes skin like a crocodile and a smile like a Bush.

#1 Gangnam Style

Once again, I don’t understand 95 percent of the words, but I get the message. I give the song and the music video an A+. Gangnam Style is what I call Funny Show Business.

You see, crazy antics make mad money. You can make a lot of cash just by making people laugh. That’s exactly what PSY has done.

With 2.14 billion views, Gangnam Style has made PSY a global celebrity. He’s lightyears ahead of his competition. He’s unstoppable. 

We won’t stop like Miley Cyrus. I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!