Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ciara, Trey Songz, and the Laws of Self-Preservation and Attraction


If the first law of nature is self-preservation, then the second law is attraction. Through the years, Ciara and Trey Songz have preserved their talents and attracted large crowds. Today, they are both firmly established superstars.


I’ve listened to Ciara since junior high school. All the girls envied the young entertainer. You see, Ciara put herself in a dominant position in the beginning. That’s why she still maintains a high profile more than a decade later.

While others have faded into irrelevancy, Ciara resurfaces at the perfect time. At night she glows in the dark, and in the morning she is your sunshine. All she has to do is smile to lighten up your day.

At a party, the DJ turns up Ciara’s music because like John Lennon, Ciara’s lyrics hypnotize you. I’m confident ‘Body Party’ will put you in a trance. Moreover, the seductive twerker can move her body better than a professional belly dancer and stripper.

Plus, Ciara has a curvaceous and athletic figure. What record label wouldn’t want to grab up all her property? Clearly, the entertainer’s amazing sex appeal and sultry voice is an unbeatable formula.

Figuring out this celebrity is comparable to discovering the Da Vinci Code. Who else performs and produces at her level? Ciara makes Amway and Avon jealous, because the multitalented businesswoman creates dynamic downlines.

Trey Songz

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

I own Trey Songz’s debut album. However, the cd skips considerably. That’s why I recommend digitally downloading music in order to preserve content. It’s all about maintaining.

Trey Songz magnetizes attractive women. They lose control at his concerts because the music superstar is Casanova 2030. Additionally, the celebrity experiences longevity because he’s not scared to take a vacation.

Some people work themselves into early retirement. They forget the importance of self-preservation. Remember to stop and smell the roses, because winter comes sooner than later.

Trey Songz is a seasoned singer capable of competing with the absolute best musicians. Trey’s unique sound and ability is a mixture between Usher and R. Kelly. Songz is like Stevie Wonder. But he chooses texting rather than just calling to say “I love you.”

Plus, Trey Songz keeps up appearances in public. The media rarely paints an unflattering portrait of this music artist. Unfortunately, they hold celebrities to higher standards. I believe they should only hold celebrities accountable.

Fortunately, Ciara and Trey Songz abide by the laws of self-preservation and attraction.

I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

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