Saturday, June 13, 2015

Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Emma Roberts: Who Is the Best Emma?

In my school days, I read Jane Austen’s Emma. Did you know Clueless is loosely based on Emma? What is it about that name?

Emma Watson is the most followed actor on Twitter. I don’t count singers or Bollywood stars in my Top 10 list. It wouldn’t surprise me if she were more famous than Prince William.

The precious Emma Stone plays sexy and funny characters in romantic comedies. You’ll find she’s a main attraction at Comic Con. This Emma understands chemistry and psychology.

Last but not least, Emma Roberts has learnt from the best. Her aunt is the one and only Julia Roberts. Plus, Emma is a smiling Mona Lisa in her own right.

Who’s waiting for a movie starring Emma Watson and featuring Stone and Roberts? The film would practically sell itself. Let’s make it happen.

Of the three, I feel Stone is the better actress. However, because of Harry Potter, Watson receives the most glory. Unfortunately, many people unfairly view Roberts as entitled just because of her surname.

Of the three, Roberts is hotter to me. But, Watson’s bubbling personality wins me over.

You see Stone seems the wittier and funniest of the bunch. She could compete with Amy Schumer’s standup skills. Also, I like Stone because she isn’t scared of her shadow.

Listen, Roberts is more laidback and easygoing. If you want peace of mind, go with her. She only causes drama when they pay her to.

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Frankly, Watson feels fragile and soft. Most men like delicate creatures. Plus, the cheerful Watson can charm a toad.

In 10 years, the name Emma could be the most popular Hollywood first name. Can you imagine by then, how many social media fans they’ll have altogether? They have unimaginable brand and star power potential.

I admire all of their acting. They are disciplined, which brings me to my final question. Who is the best Emma?

I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1! 

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