Monday, March 21, 2016

What Is U2 Without Bono?


What is U2 without Bono? Bono is not only the backbone of U2 he is the mastermind. Everyday seems like St. Patrick’s Day for Bono, because the Irish celebrity makes it a point to celebrate. Give him some credit. Like Visa, he’s accepted everywhere.

Bono can go to Africa and Africans will accept him over there. In addition, his Humanitarian and philanthropic efforts are appreciated. I feel he would make a great Ambassador. He has a big heart made out of gold. Watch Bono interviews and you’ll clearly see he wants to make the world a better place.

He reminds me of John Lennon a lot. You’ll want to check out my John Lennon post after reading this story. Also, name your favorite U2 and Bono songs in the comments. Beautiful Day gets me going. 

I believe celebrities should take stances on important issues even when wrong. Don’t you hate political correctness? At the same time, we hate seeing celebrities used as puppets. Don’t sell us out for chicken scratch. And don’t chicken out either.

Can you picture meeting Bono? Would you be starstruck? You see Bono is definitely one of my VIPs. Plus, U2 is #2 in my Top 10 European Bands of All Time ranking. Bands don’t work without bandleaders and Bono is the don.

Bono, Adam Levine, Chris Martin, and Thom Yorke are in the same league. Many good singers lack Bono’s charisma. However, the great ones all have charismatic personalities. This doesn’t mean they’re all extroverts. 

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Prince are reserved. Still, their inner qualities shine for the whole world to see their glowing personas. Christina Aguilera is another sexy supernova. Here's why Christina Aguilera is the Voice.

It takes courage to do what Bono has done. As an activist, the U2 singer earns more respect.
Overall, Bono gets my vote. 

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