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The DeTerminator Arnold Schwarzenegger


A Hollywood proverb says, “lights, camera, action.” Entertainers  enjoy hearing those three words because it means they’re making money. Moreover, if Universal Studios are the lights, Steven Spielberg is the camera, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is the action!

I will discuss Schwarzenegger’s evolution on this blue and green planet. How did a bodybuilder become a movie star, and a movie star become a governor? For one thing, the DeTerminator doesn’t believe in wasting time.

As a bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Olympia a record 7 times, and Mr. Universe 1969. Furthermore, Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding career impresses admirers more than his movies. Until this day, the bodybuilding community respects his achievements, although many of his records have been broken.

Bodybuilders have benefited enormously, because Schwarzenegger represented this sport with professionalism and enthusiasm. 

I’ve watched several documentaries about the celebrity’s bodybuilder years. Arnold’s one of the most ambitious and committed people in the world. His mindset out-sizes his muscles. And his mentality outweighs his physicality.

Some people mistakenly believe professional athletes aren’t intelligent. That’s so far from the truth. Pro Athletes must have mental stamina and acumen to compete in championships.

Nevertheless, the Austrian-born naturalized American champion dominated movies, because he puts the determination in The Terminator. If you want to see Schwarzenegger at his best, watch Conan the Barbarian and Total Recall. Conan the Barbarian is one of my favorite films because Arnold was driven to deliver first-rate results.

The first Arnold Schwarzenegger movie I recollect is Kindergarten Cop. On $15 Million, Universal Pictures collected $202 Million. This movie not only increased the celeb’s number of followers, but also raised his stature as a praiseworthy American citizen.

As children, we used to say, “hasta la vista baby” and “I’ll be back” in heavy German accented English. In a sense, classmates chanted lines from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies because by doing so, as little ones, we felt powerful. How right was our thinking. Governor Schwarzenegger became one of the most influential leaders of his generation.

Looking back, Arnold Schwarzenegger built an international fandom and brand, before coming to Hollywood and playing in a single movie. That’s why achieving success as an actor came easy. Naturally, the bodybuilding legend’s evolution into an onscreen machine, and later a political machine was inevitable.

Marrying Maria Shriver, a Kennedy family member, is like becoming American royalty. What man wouldn’t want to be a duke, prince, or governor? Arnold Schwarzenegger spent his entire life not only acquiring titles but leaving a legacy. What is telling, he continues to admits his mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

Furthermore, the governor embodies the idea that, with proper planning anybody can accomplish anything. The Austrian succeeded in spite of shortcomings. Although his family situation wasn’t supportive, the “DeTerminator” didn’t excuse himself from destiny’s calling.

Californians proudly submitted their ballots for the action hero’s governorship. I believe the politician served the Sunshine State honorably. He should be an honorary Sacramento King.

I believe at 6’2” Arnold could have been a Hall of Fame basketball player. In comparison, the Hall of Famer John Stockton stood at 6’1” during his marvelous career. Take into consideration Arnold’s world-renowned athleticism compared to LeBron James. To paraphrase Lady Gaga, Schwarzenegger could do whatever he wanted with his body, and mind apparently.

Arnold Schwarzenegger enthusiastically exercised 5 hours everyday, because  the muscular legend was dedicated to pumping iron. Who could defeat the “DeTerminator,” while in his prime?” Schwarzenegger stated he desired perfection. And that’s why Arnold wrote a blueprint for fitness freaks to follow.

If you want to be successful set goals and plan your action like our action movie star here. They told him he wouldn’t amount to anything in Hollywood. But, Schwarzenegger proved them wrong because he didn’t internalize their negativity.

Total Recall could have easily been total failure. I’m not saying the man didn’t make mistakes. I’m saying he learned from them.

The Last Stand shows an old-school sheriff defending his people from terror. Arnold becomes his character and rescues his deputies. Channeling Bob Marley, they may have shot this sheriff and killed some deputy, but Schwarzenegger protected this town.

He hasn’t lost his secret weapon. Arnold is underrated because his intangibles are unrecorded. Who bonds better with actors than the people’s actor?

The politician makes everybody happy with classic one-liners and cheesy smiles. He is viewed as a reassuring figure, almost like an uncle, to his costars. Clearly, he follows the laws of self-preservation and attraction.

Have you noticed the celeb has matured since the 1970s? And he looks like a billion bucks. Maybe steroids damaged his body, because that’s what happens over time. Still, Charles Darwin would praise the Determinator for evolving beautifully, and being a survivor of the fittest.

Schwarzenegger continually promotes his movies like a 28 year old. Recently, he wrapped up a promotional tour in Korea with Jason and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). Additionally, the drone fulfills his promise in Terminator: Genisys and comes back like he's said for the hundredth time already!

Honestly, I can’t say Arnold is the best showman in the business. But, I can say he’s always on the A list, and a personal favorite of mine. Now he’s obviously one of the hardest working screen stars ever.

This fantastic actor makes up for weaknesses with exploitative strengths. Arnold takes advantage of the fact that he’s irreplaceable. Moreover, according to Hollywood businessmen Arnold wasn’t supposed to achieve these awesome heights.

Who could have predicted the rise of this man/machine I call the “DeTerminator?” Under better conditions, he might have been an actor in Germany. Certainly, he would have been a millionaire regardless of his decision, due to his resolve.

There are thousands of Schwarzenegger impersonations. Who’s old enough to remember Jay Leno’s jokes about the then California Governator? Jay would pronounce words just like him. Did you know the Simpsons movie impersonated the movie star, where his impersonator played President.

Some people actually believe the Supreme Court could change the Constitution, in order for someone like Schwarzenegger to move into the White House. Hypothetically, Arnold would win because American Politics has turned into a glamorous parade and popularity contest, no different from Miss America or the Voice. Arnold Schwarzenegger has name recognition working for him. What is more, the United States and the world welcome him as a citizen.

If you really want to be a celebrity, then you need to be different and confident like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Would you mind reading this celeb’s memoirs? Clearly, the distinguished gentleman lives a privileged life.

Total Recall

Time travel aficionados would pounce on the chance to relive the 1990s. While revisiting that decade, remember to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. This 1990 movie established the actor’s dominion over box office results.

Total Recall touched on taboo topics like extraterrestrial organisms and Martians. If you want great entertainment check out this science fiction/ action movie. You could argue Arnold was filmed in his best physical shape as a silver screen star.

Like most Schwarzenegger films, it is entertaining, complex, and awesome. In the film, a secret organization erases the memory of a secret agent Douglas Quaid played by Arnold. They implanted false memories in his brain. Douglas soon discovers he wasn’t always a construction worker.

The secret agent was on a special mission at Mars. Gratefully, his character leaves clues for him to collect. In short, the secret organization stole his mind. Isn’t it ironic the construction worker’s world was reconstructed?

The main character is literally trapped in his thoughts in search for answers. He must determine what is real. That’s why in the 80s they appropriately chose the DeTerminator.

This reminds me of Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity. After watching thousands of movies, I realize the same story gets repeated hundreds of times. For instance, Total Recall starring Colin Farrell was remade in 2012. This time it was Jessica Biel instead of Sharon Stone as the lead actress.

Has Hollywood run out of new ideas? Or are studios scared to experiment and tweak the formula? I affectionately say Arnold Schwarzenegger was a science project because he was the perfect male specimen.

What 65 year-old has bigger muscles than him? Age doesn’t define a person as much as spirit. Moreover, experience matters more than arbitrary numbers. Above all, wisdom reigns supreme.

Set aside some time in your busy schedule to see the star’s notable performances.


Schwarzenegger’s inclusion on the cast was vital to the marketability of the Expendables franchise. Although the A Team is similar, the Expendables showcases an ensemble of high caliber action movie stars. Fortunately, Hollywood is a town big enough for the universe’s biggest egos.

If you think Arnold’s muscles are big, how about his ego? Can you imagine starring alongside Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Chuck Norris? Plus, picture Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Jean-Claude Van Damme in your movie.

So, I don’t fault Schwarzenegger for appearing larger than life, while promoting his work. The California Governor can fight in more ways than one. Did you know in 1965 he served in the Austrian army?

So when you see him in movies shooting shotguns, machine guns, and missiles, remember he’s fully loaded and trained. What is more, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography serves as a source of motivation because he lives a full life.

Entertainers can learn confidence-boosting tricks from the cocky star. Schwarzenegger has always been a stud as an adult. Though, I believe his gargantuan persona is only for show.

Conan the Barbarian

Studios remade another Arnold movie in 2011. The original 1982 Conan the Barbarian starred James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom. Clearly, the profound Jones affected Schwarzenegger early in his career.

Adventure and fantasy lovers treasure this classic piece. The Austrian sets the bar high not only in the gym, but in the studio. Great actors become great because they work with greatness.

Conan the Barbarian is a topnotch film in any genre. It’s amazing the number of Hollywood insiders that underestimated the magnetism of Arnold’s star power as a box office attraction.

If you have massive sex appeal, producers will figure out how to get you screen time.

Don’t ever count out Schwarzenegger because he is a competitor. He does what is necessary to achieve victory. That’s why conquering the mythical world in Conan the Barbarian was ultimately nothing for him. Can you hear the swords cling as Conan’s flesh wields the steel?

Competition breeds superior celebrities. Today, celebs compete on social media, publicizing their fallouts. Will the next generation ever learn how to work together?

The Terminators

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Right now, Terminator Genisys has debuted in theaters worldwide. Let it be known on July 1st, Arnold Schwarzenegger came back as the DeTerminator. Americans have patiently waited for Independence Day Weekend. Why not check out one of 2015’s highly anticipated movies? And afterword, watch as the fireworks fill up the skies with rainbow colors across the country.

What is the Terminator’s job description? Isn’t he a time traveling machine/robot/drone tasked with finishes thingamajigs? Many faithful fans have memorized Schwarzenegger’s lines verbatim.

What do you think about Arnold not reprising his role in Terminator Salvation? To be honest, I fell asleep in the theater while watching Terminator Salvation, even though Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors. I still may watch it a second time.

Twins and Jingle All the Way

For those who question his acting talent, take in consideration these movies. Twins costarring Danny DeVito and Jingle All the Way are laughing matters. He’ll go down in history books because of his sense of humor and style.

Although his characters may have identity crises, Arnold knows exactly who he is. For some who are ashamed of their bodies, learn from the bodybuilder and be comfortable in your skin. I imagine your kind is beautiful. Now, it is your turn to feel nice.

I learned a lot more about Arnold Schwarzenegger last month. I saw his bodybuilding training, footage from competitions, and his many movies. I’ve read numerous articles and various excerpts from his autobiography ‘Total Recall.’ In the end, I found the key to his success is determination.

I am Guru Jay launching off into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1! 

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