Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why There Is No One Like Alicia Keys


No One, Like You Never See Me Again, and Unthinkable are my favorite Alicia Keys songs. When I want to slow it down, I listen to Alicia’s music. I believe she’s a modern day Roberta Flack and Gladys Knight.

Do you love her new braids? The Doesn’t Mean Anything singer doesn’t mind throwing it back. Isn’t she wonderful? Did you know she's part Italian?

Some people compare her to Beyoncé and Mariah Carey. However, she should be recognized for her uniqueness. Acknowledge this amazing music artist on her own merits. 

First, the mother of two nurtures her crowds. The celebrity cares deeply about humanity. That’s why whenever she accepts an award she raises awareness about pressing issues.

Secondly, she writes the best lyrics in the music business. In addition, Alicia’s melodies are catchy. Fans know that it’s nearly impossible getting her songs out of your head.

For the record, I’ve been an Alicia Keys supporter forever. You Don’t Know My Name, Fallin', and If I Ain’t Got You were my jams back in the day. The singer is especially poetic.

Third, she sings with purpose. She strives to shine her light. These days the world is very dark. Alicia Keys is a bright spot on the map.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

The sweetheart gives hope. You know it's about to get good when Keys sits at that piano. There is no one like Alicia Keys. She is the crème de la crème.

Finally, I appreciate her softness and diligence. Her pitch and tone are pleasing to the ears. She is not a bad actress either. Like singer/actress Lena Horne she’s got rhythm.

I wonder if Mya and Ashanti would mind opening for Alicia Keys. What if the three of them formed a music group? From New York to Japan, fans love attending Alicia’s concerts.

Nothing compares to Alicia Keys at her finest.


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