Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Watching Idris Elba


I desire to watch better TV. Many people waste time surfing channels and watching garbage because bad TV is easy to find. On the flip side, there are some great shows out there just waiting to be found. Can you recommend me some shows to watch?

Lately, I’ve been watching Luther starring Idris Elba. If you’ve never seen Luther go check it out. Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Elba) doesn’t fiddle his fingers when investigating crimes.

There is no separation between Idris Elba and the lead character. I believe Idris is one of the best method actors because he’s focused on creating superior quality.

It’s interesting seeing Elba as Luther because England is a trip.

Let me warn you that digesting Luther episodes require a strong stomach. The DCI deals with all sorts of sociopaths and demons. Some weird shit goes down, so be prepared.

Of course, the acting is top notch. I also enjoy the writing and artistic direction. Jessica Jones reminds me of this in a way. However, Luther is more realistic.

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I’ve been a fan of Elba for 11 years. Do you remember The Gospel and Daddy’s Little Girls? He gave Gabrielle Union the butterflies. I’m not saying the feeling wasn’t mutual because the Being Mary Jane actress is a bombshell. That’s my perspective on things.

And who could forget Elba’s scenes in American Gangster starring Denzel Washington? All of Elba’s characters seem believable and distinguishable. He embodies the meaning of acting…to become someone else. Check out my Beast of No Nation Movie Review.

Idris Elba’s film and TV credits speak volumes. Does Elba dominate the silver screen or what? That’s why every actress and female reporter/correspondent looks forward to greeting Idris on the red carpet. He has sex appeal like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Who’s watching Idris Elba?

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