Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Are You Binge Watching Orange Is the New Black Season 3?


Netflix decided to release Orange Is the New Black (OITNB) Season 3 earlier than expected. It makes perfect sense to me. You see, you get let out of prison early for good behavior.

OITNB is good TV. Give the writers and producers their credits for excellent character developments. Seeing Piper (Taylor Schilling), and Alex (Laura Prepon), rekindle their relationship is a nice turn of events.

Laura Prepon reminds me of a nice girl I chilled with in my dormitory. Ironically, she was an actress and bisexual too. There was also a lesbian, who acted exactly like Crazy Eyes.

Why does Crazy Eyes always steal the show?

Also, Dascha Polanco plays an interesting role. I look forward to the Diaz character developing. Unfortunately, her story is the most saddening.

The program goes deeply inside criminal minds exposing their harsh memories. The reality of it all is that, these inmates are beating themselves up mentally. That’s why the new drama class is important to their survival. Moreover, it is crucial that the inmates express their emotions and feelings.

Have the 13 episodes lived up to the hype? I’ve tediously watched 4 shows so far. When I give a critique or review, I analyze every detail.

OITNB has stories abound. That’s why it never bores you. It’s always fun and witty.

The series has taken over social media. You’ll see thousands of tweets related to Season 3. That’s why it’s back, in full force, by popular demand.

Have you heard the expression, “there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians?” In this case there are too many Indians (inmates) and not enough chiefs (guards).

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 has proven to be the best of the series without question. Who are your favorite characters? Are you binge watching OITNB? If so, let’s fade to orange. 

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