Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why Robert Downey Jr. Is Number 1


What are your favorite Robert Downey Jr. movies? Do you like Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, and The Avengers? Without question, Robert Downey Jr.’s filmography is legendary. It’s easy to see why The Soloist movie star is number 1 on the Forbes highest paid actors list.

How many times has he scored big at the box office? The numbers show that his movies have collected more than $7.2 billion in revenue. Clearly, he is a bankable movie star plus a prominent actor. Like Drew Barrymore, Downey inherited his calling. The Hollywood heir reminds us of a Tudor because of his noteworthy performance in Richard III and his regal appearance in real life.

Crown him King of Hollywood or make him Lord of Tinseltown. Downey deserves his accolades because of his dedication to his craft. It’s rare to see stars with longevity in the movie industry. Most actors must return to theatre or their other option is TV.

Isn’t it amazing watching a master create a work of art? Can you imagine Downey, Jr. directing movies like his father? If Keanu Reeves is unstoppable, then Robert Downey Jr. is unbelievable.

Chaucer wrote, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” That’s why everyone respects this incredible thespian’s versatility. For example, he played the leading role in Due Date and The Judge. With a net worth in excess of $180 million, the celebrity can afford to take risks. 

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His lifestyle is comparable to the Canterbury Tales. It’s interesting and a must-read. Robert Downey Jr. = A classic actor- would you agree?

We recognize the best because none of us want to settle for less. We have always lived in a competitive world. Robert Downey Jr. is a fierce competitor. He skated to the top by constantly improving his repertoire. To be the best means to keep getting better. 

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