Friday, November 13, 2015

Is Nicki Minaj The Best Female Rapper?


If you’re planning on partying this weekend, you’re bound to hear Nicki Minaj’s music at the nightclub. DJs like playing Anaconda for obvious reasons. Sir Mix A Lot said it best, “baby got back!” Oh, yeah.

Females connect with Nicki because she raps about her lifestyle before and after success. Her message empowers girls to dream for better, not worst. Being like Nicki Minaj means you can have nice things if you try to attract it.

Nicki is not pretending to rule the Hip-Hop world. She really is a rap queen. She could have been a video girl, but early on she saw the bigger picture.

Moreover, Nicki doesn’t hold her tongue. If she has beef with someone, she’ll let it be known. You must admire a person that wont back down from a challenge.

At the BET Awards she called out rappers not writing their own lyrics (mainly Iggy Azalea). And at the MTV Awards, she spoke her mind about the show’s host Miley Cyrus.

You see Minaj expresses herself in explicit language because true rap is “street.” Don’t confuse her with this new breed. The music artist reflects Tupac and Biggie. Nicki Minaj falls in the middle of Eminem and Rihanna talent wise.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Moreover, she won the rap battle against Iggy Azalea in a landslide victory. Who can deny that Minaj is the best female rapper in the game?

Nicki is super-talented. Have you heard Feeling Myself featuring Beyoncé? The rapper’s flow is incredible. Also, Only with Lil Wayne, Drake, and Chris Brown stirs controversy like coffee, because it’s too hot.

Plus, Minaj has one of the sexiest figures in the entertainment industry. That’s why the celebrity graces the covers of Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Ellie, and Vogue. I believe Nicki Minaj’s image is worth 1 billion dollars easily.

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