Friday, June 12, 2015

Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Center Hollywood Squares


Right now, Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence are entertainment’s most marketable names. Lawrence will soon replace Marilyn Monroe as the perfect sex symbol. And Channing Tatum will become the new Brad Pitt.

Oddly enough, Pitt’s wife Angelina was the last actress to receive universal approval. Before her, the Hollywood obsession was Halle Berry. Today, it’s time for Jennifer to shine. Moreover, I feel there’s something special about Jennifer.

Have you seen White House Down? In this movie, Secret Agent Tatum saves President Foxx and the world over. It is one of the actor’s best films because he goes in hard.

Various reports reveal Jennifer Lawrence turned down a date with Prince Harry. Do you understand the logic? Would you have gone out with him 1 time?

Magic Mike and Hunger Games are cash cows because of Tatum’s and Lawrence’s involvement. Without them, the movies wouldn’t even have sequels. Remember Jennifer and Channing command top dollar because they’re top talent.

These movie stars can seduce anybody. They exhibit charisma even while sleeping. What is more, Lawrence and Tatum reverse the script.

I recommend seeing the Silver Linings Playbook a second time. Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for it. Unfortunately, the Academy snubbed her costar Bradley Cooper.

There was a game show called Hollywood Squares. You can watch its reruns on the Game Show Network. It starred celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Kathy Griffin, and the late Joan Rivers. Plus, Tom Bergeron served as host for 6 years.

There were 9 squares and cast members. The celebrities occupied a square resembling a cubicle. The game was played on a squared tic-tac-toe board with X’s and O’s. To get your marks, the celebrity helped you answer questions.

The center square was reserved for the elite. It was a subtle acknowledgement of their standing. Ellen DeGeneres, Alec Baldwin, and Simon Cowell all sat in this square. Surely, Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence are the center Hollywood squares right now.

I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1! 

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