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How Celine Dion Became A Motivational Singer



When was the last time you listened to Celine Dion? I want to tell you a brief story about one of my first encounters with her music. Afterwards, I’ll pay tribute to the expert performer. Crowd-pleasing is one of Miss Dion’s fortes. 

First Experience

I can recall watching the Titanic on videotape, nonetheless. You see I was a regular Blockbuster customer until college. I saw the light simultaneously with the creation of Netflix. Neither any American nor I rent BluRays from the former giant franchise.

So, I was lying on the den couch like Daniel watching the gigantic ship sink on the 40-inch TV screen. At that time I was a high school freshman. I remember all the media hype surrounding the James Cameron movie. And, I tried not to feed into this manmade frenzy.

But right after baseball practice, I was hungry for entertainment. That’s when I came across the movie my sister had rented. After viewing 30 minutes of what seemed like a 9 hour long film, I concluded the media blew this story way out of proportion. So the love story didn’t initially impress the 13 year-old Guru until he woke up at the end, and heard Leonardo’s last words along with Celine Dion’s legendary song.

For me I felt like Christopher Columbus upon discovering Celine Dion. A lot of you all, like me, treasure Celine’s talents. After all, what is the Titanic movie without My Heart Will Go On? Let’s not stop there though.

Let’s examine Celine Dion’s complete career, which is still going strong. We’ll first praise her French accolades. Then, we’ll discuss her life and legacy. Next, we’ll converse about her English singing accolades. Finally, I’ll show you how Celine Dion became a ‘motivational singer.’

French Beginnings

She was a small town girl but did not live in a lonely world. Growing up she had 13 older siblings. All of her family members began singing at any early age. However, Celine received more admiration from the family tradition because she was simply the best. Why is the youngest usually the most talented?

Throughout the 1980s until 1990, Celine Dion performed and recorded exclusively in French. Furthermore, the Canadian French-girl earned rewards and awards, while serving the Francophone. In 1982, she placed first at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo. Then in 1983, ironically the newly minted gold medal winner received a Gold record in France. She’s the first Canadian to achieve this feat.

Interior decorators are jealous of this highly decorated entertainer. In her humble and short French career, she’s achieved more than several great American singers. You see Celine has heart. She shows the upside of having a competitive spirit.

Before America and the Anglophone embraced her, the world recognized her gifts. Winning the World Song Festival in Japan demonstrated her prodigious skills. You can’t auction off Celine Dion’s priceless vocal chords.

Science can’t comprehend her supernatural powers. Anatomically, Celine’s throat appears slightly abnormal. Like a Geisha, the gorgeous superstar sports an elegant neck. Unlike a Geisha, she uses it to flip around her hair.

Did you know Celine periodically performs and records in the French language? As recently as 2012, Celine compiled and remastered an entire French album. It’s admirable how attached she is to her French-Canadian roots. Moreover, Canada can do no better than Celine Dion as her ambassador.

English Language Career

Doesn’t she always seem dignified? When singing she struts the stage like a runway model. I wonder if Tyra Banks lent her some moves or loans. Obviously, she keeps tricks up her sleeves. When she’s wearing a tank top, she stashes them in her bra.

In a nice way, Celine Dion pushes herself to the optimal point. She never crosses the line. She stops before reaching the point of no return. Currently, she’s on a hiatus and will reactivate like Optimus Prime next month in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. There will be particularly intimate shows starring Celine. Caesars Palace actually constructed customized stages and seating for her concerts.

Listen, she is a multiple Platinum superstar for good reason. During the height of her fame, she relocated permanently to Las Vegas. For 5 consecutive years, Celine sang at the palace in front of multimillions. Thus, she is literally one of the most recognizable and loved celebrities on the planet.

I also believe her voice is heard in space, by astronauts of course! Plus, French-speaking Africans listen to Celine Dion’s music everyday. In every sense of the word, she is an “international” sensation.

What is more, Celine Dion inspires others to excel. I call her a ‘motivational singer’ because her music moves you.” Zola surit starts soft like most of her songs, and finishes forcefully. That’s how we should live our lives. As they say in Texas, “go out with a bang in full force.”

Celine Dion became a motivational singer, because people identify with her incredible journey. Elite singers are natural storytellers. And the elitist has a message for everyone. 

Celine Dion’s music captivates and mesmerizes spectators and listeners. There isn’t a wrong way to experience this singer’s passionate song making. Whether you’re at a concert or at your home, invite Celine Dion to your party.

The Canadian musician creates Mozart-type classics. Without question her hit songs should last multiple lifetimes. 100 years from now, people on Mars will be blasting Celine’s melodies inside their Apple cars. Imagine Judy Jetson playing Because You Loved Me as theme music for her reality TV show.

What other artist comes close to Celine Dion’s constant domination? Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys can’t deny Dion inspires and motivates them, because Celine affects everybody. She is critical in popular culture conversations.

Remember, the singer composes selections in French. This makes her accomplishments more meaningful. And she has remained active since the 1980s. Though Celine took a short break around 2001, she never missed a beat.

At age 47, she has the body of a 35 year old and a face of a princess. I’ve seen performances where the crowd chants encore 99 times. What is more, record shattering Celine Dion stands for unbreakable principles. Did you know she is Patron for Cystic Fibrosis Canada?

Her Ongoing Heart

When she isn’t working she gives back to communities through philanthropy. People need to stop harassing celebs, because corporations and CEOs control trillions, while a celeb only has millions. Gratefully, generous Celine isn’t selfish or obnoxious.

Although the celeb caters to fans, she caters to her man first and foremost. Celine realizes when family needs her. You see her husband René Angélil discovered Dion, and subsequently managed the music artist. She wouldn’t be where she is today without him, and vice versa.

As someone whose studied law, I can build a case that Celine Dion influences society more than Elvis Pressley, Michael Jackson, and Taylor Swift. There wasn’t YouTube, social media, or even the Internet when Celine became famous. Yet, the I Surrender songstress has amassed millions of loyal and supportive followers. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time on her website. Everything a fan could want is right there at a button’s click.

Every generation can appreciate Celine’s excellence. Her music unites people, a rarity nowadays. Music stars must compete to become “super.” And only 20 music superstars per year get treated royally.

Show business has never been more cutthroat and shady. In all fairness, music wasn’t ever transparent. If you’re knowledgeable about music history, you’ve heard of covering from the 1950s through the 1980s. Amazing artists like Little Richard saw their songs repackaged. As a result, popular singers died penniless.

In the words of Celine Dion, “a new day has come,” and she has billions of pennies to show for it. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the entertainer is worth over $630 million. She proves why musicians must become astute business people as well as creative artists.

Moreover, music lovers adore her pleasant personality and modesty. She’s quiet and stays out of trouble. That’s hard to do when you live in Vegas. Still, relocating there was genius on her part. You can bet every casino in a 300 mile radius desires a night with the skillful showgirl.

Celine Dion teaches a class filled with exceptional students- figuratively speaking. Also, she could sing opera because her vocal capacity is beyond belief. We can’t ignore the universal nature of the superb singer’s selections.

Pop Icon

What Cher is to disco, Celine Dion is to pop. Celine Dion’s strong influence is felt through music and society. American Idol, the Voice, and X Factor contestants frequently redo Celine’s arrangements. People imitate her commanding vocals, because she controls her tempo better than most famous pop stars. For what it’s worth, Katy Perry could become the next Celine Dion.

Clearly the Eyes On Me singer has studied the law of attraction. The magnificent music artist has collaborated with global phenomenon. From Canada to South Africa, Celine has left her impressive global mark. Right now, I guarantee somebody is listening to her albums and viewing her video performances.

Did you know Celine sings in Spanish too? In fact, at the 1996 Olympics she performed in the language. Future celebrities should read her biographies and stories. You’ll find she’s a dedicated artist whose completely dominated music. In retrospect, Celine Dion conquered the 1990s both musically and artistically.

We’ve prized her music in movies. Her powerful voice on the Titanic soundtrack is everlasting. 1000 years from tomorrow, when humans finally discover how to navigate the circumference of Saturn’s rings, undoubtedly brides will walk down the aisle to Celine’s love songs.

In a violent world, music creates harmony. If time travel is possible and we could go back in history with ‘I Surrender,’ perhaps many precious lives would be saved and wars prevented. Though world peace will take time, happiness is a click away. With Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music you can enjoy her songs.

I am inspired whenever I listen to Celine Dion’s songs. A higher power must guide her because she’s inspired billions throughout her career. I believe Celine Dion singlehandedly changed the state of music.

Celine Dion is not only a superstar but what I coin a ‘motivational singer.’ While motivational speakers give uplifting speeches, Celine Dion gives enriching music. Dion’s English hits are grander because French is her native tongue. What are your favorite Celine Dion songs?

Great musicians compose a variety of noteworthy lyrics. That’s why ‘on top’ is Celine’s favorite position on Billboard’s charts. Furthermore, Celine Dion always produces premium quality. That’s why record labels, moguls, and fans respect the artist. Celine has an amazing career because she is professional.

Writing is my life. Music is her life. I can only hope to achieve half of Celine Dion’s achievements in my career. Maybe, I’ll learn how to write in French. You see, Celine not only inspires musicians, she motivates lawyers, nurses, and teachers. If you practice for perfection, then you’ll at least be good. There’s nothing mediocre about Celine Dion or you. Reading this story means you’re above average.

Have you seen Celine’s luxurious homes? Her properties are valued at more than $100 million. Picture how much maintenance and property taxes this totals to. Celebrities love splurging on real estate.

I would advise Miss Dion to convert her homes into private museums like Graceland. That way they are investments instead of liabilities. If you ever get your hands on endless cash like Celine, don’t allow your expenses to spiral out of control. Remember to maintain a positive cash flow and save funds for rainy days. Sometimes it thunders, so prepare for when lightning strikes.

Can you imagine if celebrities started intelligently investing, saving, and living frugally like Warren Buffett? Warren Buffet still lives in a home he purchased 50 years ago for about $100,000. I recommend celebs stay balanced. With all these precautions taken, doesn’t the prospect of living in a mansion motivate you to go for it?

How Celine Dion Became A Motivational Singer

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Might Celine Dion officially retire soon? She’s climbed atop music’s Mount Everest twice. After 25 years, Oprah ended her popular talk show. CNN host Larry King walked away into the sunset as well as Late Show host David Letterman. The Water From The Moon singer will be remembered as one of the greatest.

To humidify her vocal chords Celine Dion undergoes Saline Water Treatment. Paying attention to minor details separates the great from the good. It is important to do anything in your power to keep the top position.

You see Celine Dion has perfected her sound. That’s why the singer is on top of the totem pole. Plus, she works hard for her money, so they better treat this diva right. Who would like to read a story about music legend Donna Summer written by yours truly?

There’s no one else like Dion. I understand the reason for her comeback. It would be nice to watch Celine live in concert. Though, I only want her to keep performing if she’s happy.

Music benefits us in more ways than one. Yogis love Celine’s music because it’s meditative. We can release stress by hearing her fine-tuned vocals. If you want to improve your body, mind, and soul listen to Celine Dion.

Like clouds bring rain, Celine brings tears with her heartfelt ballads and love songs. Some will focus on her inward and outward beauty. But I concentrate on her intelligence. This smart bombshell has a beautiful mind for music. 

Whenever Celine Dion hits high notes like the lengthy one in Power Of Love, I’m in heaven. Who wouldn’t want to be her man? If she were your lady she would do all that she can.

If William Shakespeare could invent 1,700 words and terminology over 400 years ago, I can invent one today. Give credit to Celine Dion for inspiring my new term: motivational singer. She inspires the world with her music. I hope my stories can inspire you all in a similar fashion.

In all honesty, Celine Dion has more money than she can spend. Imagine you had it like that. You don’t have to worry about paying bills because you’re collecting income like a Hollywood landlord. Does Celine Dion motivate you? Check out 33 Motivational Quotes, Photos and Videos for more great reading on this topic.

How does spending Tuesdays with Guru sound? Come back, you hear. You’re welcome.

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