Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why Matthew McConaughey Is A Godsend


Matthew McConaughey is a godsend. He delivers passionate onscreen performances. The actor transposes into characters.

Quote me on this. There is no role that Matthew McConaughey cannot play. He has proven he is the best and sharpest movie lawyer in A Time To Kill and Lincoln Lawyer. Are you guilty of believing McConaughey is an attorney at law? His Lincoln Motors deal was well deserved.

I highly recommend watching this actor’s movies because he conveys human feelings and emotions like no one else. You see his characters convince you they’re real people.

The Hollywood star isn’t scared of getting his hands dirty? Have you seen Mud? It is a great Matthew McConaughey movie with Reese Witherspoon.

There is always a romantic element in the star’s script. Apparently, he is an attractive man. Check out Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. What is The Wedding Planner without Matthew McConaughey? If you want a tear-jerking flick, go see Matthew.

Did you know he won Best Lead Actor Academy Award for Dallas Buyers Club? He plays an HIV patient given 30 days to live by some quack. Don’t you dislike doctors trying to play God? The movie is based on a true story.

Moreover, it shows where there’s a will there’s a way. McConaughey (Ronald Woodroof) finds a life saving medicine that’s unapproved by the FDA, because a greedy pharmaceutical company is holding back progress. Luckily, Woodroof changes lives by giving the medicine to others who desperately need it. It is a must-see movie.

In Interstellar, his character (who’s travelling in space) communicates with his daughter back on Earth. The planet is faced with a food crisis. And NASA is exploring space in the shadows.

Fortunately, in due time his daughter saves humanity. If you ever wondered about black holes, robotics, and time travel, Interstellar is the movie for you. It is a thought provoking and timeless tale.

We all have God-given talents. We should use them for the betterment of our society. I believe Matthew McConaughey is a godsend. His acting motivates others to do something valuable.

Life is like a movie. Everyone has a role to play, and no role is insignificant. Remember, we can all be godsends.

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

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