Saturday, January 9, 2016

How Eva Longoria Makes TV Better

Telenovela starring Eva Longoria is a funny Latino TV show. NBC desperately needs the Desperate Housewife to perform in its lineup. Let’s give Longoria some time to develop her character before writing off the new series.

One thing is for sure; Eva is one of the hottest 40 years olds in TV history. She’s slowly cashing in on her brand power. Moreover, her star power is already extraordinary.

Even if Telenovela is cancelled, Eva will keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny. In other words, the actress is well equipped with battery power as well.

She belongs barefooted on the beach in a bikini. The Paparazzi pounces on the chance to snap photos of a half-naked Eva Longoria. I won’t say her body is perfect but I will say her body has minimal imperfections.

Curves come in handy when the director yells cut and action. Did you know Eva Longoria is a director and producer too? If you want the biggest payday, consider directing and producing. An average director pulls in more bucks than the highest paid actor.

Because the senorita’s an executive producer of Devious Maids, she can kick her feet up and light a cigar- or bong depending on the mood. The celebrity can make demands because she’s a mover and shaker. Moreover, Eva has perfected her rhythm.

It seems meeting the Dalai Lama had a profound effect on the star. She’s in tuned with her chakras.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Plus, Eva Longoria is part of the 19 Best Black and Latina Actresses. People underestimate her dramatic skills because they typecast her. While Eva’s great in the comedy genre, she isn’t one-dimensional.

After watching Harsh Times, you’ll see a different side. Also, you’ll like Christian Bale and Michael Pena (who plays Eva’s husband). How does the Latin actress please everybody?

Who doesn’t want to Salsa dance with Longoria? Longoria mixes it up without missing a beat.

TV is an unsafe place considering all the violent depictions. We can do without bloody murder on our living room screens. The world needs more sitcoms and less criminal thrillers. That’s why TV is a better place everytime Telenovela airs. Let’s thank Eva Longoria for portraying positive imagery.

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