Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Rising Stardom of Meghan Trainor

Last year Meghan Trainor rose to fame with her hit song All About That Bass. Right now Meghan’s music video has amassed over 1.2 billion views on YouTube. The rising star has a bright future.

Her clear voice commands attention. I believe Meghan Trainor could become a pop idol if she keeps up the good work. Time is on the 22 year old’s side. Moreover, working with John Legend and Charlie Puth supports her cause.

She is a fine singer, who seems to be fulfilling her dreams and potential. There are too many musicians wasting their talent. Substance abuse is often the main culprit.

Celebrities must resist temptations everyday.
Once you conquer the demons, the sky opens up for you. Trainor should stay on the right course and not get distracted.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Thank goodness the Like I’m Gonna Lose You singer was discovered. Born and raised in a small town in Massachusetts, Meghan now resides in Los Angeles. Though she is hardly at home because the entertainment business demands a large chunk of her time.

Trainor’s Title album was certified platinum. I have a feeling that her Thank You album will also gain platinum status. Meghan appeals to a wide demographic because she doesn’t have trouble with displaying her curves. Women should have a healthy body image like Meghan no matter their size. Be comfortable in your skin even if you’re thin.

The reason for this young entertainer’s success is that she’s different. There is nobody else like Meghan Trainor in show business. What is more, when it’s show time she turns up the temperature.

Check out her 2015 AMAs performance if you haven’t done so already. The hot blonde deserves to be on top of the Billboard Hot 100. Plus, she appears to have a good attitude. Trainor hasn’t turned into a stuck-up diva.

I believe she’s a little sweetie because she had a good upbringing. Her family pictures are all over Instagram. The Dear Future Husband songstress is a jewel. I’m happy to see the rising stardom of Meghan Trainor.

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