Monday, August 17, 2015

Moving Forward Like Sylvester Stallone


People love reading success stories and watching inspirational movies. Moreover, a great celebrity motivates fans. From Rocky and Rambo to the Expendables and beyond, movie star Sylvester Stallone succeeds because of his desire to achieve greatness. What would happen if more celebrities followed Stallone’s blueprint and aimed to be exceptional models instead of being targeted photo ops?

When you reach a roadblock or come to a dead-end, right then you must figure out how to move forward. First, my advice to you is to take a few steps back, so you see how far you’ve come already. Secondly, realize sometimes that there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Finally, prepare to face tough decisions.

Sylvester Stallone understands “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” But what happens when the tough gets tougher and you’re stranded on Gilligan’s Island? This time you’re at the crossroads- the intersection of your life. I believe you should possess a steadfast mindset. Remember your mentality reflects your reality.

In practically every Sylvester Stallone movie, he works philosophical components into the story. I could write a 10-page piece about motivational speeches from Rocky alone. The genius of Stallone is that all his characters have shortcomings- nobody’s perfect. However, the celeb supplements his flaws with sheer willpower.

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In other words, don’t go down without a fight. Find something great inside you and move forward like Sylvester Stallone. I recommend rereading 33 Motivational Quotes, Song Lyrics, and Movie Lines. You could spend 6 hours digesting this information.

Moving forward entails setbacks and false starts. Although life is full of sprints, it mostly consists of marathons. The landscape of Hollywood is both soft and rough. If you want to jump over the hurdles, it’s better to jog or walk because of those soft spots and rough patches.

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