Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why Kal Penn Is Dynamic

After Harold & Kumar went to White Castle, they got trapped in Guantanamo Bay. Then, years later the dynamic duo celebrated a very merry Christmas together. It’s easy to see how Kal Penn got wrapped in his Kumar character. Yet, we shouldn’t define an actor based solely on one movie franchise.

My favorite TV show used to be House. As Dr. House, Hugh Laurie was the meanest man on TV. In contrast, Kal Penn played one of the funniest men (Dr. Kutner) on that hit show.

Also, let’s give extra credit to Kal for his performances in Van Wilder and Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj. Unlike Kumar, Kal Penn is not a slacker because he steadily keeps a paycheck. The actor has two movies, The Layover and Going Under, coming out this year.

Some people confuse Kal Penn with Aziz Ansari. Here’s how to distinguish these similar celebrities. Remember Aziz stars in Master of None and played a major role in Parks & Recreation. Kal Penn actually served in the Obama administration.

Kal Penn does New Jersey proud. Doesn’t his name sound like an elite college rivaling Princeton University? Who would make a better Mayor of Newark than Penn?

Although it’s not in Kal Penn’s nature to need attention, he deals with burning questions by soaking in the fun. I’ve watched numerous interviews in which the movie star uplifts the mood. He has a natural ability to make people laugh.

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It’s a damn shame that a celebrity is held to a higher standard than a CEO. The public shouldn’t buy into the media’s balderdash. The so-called “news organizations” should cover the corporations responsible for destroying millions of lives, instead of the entertainer of the week. That’s why I admire Kal Penn for expanding into politics.

In today’s messed up world filled with grief, I focus on supplying good news. I decided to write about Kal Penn because he is truly an upbeat comedian. The funny man has fine-tuned his sense of humor. This actor not only presents high quality jokes and entertaining stories, he personifies greatness. In a nutshell, Kal Penn is dynamic.

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