Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Is the Supermodel Tyra Banks a Superwoman?


Is this supermodel a superwoman? She can pass as Wonder Woman. Black Widow had better watch her back, because Tyra Banks is on her tail.

Actually, the celeb is an underrated actress. Her success in modeling overshadowed her film career. She held her ground in Coyote Ugly.

I wonder how much Banks spends in a year. Every time she goes out in public she looks glamorous and fabulous. Tyra branded herself like Oprah.

What is more, she is living out her dreams. I respect anybody with passion. What would America’s Next Top Model be without Tyra Banks?

The businesswoman unapologetically negotiates deals and starts up businesses. Miss Banks maintains credibility. It’s incredible how much she receives the benefit of doubt in the fashion industry.

Keeping up appearances applies to everything people do. You can’t go to work looking nasty. Plus, attitudes can boost morale.

Can you believe Tyra Banks built a career off of her looks? Try Googling "pretty woman" and you’ll see Tyra’s image pop up. Aspiring models should take note of how to diversify their earnings like Tyra. 

You see the celeb doesn’t put all her eggs in one basket. She acts, sings, and gossips. Before Wendy Williams was given her big break, the Tyra Show strutted on TV.

Who could have predicted this? Appreciate how Tyra started small and finished big. I believe the supermodel serves as a wonderful role model for young women.

You can’t deny that Tyra turned herself into an international figure. Moreover, many in the modeling communities consider Banks to be the best ever. Think about her realm of influence.

Sure, she stumbled a few times. But, Banks believed in her brand and star power. “When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t make a difference who you are.” Fundamentally, the devoted Tyra practices an unbreakable philosophy.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Trust me, this lady is an unstoppable force in entertainment.

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