Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is Mark Wahlberg Getting Snubbed?


Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Who are your top 10 favorite actors? Did the best actors get snubbed at the Golden Globes? I think award committees should nominate more Mark Wahlberg movies.

Is Wahlberg a product of his own success? With a $200 million net worth, the multi-talented celebrity is easily targeted. Indeed, the cash rich actor doesn’t need their charity.

In comparison, Ben Affleck is worth a measly $75 million. In my opinion, Mark Wahlberg would make a more convincing Batman than Ben Affleck. In fact, Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon would fit better into the Dark Knight’s armory. Consequently, fans will compare Ben Affleck with Birdman Michael Keaton forever.

Unfortunately, Hollywood is a wild political animal in need of taming. Reports say that Mark was offered the Robin role. Come on, that’s a Joker. Wahlberg is clearly a natural lead actor. He isn’t anybody’s sidekick.

Affleck schmoozes and mingles with the elite and that’s how Benny affords a jetpack. All actors brownnose but Benjamin is deeply connected and highly influential. Fortunately, Mark Wahlberg is a very important person.

Winners associate with winning. Even New York Yankee season ticketholders revere Boston native Mark Wahlberg. Regardless of their personal preferences people respect the best.

Have you seen the ‘Departed?’ Martin Scorsese directs an amazing cast, which includes Wahlberg. Because of impeccable directing and acting, the movie received multiple Academy Awards.

Without Wahlberg, Hollywood would experience an economic collapse. The red carpet would turn navy blue. Seriously, Mark Wahlberg created lasting opportunities for the next generation of actors, musicians, and producers.

‘The Gambler’ rolls dice and plays Russian roulette. In addition, the celebrity takes over the ‘Transformers’ franchise. Any picture the actor attaches himself to gets photo shopped.

The detractors will say Mark Wahlberg’s mainstream and commercial. And, they’re right. But, Wahlberg handles business. He is one of the best. Yes, Hollywood is snubbing Mark because they’re secretly jealous.

I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

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