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10 Best Bruce Willis Movies


If you’re an upcoming action actor study Bruce Willis’s onscreen behavior and mannerisms. The world embraces Bruce because he is nonchalant, likeable, and tough. There aren’t many showmen like Bruce Willis left in the biz. What is more, my mother loves Bruce Willis.

I’ve never seen a movie star more reserved and intense at the same time. The father of five daughters identifies with his characters that protect women and children from danger. Bruce Willis aka Bruno understands family dynamics.

Willis mostly portrays protagonists because it’s hard to root against a cool brother. Throughout his career, he has delivered on time. His box office numbers prove he’s a main attraction.

What are the best Bruce Willis movies? I compiled a list of 10 exceptional films. Let’s get started!


In Looper, Bruce Willis breaks the time continuum, all while speaking fluent French. Who doesn’t desire to do those two things? I believe Bruce Willis was at his best because Bruce gets better with time.

No one doubts his brilliance and ability to take action. I’m convinced he’s made out of stone and sometimes stoned. Have you seen his David Letterman sit-downs?

Die Hard

When I say Bruce Willis, you say Die Hard. The first movie surprisingly shattered records. You see, what Sylvester Stallone is to Rambo, Bruce Willis is to John McClane.

The storyline never grows old. Don’t underestimate Bruce Willis’s star power. Although Mr. Willis is now an older gentleman, he still does his own stunts.


Like Looper, Surrogates is a futuristic film worth watching at least three times. We live in this digital age, where people depend on technology. The movie highlights technical and social issues. It ponders the question of TMI (Too Much Information).

As society detaches itself from reality, Bruce Willis’s character seeks answers out of this disillusionment. Give credit to Director Jonathan Mostow, who really helped highlight Bruce’s strengths. Plus, Ving Rhames and Willis work well together.

Pulp Fiction

In Pulp Fiction, Bruno plays a boxer and Rhames is a kingpin. It’s one of the most violent movies. Still, critics and fans consider it a Quentin Tarrantino masterpiece.

The kingpin tells the boxer to take a dive. But, the defiant athlete actually knocks out his opponent. Somehow, the boxer lives to see another day because he winds up saving the American gangster from sexual violation.

Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard is one of the best Bruce Willis movies. It is my favorite installment of the Die Hard series. You see Willis won’t let you down, when the stakes are high.

This movie was made with computer geeks and engineering nerds in mind. The film explores unethical hacking and cyberspace security. The old school movie star educates the new school appointments.

The Sixth Sense

It’s reported that the Sixth Sense earned Bruce Willis over $100 million. Director/ Screenwriter M. Night Shyamalan capitalized on Bruce’s entertainment credibility. Still, we can’t diminish this classic script and legendary impact.

In the Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis plays a child psychologist. He examines Haley Joel Osment’s famous words. “I see dead people” may be the most memorable line in movie history.

Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising raises autism awareness. The movie shows how many autistic people are geniuses. Plus, Bruce Willis shines bright and polished like a diamond in the rough.

The casting director choices of Alex Baldwin and Kim Dickens in key roles, paid sizably. Of course, Willis is spectacular as a special agent. His characters always seem to save the day. 


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This is definitely one of the actor’s best movies. In Unbreakable, Samuel L. Jackson’s character convinces the main character he is indestructible. Here is the actor at his finest.

Once more, M. Night Shyamalan teams up with Hollywood’s best actor and destroys competition. It’s safe to say the director and actor are good friends by now. I bet they’ll work together again sometime in the not so distant future.

The Whole Nine Yards

In case you’re wondering, Bruce Willis rarely plays the bad guy. That’s why the Whole Nine Yards is a treasure. Also, it is one of his funniest movies to date.


Armageddon is one of cinema’s greatest productions. Director Michael Bay joins Producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Moreover, the movie has an amazing cast led by Willis.

I don’t read Rotten Tomatoes because they’re wrong for the most part. How can they give Armageddon bad reviews, when fans love it? If you collect $550 million in revenue you’re obviously doing something right.

What are your thoughts?

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