Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why Miles Davis Was the Common Denominator


If you’re stressed out, listen to jazz and relax. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis settle the soul. Pain starts in the brain, and beautiful music is a proven painkiller.

It is important to put your mind at ease. Do you take time to reflect? Whether it is meditation, yoga, or prayer find Nirvana.

The world is changing rapidly. People are facing unthinkable situations. What should you do?

You can use music to escape this invisible prison. Miles Davis was the warden of Jazz. This post pays tribute to the legendary composer.

Miles Davis

If I could write the way Miles Davis composed music, I’d have no problems that my words couldn’t solve. The gifted and talented music artist excelled because celebrities esteemed him. It’s one thing for your fans to adore you. It’s all together different when your peers approve you.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

When Miles blew his trumpet, everyone stopped to admire his virtuosity. Gratefully, he stayed active and visible until passing away at age 65. Although his body is gone, his spirit keeps on giving.

What are your favorite Jazz musicians and songs? Have you heard In a Sentimental Mood? Can you imagine life back then without music?

How difficult was it for Miles Davis to survive Jim Crow and the Civil Rights eras? As a black man, Davis couldn’t even book a room in some of the hotels where he performed. Don’t you think Jazz music can save the downtrodden?

What is more, Miles Davis represented change. Before America decided against segregation, Jazz integrated all races, beliefs, and creeds. His impact on pop culture is evident in Hip-Hop.

Did you know Miles Davis mastered many instruments besides the trumpet? The legendary bandleader blessed us on the piano, organ, flugelhorn, and synthesizer. You see he was made to make music.

I believe music is the common denominator of society. Good music is colorblind. Why not appreciate Miles Davis and Jazz together?

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Russell Crowe Vs. Hugh Jackman: Who is the Best Australian/New Zealand Actor?


Forget accent reduction class, come study at and learn how to adopt an accent. Plus, I can teach you how to ‘Dougie.’ In America, it’s true chicks and dudes go bananas when they hear English and Australian accents.

You’ve seen those extremely effective Orbit Gum commercials. The hot blonde sounds like Londoner Mary Poppins. New Yorkers know Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman can walk into any NYC nightclub right now, and quickly become the life of the party.

Australian/New Zealand actors such as Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie are privileged. Young people need to learn communication skills. Moreover, it’s true that it isn’t what you say that matters, but how you say it.

Russell Crowe

I enjoy watching the New Zealander do work on the silver screen. If you want to watch a masterful performance, 10 times out of 10 Crowe delivers. Plus, the movie star talks the talk, and walks the walk.

Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, American Gangster… I can go on and on about his movies. What is more, the actor routinely generates Oscar buzz, because he’s busy like a bumblebee during summertime. Ladybugs never nag him because they love his graces.

Hugh Jackman

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Actresses boisterously applaud the Australian actor because they believe he’s simply beautiful. It will be a sad day when his Wolverine character retires from X-Men. The bar is set very high for his replacement.

Check out my X-Men Days of Future Past (best movie I've seen) review. You’ll also appreciate Australia starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Have you seen Van Helsing, Real Steel, and Prisoners?

I recommend watching Les Misérables, which stars both Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. Without question, Jackman and Crowe are the crème de la crème. It’s a close contest and a great comparison. 

Overall, I believe Russell Crowe is more versatile. However, in my mind, Hugh Jackman is the best actor because he’s unbreakable. What do you think?

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Not Denying Hollywood Heiress Drew Barrymore and Accepting Ben Affleck as Batman


People like Drew Barrymore because she can be the girl next door or an heiress. Did you know Barrymore is one of Hollywood’s biggest families? Can you imagine going on the Barrymore family retreat?

I like Drew Barrymore because she is inconspicuous. You could talk to her for hours and never know she’s famous. Most real actors aren’t begging for attention. That’s why reality TV stars receive a bad rap.

As we look back and forward at Drew Barrymore’s career, let’s appreciate her valuable and intangible assets. How much is the perfect smile worth? Isn’t happiness priceless?

I’m not denying Drew got a head start. What I am saying is I won’t hold it against her. People can’t control whether they’re born rich, poor, black, or white. You see labels do not define Barrymore and that’s why she is an amazing actress.

Picture Barrymore playing the role of Hillary Clinton in the politician’s biopic. Speaking of powerful women, did you know Drew is a director? She started directing before Angelina Jolie. I would like Drew to dye her follicles jet-black like Angelina’s hairdo.

If Barrymore makes the right decisions, she could become a legendary filmmaker. The beautiful Hollywood heiress can use her connections to further advance her career. However, in Barrymore’s defense, she’d rather gather recognition according to her merits.

The Sony Hack uncovered system wide institutional corruption in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, Sony, Disney, New Corp and other corporations will create positive and lasting changes. Drew Barrymore keeps her name clean and she doesn’t complicate being a celebrity.

Many celebrities crave attention. There is nothing wrong with desiring love. But the problem is excess.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Finally, I’ve accepted Ben Affleck as Batman. Yes, I said Matt Damon would make a better Bruce Wayne. However, his good friend Ben is phenomenal.

Ben looks like Batman and appearances mean the world. Let’s do Affleck a favor and don’t compare him to Christian Bale. It’s not apples and oranges.  

It’s kiwis and coconuts. Plus, Ben Affleck has momentum on his side. It is always a good sign when the media is talking about you.

Like Barrymore, Affleck is a great director and excellent actor. I understand that the movie business is tough work. So, I won’t deny Drew Barrymore her inheritance. And at the same time, I will accept the fact Ben Affleck is Batman.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ciara, Trey Songz, and the Laws of Self-Preservation and Attraction


If the first law of nature is self-preservation, then the second law is attraction. Through the years, Ciara and Trey Songz have preserved their talents and attracted large crowds. Today, they are both firmly established superstars.


I’ve listened to Ciara since junior high school. All the girls envied the young entertainer. You see, Ciara put herself in a dominant position in the beginning. That’s why she still maintains a high profile more than a decade later.

While others have faded into irrelevancy, Ciara resurfaces at the perfect time. At night she glows in the dark, and in the morning she is your sunshine. All she has to do is smile to lighten up your day.

At a party, the DJ turns up Ciara’s music because like John Lennon, Ciara’s lyrics hypnotize you. I’m confident ‘Body Party’ will put you in a trance. Moreover, the seductive twerker can move her body better than a professional belly dancer and stripper.

Plus, Ciara has a curvaceous and athletic figure. What record label wouldn’t want to grab up all her property? Clearly, the entertainer’s amazing sex appeal and sultry voice is an unbeatable formula.

Figuring out this celebrity is comparable to discovering the Da Vinci Code. Who else performs and produces at her level? Ciara makes Amway and Avon jealous, because the multitalented businesswoman creates dynamic downlines.

Trey Songz

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

I own Trey Songz’s debut album. However, the cd skips considerably. That’s why I recommend digitally downloading music in order to preserve content. It’s all about maintaining.

Trey Songz magnetizes attractive women. They lose control at his concerts because the music superstar is Casanova 2030. Additionally, the celebrity experiences longevity because he’s not scared to take a vacation.

Some people work themselves into early retirement. They forget the importance of self-preservation. Remember to stop and smell the roses, because winter comes sooner than later.

Trey Songz is a seasoned singer capable of competing with the absolute best musicians. Trey’s unique sound and ability is a mixture between Usher and R. Kelly. Songz is like Stevie Wonder. But he chooses texting rather than just calling to say “I love you.”

Plus, Trey Songz keeps up appearances in public. The media rarely paints an unflattering portrait of this music artist. Unfortunately, they hold celebrities to higher standards. I believe they should only hold celebrities accountable.

Fortunately, Ciara and Trey Songz abide by the laws of self-preservation and attraction.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

How John Lennon’s Lyrics Hypnotize You


The best music bypasses the ears and goes directly to the heart. John Lennon loved music and music fans loved him in return. He truly was a passionate and compassionate man.

Whenever I listen to John Lennon’s songs, I enter an arousing state. Sometimes I can’t handle all the sensations coming in at once, because John strikes chords as well as nerves. I wonder if his music hypnotizes you.

The Beatles were the most influential music group of all time in large part because of Lennon’s dominance. Moreover, this band of brothers stopped the world on its axis, and its stage from collapsing. There is no doubt in my mind the legendary Lennon will maintain his influence on society forever.

Long before Instagram but after the Telegram, Lennon carried messages with his music. Ringtones and selfies did not exist then. Otherwise, the amazing music artist would have broken the Internet with his songs and music videos.

In the 1970s, the main ways to get into the clouds were via airplanes, jets, and helicopters. Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to fly to Amsterdam, Denver, or Seattle to get high. You could launch a rocket.

Logging into your Gmail is another way of getting into the clouds. Things happen so fast now. It only takes me two seconds to send a comment to Mumbai, India.

Can you imagine if the Beatle were alive today? In a sense, he lives on through his legacy. His sons John and Sean, and his wife Yoko Ono honor him.

What are the best John Lennon songs?


I believe the visionary musician was ahead of his time. The song Imagine remains relevant because the lyrics were timely and timeless. Lennon experienced the Civil Rights struggles, and so his music reflected those times.

Give Peace a Chance

What are words without deeds? Lennon’s actions matched his ideas. He represented a worthy cause. Why don't we give peace a chance?


Listening to Revolution will inspire you to do great things. John Lennon’s rocky voice registers 1.0 on the Richter’s scale. Check out the Nike Revolution commercial.

Come Together

There are so many great John Lennon songs. His best music was with the Beatles. Although like Revolution Come Together is technically from the band, give John most of the credit.

Instant Karma

What would you pay for an autograph? Instant Karma is a classic Lennon signature song. Without question, this is the best he ever sang.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Beyoncé and Alicia Keys Can Teach Nicki Minaj


Do you listen to music as a hobby like I do? Do you download your favorite songs and albums on iTunes or Google Play? Isn’t technology wonderful? Are you impressed by the array of gadgets and products available for sale?

Who knew when the iPod came on the market it would phase out so soon? Nowadays, the iPod seems prehistoric. Who was on your iPod?

Beyoncé and Alicia Keys songs are always first on my playlist. And Nicki Minaj is working her way up there too. The good thing about Alicia Keys and Beyoncé is their music never gets old. Moreover, they can mentor talented acts.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve had a secret crush on Alicia Keys and Beyoncé for a long time. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I might as well mention my infatuation with Nicki Minaj and her fresh hip music.

Isn’t it great to see the three beauties hugging and kissing? Beyoncé and Alicia can teach Nicki the importance of developing your own sound and style. Angel Alicia and No Angel Beyoncé are greatly admired because they aspire to be great.

No one sings ‘No One’ like Keys because the artist has perfected her voice. Who sings ‘Halo’ better than Beyoncé? Who raps ‘Feeling Myself’ as good as Nicki Minaj?

Plus, Alicia paints the big picture. Beyoncé’s image is carefully crafted. And Nicki defines the word: photogenic.

You see, every artist adds a different flavor to the mix. The Pills N Potions Minaj learned the essential ingredients of longevity in the entertainment business from Keys and Queen Bee. Have you seen Alicia Keys- Girl on Fire (Inferno Version) featuring Nicki Minaj?

How can I best describe Minaj’s music? Currently, Nicki is clearly one of the top 10 rappers male or female. Also, I don’t believe she’s done shattering records yet.

She figuratively flips on the Hip Hop balance beam like Gabby Douglas. Shorty choreographs her movements and routines better than experts. Watch her videos and you’ll see what I’m saying.

Alicia Keys taught the ambitious Anaconda rapper how to critically think in an Empire State of Mind. Beyoncé taught Minaj how to problem solve in Houston. When the music superstars align their cosmopolitans, magic happens.

Business, entertainment especially, is about making connections. Nicki Minaj is in good shape because she takes excellent care of her body and has formed great relationships with key people. Lil Wayne, Drake, and Meek Mill all socialize with the Only songstress.

In addition, the diva’s American Idol days prospered her career. Do you remember when television paused because Mariah Carey confronted Nicki Minaj for showing up late? I coin this term “personality clashing.” Doesn’t it make good TV?

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to make it as far as Nicki Minaj you need a big mindset. Don’t ever doubt Nicki’s street smarts and credibility. Keep learning.

Who grinds and works harder than Beyoncé? Who else but Alicia Keys sings like a blue jay? Right now, Nicki is increasing her attributes and becoming an incredible sensation thanks to amazing mentors.

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