Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How John Legend Mastered His Craft


John Legend began his career honing music skills as a backup singer. Right now the musician is internationally recognized for his distinguished sound. He falls somewhere between Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder in abilities. In other words, the unique entertainer is extremely gifted and talented.

When I first listened to John Legend’s Ordinary People, I thought the song was from the 80s. I couldn’t believe it was original. John’s music transcends time and resonates with everyone.

His vocal chords stretch to their total capacities. When the musician performs he always gives his best. While John started small, Legend finished big.

Finally the soulful singer is receiving his long overdue respect. Over time, he gradually became a superb entertainer. What is more, as a music artist, John Legend has already mastered his craft.

Practice makes perfect, especially in the arts. Although everybody receives gifts, some people ignore their talents and conform to society’s dictations. Others avoid the safe route altogether and go down a road less travelled like Legends.

The artist was awarded multiple Grammys, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar. Glory, a song co-written with Common for the Selma movie, is highly regarded. You see Legend’s lyrics entertain, inform, and inspire. Can you say the same about contemporaries?

Hollywood’s infamous smog clouds a celebrity’s judgment. Fortunately, John Legend uses his position to vocalize the concerns of many disenfranchised people. Taking bold stances requires guts.

Don’t get me wrong. John Legend is not a political machine, but he speaks up when necessary. His comments might not always appear appropriate. But he doesn’t have an agenda and makes valid points.

The Wake Up Everybody remake video draws parallels of yesterday and today. The question is where are we headed tomorrow. In addition, Legend is famous for bolting out thunderous ballads.

Tonight (Best You Ever Had) and Green Light showcase the singer’s awesome strengths. Although he’s well known for amazing slow songs, Legend can easily increase the tempo. He comfortably controls his perfect pitch.

Who else sings with a strong and deep voice? Give him a keyboard and microphone and watch him go to work. He treats music as none of your business.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

He minds his own as a true professional. Tabloids try very hard to catch a celebrity slipping. But I believe John Legend practices preaching sermons. Have you heard Legend sing Gospel music?

Music scientists look to preserve John Legend’s potent voice. Many musicians fail because they try to conquer mainstream. Legend doesn’t compete with Bruno Mars. If anything, he adds value to today’s artistry. What are the best John Legend songs and your favorite videos?

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