Monday, January 4, 2016

Why Nicole Kidman Is at the Pinnacle


Get to know Nicole Kidman. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1967 but was raised in Australia. She was Tom Cruise’s wife for 11 years. Now, she is married to Keith Urban. Moreover, she is the mother of 4 children.

Let’s recognize Nicole Kidman for her greatness. The Australian actress is at the pinnacle of her success. Secret in Their Eyes showcases her supreme talents along with Julia Roberts’. Unfortunately, box office results occasionally do not correlate with true results.

I believe the messaging and packaging of a film is more important than initial reception. I admire Nicole Kidman because she’s an actress first, and a movie star second. Many movies take time to register with the public. Moreover, great stories such as Moby Dick are discounted in value when initially released.

I feel Secret in Their Eyes will gain in momentum because Kidman is at her best. It compares favorably to her Academy Award winning performance in The Hours. No offense Meryl Streep but Nicole Kidman stole the spotlight from you.

By far, Far and Away (no pun intended) is my favorite Nicole Kidman movie. Here’s why. Her chemistry with Tom Cruise could cause a volcanic eruption on the Big Island. They were truly in love with each other. In my book, Far and Away is a classic.

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Australia is another great movie starring Nicole. As an added bonus, Hugh Jackman escorts his lady for the journey on horseback. I recommend watching it because learning about Australian-Aboriginal relations is insightful. I remember seeing women cry in the movie theater because the plot enthralled them.

The Stepford Wives film deserves an honorable mention. Additionally, Eyes Wide Shut and Moulin Rouge should be acknowledged. Last but not least, Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco is not recognized enough. With such an amazing career, no one can deny that Nicole Kidman is at the pinnacle. What is more, she’s done more than enough to be considered the best actress ever.

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