Thursday, June 4, 2015

Who Is the Best? Michelle Rodriguez Vs. Eva Mendes


Michelle Rodriguez

You won’t find another action movie star like Michelle Rodriguez. She is a mixture of Pam Grier and Angelina Jolie. Have you seen Foxy Brown and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider?

The movie business demands the most from actresses. Michelle Rodriguez has proven she is worth her weight in gold. That’s why Rodriguez receives the first call when studio executives are looking for a Latina to put in their pictures.

Did you know the San Antonio native also has Puerto Rican and Dominican Republican roots? The gorgeous actress can compete with everybody in any category. Like Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, and Halle Berry, Michelle gets more beautiful with age.

I like how she keeps a low profile. Fortunately, Rodriguez isn’t high maintenance. But, she enjoys taking rejuvenating walks on the beach.

Is it too much to ask for more Michelle Rodriguez movies? She is clearly one of the best actresses. Furthermore, I believe her fan base is an untapped goldmine.

You know the movie industry has an agenda in place. Sometimes a star is burned-out because Hollywood doesn’t like divergence. Still if you’re attractive and talented enough, you’ll get some opportunities.

The good thing about this business is you can make it in some facet. You see Michelle Rodriguez made it because she worked hard, and didn’t give up despite struggling at first. A caterpillar must fight before she becomes a butterfly.

Like butterflies, Michelle Rodriguez is one of the world’s loveliest creatures. Doesn’t Rodriguez have the prettiest brown eyes on this green earth? Although I haven’t met her in person, I know she’s a sight for sore eyes. What is more, she hasn’t reached her peak potential yet.

Eva Mendes

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Eva Mendes paid her dues in movies such as Exit Wounds, Training Day, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Have you seen the Women, Girl in Progress, or Hitch? Do you think Hollywood exploited Eva’s beauty?

Should Hollywood conceal the delectable actor’s sex appeal? Can we not pretend that sexism isn’t a major problem in the movie industry? And can we remember this issue isn’t exclusive to entertainment?  

People admire Eva Mendes because she found how to succeed and beat the odds. While I don’t endorse gambling, I would take a chance on Eva for the simple fact she’s one of a kind. If I were playing Poker, I would make Eva my good luck charm.

Life is a lot like Black Jack. When you’re 21 it’s amazing. When you’re busted, it’s the dealer’s fault.

Eva learned how to play with the hand dealt to her. She patiently waited, only to discover the dealer dealt a cold deck. Even though the cards were stacked against the actress, Mendes continues playing the game she loves.

I enjoy watching Michelle Rodriguez and Eva Mendes in movies. I’ve followed their careers and watched the celebrities mature into sturdy brands. If Michelle is made out of Iron, then Mendes is real steel.

I believe Mendes is a better supporting actress than Rodriguez. However, in my opinion Michelle is the best overall actor. What are your favorite Rodriguez and Mendes movies? In your opinion, who is the best?

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