Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why Guardians of the Galaxy was #1


2014 belonged to Guardians of the Galaxy. The Marvel movie, which made nearly $775 million, was the highest grossing movie of the year. Chris Pratt demonstrated his on screen prowess. And Zoe Saldana showed why she is on top of the fantasy world.

It was an absolute must-see movie. The prison break scene was epic. Rocket Raccoon played by Bradley Cooper stole the show. Although Vin Diesel was unrecognizable as Groot, he was good nonetheless.

Why Guardians of the Galaxy was #1

Music + movies= success. I haven’t heard a better soundtrack than Guardians of the Galaxy in a long time. I give the music an A+.

B-School students should take note of Guardians of the Galaxy’s marketing campaign. Producers didn’t waste a single dollar. This movie could have easily cost Marvel $300 million. Instead, the film was made with a conservative budget of $150 million.

Thanks to casting there was a nice mixture of talent. But, the screenplay missed the mark. Why am I so hard on screenwriters?

With that said, I give the movie a solid B+. I enjoyed the scenes. It was a wonderful experience with amazing computer graphics.

If you want a fun family and action-packed film go with Guardians. It is a highly creative motion picture. This is Hollywood’s finest.

Guardians of the Galaxy was number 1 because everyone could enjoy it. It was a rare film that appeals to grandma and grandson. I highly recommend this highest grossing movie.

Have you seen Guardians? Will you buy it on blue-ray? What was the best part?

I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

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