Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why Miles Davis Was the Common Denominator


If you’re stressed out, listen to jazz and relax. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis settle the soul. Pain starts in the brain, and beautiful music is a proven painkiller.

It is important to put your mind at ease. Do you take time to reflect? Whether it is meditation, yoga, or prayer find Nirvana.

The world is changing rapidly. People are facing unthinkable situations. What should you do?

You can use music to escape this invisible prison. Miles Davis was the warden of Jazz. This post pays tribute to the legendary composer.

Miles Davis

If I could write the way Miles Davis composed music, I’d have no problems that my words couldn’t solve. The gifted and talented music artist excelled because celebrities esteemed him. It’s one thing for your fans to adore you. It’s all together different when your peers approve you.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

When Miles blew his trumpet, everyone stopped to admire his virtuosity. Gratefully, he stayed active and visible until passing away at age 65. Although his body is gone, his spirit keeps on giving.

What are your favorite Jazz musicians and songs? Have you heard In a Sentimental Mood? Can you imagine life back then without music?

How difficult was it for Miles Davis to survive Jim Crow and the Civil Rights eras? As a black man, Davis couldn’t even book a room in some of the hotels where he performed. Don’t you think Jazz music can save the downtrodden?

What is more, Miles Davis represented change. Before America decided against segregation, Jazz integrated all races, beliefs, and creeds. His impact on pop culture is evident in Hip-Hop.

Did you know Miles Davis mastered many instruments besides the trumpet? The legendary bandleader blessed us on the piano, organ, flugelhorn, and synthesizer. You see he was made to make music.

I believe music is the common denominator of society. Good music is colorblind. Why not appreciate Miles Davis and Jazz together?

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