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Best Halle Berry Movies


Before striking riches and getting famous, Halle Berry competed in beauty pageants. Like Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry made her mark the old fashioned way. Through the years, the auditioning process was hectic for Halle. Still, the movie star persevered.

Credit Spike Lee for giving the celebrity her start. Born in Cleveland, Halle is well recognized around the world as the face of Revlon. She is also a perky personality with enormous talents.

True fans love Halle Berry in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and Their Eyes Were Watching God. These two motion pictures highlight Halle Berry’s vulnerabilities. Also, who can forget Berry’s breakthrough performance in Losing Isaiah? Fortunately, Halle Berry has been in umpteen blockbusters including the X-men franchise.

The Perfect Stranger actress is no stranger to box office records. According to Box Office Mojo, Halle Berry’s lifetime movie ticket sales top $1.85 billion. Furthermore, the former Bond girl gained even more attention from her Swordfish role.

A true thespian at heart, Halle took paycuts along the way for art’s sake. For instance, Halle earned a pittance from Things We Lost in the Fire and Frankie & Alice. As a result, she has gained an elevated status. And she is well respected in Hollywood squares and among show business circles.

At the 2002 Oscars, Halle was the first African American woman to win Best Lead Actress. The Academy appreciated Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball because of its realness. If Halle Berry was the Yin, then Billy Bob Thornton was the Yang.

As preparation for this blog, I watched Berry’s Inside the Actors Studio. I learned that Halle’s career would have never happened without her mother's loving support. Halle tells at length about her journey but never makes excuses.

It’s a joy looking back at Berry’s best films. Overtime she’s developed into a great actress. What are your favorite Halle Berry movies?

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