Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Showcasing Olivia Wilde


Olivia Wilde’s beauty brushes with perfection. Her makeup artists (MUAs) enjoy highlighting and accentuating Olivia’s gorgeous features. Those eyes, that nose, and them lips are national treasures. Also, the Smithsonian should preserve her hot body so it can be showcased for generations to come.

Olivia Wilde is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses. She started working in a casting agency and worked her way into the movie industry from the inside. That’s what we call brains.

Isn’t she a fine supporting actress? She played a key role in House, M.D. as Thirteen. Right now, she’s a good piece in HBO’s Vinyl. You watch, as Vinyl takes off so will Olivia.

Did you know the celebrity is a vegan? Plus, this petite actress advocates for PETA. In 2015, we saw the thespian transform with her performance in The Lazarus Effect. She pleases the crowd.

I believe she’s destined to become a major leading lady. It’s only a matter of time before directors start demanding her services exclusively. Maybe, Olivia Wilde will win over movie’s coldest critics.

Man, Hollywood is a shrew in need of taming.
Have you ever dreamed of the glamorous life? Do you want a showbiz career but you haven’t acted on it (no pun intended)? I’ll tell you a secret.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to succeed, find a mentor. Unfortunately, talent alone doesn’t cut it. Olivia Wilde has all the talent in the world, but that’s not the reason she’s on the A-List. Wilde keeps scoring points because she has a coach.

We could watch Cowboys & Aliens and Tron Legacy over and over again only to see Wilde’s scenes. Did you know the movie star models too? That explains everything.

Final point, showcasing Olivia Wilde’s beauty is a given. However, let’s showcase her talent as well. You can't get any closer to perfect than this right here.

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