Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Luke Bryan Vs. Blake Shelton


Right now, the two biggest names in country music are Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. Who has the edge? Who is the best singer?

Shelton started singing professionally in 2001, while Bryan began in 2007. As a result, The Voice coach has recorded 9 studio albums; and, the Play It Again artist only has 5 to his credit. I believe experience and output play major parts in determining who is better.

My cousins follow Blake Shelton on social media. I frequently find his posts on their profiles. Without question, the Oklahoman’s music permeates across the country via Internet.

Who remembers radio? Nowadays, streaming music is popular. 

You rarely find a Luke Bryan Vs. Blake Shelton post because they are amicable. They have even performed on stage together. Still, Bryan and Shelton deal in a competitive business. There is only one top dog in every genre.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that they are both the same age? However, standing at 6’5”, Blake has a height advantage over the 6’0” Luke. I like Luke’s lyrics better, but Blake carries a catchier tune.

Sometimes, Shelton’s songs seem silly because he tries to appeal to a young demographic. I’m all for mainstream, but not at the expense of authenticity. Music should represent real life.

Both guys make awesome music. Moreover, they sound quite similar. While Luke Bryan is a hotter brand, Blake Shelton is more durable.

In entertainment, things can change in a blink of an eye. One minute celebrities are hot topics, the next second they are Dancing with the Washed-Up Has-Beens. That’s why durability is more precious than trends.

Have you seen the Strip It Down video yet? Watch it here, now.

I believe it’s a close call but Luke Bryan wins. Yes, Blake benefits from The Voice. But his extra commitments give Luke the edge.

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