Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Who’s Watching? Jimmy Kimmel Vs. Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t go on live, though they call his show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Imagine Saturday Night Live prerecording episodes. Despite this misleading title, I shamefully watch Kimmel more often than the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Overall, Kimmel built a better platform because the offbeat comedian surrounds himself with terrific talents from Cousin Sal to Guillermo to Matt Damon. Fallon works harder and relies on himself more than others. Sometimes, Fallon seems exhausted as if he’s burning out like birthday candles in Antarctica.

Kimmel’s sense of humor is more sustaining, although Fallon is the most entertaining  What will happen when Stephen Colbert takes over after David Letterman? Can Colbert compete with awaken forces Fat Jimmy and Slim Jim? Who’s ratings will nosedive?

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

From this point forward I’ll occasionally address Kimmel as Big Jimmy and Fallon as Slim Jim. Big Jimmy built his show from scratch, while Slim Jim took part of a hostile takeover. Conan O’Brien should have been bigger than Johnny Carson. Is that the real reason why Jay Leno stalled Conan’s initiation ruining the Tonight show’s ratings and standing? 

I understand Conan has a huge ego, but Colbert’s ego isn’t any larger. O’Brien was simply the best. In fact, Conan was ABC’s worst nightmare.

Slim Jim is highly creative and wildly talented. But Fallon took a shortcut on the roads to riches- road blocking Conan O’Brien. NBC’s executives have made disgusting decisions. Although Fallon serves as a wonderful host, look at how this network treated past hosts and tell me if Slim Jim won’t get eaten alive.

In the end, Big Jimmy is victorious because he’s well established in Hollywood. The real debate is whether the new CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert can put the Tonight Show to bed. While I’m a Jimmy Fallon fan, I won’t watch NBC until they act right.

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