Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Best Smile + Personality: Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock


If you’re a movie buff, you know what Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock mean to the movie industry. Hollywood banks on the talents of Bullock and Roberts. You rarely see a Razzie nominated performance from Julia and Sandra.

Both actresses have achieved Academy Awards. Furthermore, their achievements compare with Meryl Streep’s accolades. Every actress tries to act like Streep.

‘Blind Side’ and ‘Gravity’ earned Bullock long-awaited recognition, while ‘Pretty Woman’ gave Roberts instant recognition. If Julia’s a modern day Meryl, then Sandra’s the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn. 

Hopefully, these actresses use their expertise to start directing. There aren’t many female directors. Hollywood could use a fresh perspective from the ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ and ‘Miss Congeniality’ leading actors.

Angelina Jolie successfully crossed over with her recent ‘Unbroken’ film. Do you think Bullock and Roberts are ambitious enough to direct? I believe Julia Roberts is the greatest romantic actor of her time. And, the pleasant entertainer is very versatile.

In my opinion, Sandra Bullock is one of the best actresses alive. She isn’t defined by a genre or typecast. You see, the best actors make you fall in love with their characters. People sometimes forget that these celebrities are pretending.

No, Julia Robert’s didn’t actually leave Richard Gere at the altar. No, Sandra Bullock isn’t an FBI agent. They’re two true thespians.

In real life, Julia is happily married, supportive, and loyal to her husband. Moreover, Sandra Bullock is a bighearted single adoptive mother. Both ladies are highly admired not just in Hollywood but also internationally.

Is there a love affair between Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks or Sandra Bullock and George Clooney? Those actors have great chemistry. Scientists should study their DNA samples. For what it’s worth, the best smile belongs to Julia Roberts. And the best personality is Sandra Bullock.  

Julia, Sandra, Tom, and George need to squash their rivalries before it’s too late. There’s no reason why they can’t make flicks together. Can we at least get a TV drama series as a consolation prize?

All Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

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