Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Carrie Underwood Is a 10


Carrie Underwood won American Idol in 2005. Now, the Country music singer is arguably the best female vocalist in the world. She excels as songwriter and occasional actress as well.

Over the years, Carrie has created a sweet girl image. You never see her flaunting or engaging in debauchery. Can you remember the last time you heard a peep out of her? Carrie’s the girl I’d take home to meet mom.

The former American Idol is an American sweetheart. She’s also an All-American. If you need cheering up, listen to Carrie. She is like a Cowboys' cheerleader. 

Let’s do some math. Carrie collects fans like bottle caps. She has over 4 million Twitter followers. What is more, Underwood has more than 11 million Facebook likes. Finally, The Jesus Take the Wheel superstar has over 310 million YouTube views.

Carrie deserves more credit for her acting. She reminds me of a younger Reese Witherspoon. You should watch Sound of Music Live. It is a wonderful story. And, she dazzles in it.

Truth be told, Carrie is one of my top 10 favorite Country music stars. Her performances cannot be duplicated. She’s an original.

Also, she does great duets. Carrie brings listeners to ecstasy. When she sings, it’s like reading the Great Gatsby for the first time.

Carrie Underwood put Country music on the map! Today, the genre is more popular because of musicians such as Carrie. Will Dolly Parton pass the torch to Underwood?

Attribution- Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

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