Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why Ronda Rousey Is A Sport And Movie Star


When I was a child I played the UFC video game for GameCube. I remember winning fights in under 30 seconds against Player 2 and the Computer. Right now Ronda Rousey can force tap outs in as little as 15 seconds.

Why is she special? First, she seems unbeatable. Secondly, Ronda looks like a supermodel.

I won’t say the judges are biased. But conducting yourself like Miss America has advantages. And Ronda’s perky personality is contagious.

Sure, the girl with ‘junk in her trunk’ talks trash. However, even the best product needs marketing. There’s media frenzy around Rousey because she dominates her opponents.

Plus, the Fighter of the Year could eventually win an Oscar. She shows a promising acting career. Let’s talk about Entourage, Expendables 3, and Furious 7. The fight scene with Michelle Rodriguez was unforgettable.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

It is ironic the 28 year old used to bartend for a living. She went from mixing drinks to mixed martial arts. Ronda Rousey represents change.

It is important to acknowledge the best athletes regardless of sex. I believe deserving female sport stars should make more money. As long as Rousey stays on top, she should earn a top payday.

The UFC champion is one of the greatest because she is likely working out at the gym right this moment. Did you know she was an Olympian at Beijing? She learned Judo from her mother, who is an Olympics legend.

There’s something about Ronda. She doesn’t accept giveaways, freebies, or settle for seconds. She wants to work for her rewards. And doesn’t she work hard for the money? I would treat her right.

Ronda realizes she’s in a position to inspire people. Squirrels can’t crack this tough nut. In a nutshell, Ronda Rousey is a sport and movie star with a bright future.

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