Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why We Love Jennifer Aniston


As Mother’s Day comes, will you go see Mother’s Day starring Jennifer Aniston? I know you may because you’d like to check out People’s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful Woman! Plus you’re attracted to the gorgeous Kate Hudson and the sweet smiling Julia Roberts, starring as supporting actresses. It could develop into a cult classic.

Furthermore, Friends became a major part of popular culture. And everyone knows Jennifer Aniston was the oil that lubricated the machine. But you gotta show Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox some love still. David Schumer, Matthew Perry, and Joey weren’t bad either.

Going into movies was easy for Aniston. But you see every TV actor can’t cut it on the silver screen. Luckily Jennifer can slice and roll dice with the best in showbiz. Sit Aniston in a front row seat at entertainment awards shows.

I feel Kaley Cuoco can be like Jenni if she so desired. Learn from the crème de la crème if you want real lasting power. You must admire this Hollywood star’s longevity. 

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons
How long? She’ll be starring in Grandmother’s Day 20 years from now. 

I can take you so many places with Jennifer Aniston. Her performance in Horrible Bosses was on the money. She plays a dirty dentist…like friends- how many of us have them? Jennifer and Jamie Foxx stole the show.

Wanderlust is a great movie that flies under the radar. Jennifer Aniston performs like an Olympic swimmer. Plus the Bounty Hunter brings home the gold because it was bountiful. On a $50 million budget, the film grossed $136 million. That’s why I stress that Jennifer is on the money.

In this stressful world, movies bring us peace. Yes we love the celebrity because she’s most beautiful. We also love Jennifer Aniston because she is quirky and fun. Let ‘us’ count the ways.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

What Is One Direction Without Zayn?


What Is One Direction Without Zayn?

Who thought Harry Styles would go first? It doesn’t make sense that Zayn left One Direction so soon. It’s been a minute now and there are talks that he may come back still.

I came across a story about Paul McCartney weighing in on the topic. Speaking of weight, I gotta get this off my chest. O.K., One Direction will never be in the same ballpark as the Beatles. Who told you that lie?

I believe One Direction is an amazing band no doubt. Their music appeals to the youth. Plus, the band’s social media game has no rivals.

Nowadays, you’re measured by the power of your social network. With 28 million Twitter followers aka Directioners, One Direction has a powerful fan-base comprising of fortresses and arsenals around the world. Why on Earth would Zayn Malik leave it? Sidebar: do you think Camila Cabello will exit Fifth Harmony soon?

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons
All I’m saying is what ever happened to loyalty, pride, and stick-to-it-ed-ness? What is One Direction without Zayn? The answer is PILLOWTALK. Yes, we got a hit song and top music video out his departure but at what price? 

Maybe, this is the real question-> does One Direction need Zayn and vice versa? It boils down to what is best for both parties. Right now Zayn is in a different lane. In America, it is the left lane because he’s going fast. In Great Britain, it’s the right lane.

Zayn should keep doing whatever he wants to  because that’s his motto. I only ask that he keep making great music for music’s sake. The world needs good music and Zayn makes great music. Like Katy Perry, he delivers what we want.

In the prophetic words of Tupac Shakur, “I aint mad at cha…Zayn. Pillowtalk hypnotizes you like John Lennon’s lyrics. People compare him to Justin Timberlake who left NSYNC but I say that’s some big shoes to fill….not to mention those huge cufflinks, custom-suit, and tie shit.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why Katy Perry Gives Us Exactly What We Desire


In the beginning, Katy Perry was rubberstamped. Fans never had a problem with Katy. Perry isn’t perfect but she is exactly what we desire. She doesn’t reveal everything but she shows just enough to make you wonder.

It’s like watching a modern day Elizabeth Taylor sing on a microphone in her prime. Rarely do singers look better than actresses in bikinis. Make an exception for Katy Perry. Who wants to see her perform on the silver screen?

I think the California Gurl would be a pretty good actress. I mean she’s not going to take Julia Robert’s spot but she can take Jessica Alba’s place. Under the proper guidance, this celebrity can blossom.

Here in America, Memorial Day and Independence Day are approaching. We celebrate first and foremost by: stopping and smelling the roses, barbecuing next, later soaking up the sun, and then listening to Katy Perry music. 

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever been to a Katy Perry concert? It feels like electricity is pulsating through your veins. Katy caters to fans and offers her songs in cold dishes on silver platters. She serves steaks well done or rare. It may only be 2 choices but they’re great options.

Who remembers the John Mayer and Katy Perry Who You Love duet? Wasn’t that special? Do you think she should do one with Justin Timberlake?

I dedicated a couple hours to watching KatyPerryVevo on YouTube. My favorite from today was The One That Got Away. It’s been a while since the last time I seen it. Sometimes we could use a small reminder. Otis Redding said it best, “All you gotta do is try, try a little tenderness...”

In one word Katy Perry is: PHENOMENAL. Her throat is a glorious vessel. Katy Perry does anything to please her fans. There isn’t a finer entertainer in showbiz. This is for you my number 1.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Wonder Years of Joe Cocker


Growing up The Wonder Years was my favorite TV show. Boy, it had one hell of a theme song, didn’t it? Joe Cocker’s version of With a Little Help From My Friends helped fuel my addiction to the show. What’s more, that’s how I learned about Joe Cocker.

I had to know who possessed that powerful voice in the beginning. The more I familiarized myself with the legend, the more I started feeling legendary. Joe Cocker= Legend.

He sings You Are So Beautiful, Come Together, and Up Where We Belong in heaven. He didn’t make pop songs; his music was spiritual. What would Woodstock be without Cocker? Joe was a rare find because he was a classic singer.

Most entertainers are made in a bakery. They’re cookie cutter. What you see is what you get. Joe Cocker sang from the bottom of his belly.

The Wonder Years of Joe Cocker

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

It all started when John Robert Cocker, OBE took Vance Arnold as his penname in 1961. Later he formed a band adding “and the Avengers” to his gig. Then there was the Grease Band and the rest is history…

Like the Beatles, Joe Cocker created seismic waves. Throughout Joe Cocker’s career, he received well-deserved recognition. In 2008, Rolling Stone named him 1 of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. Billboard gave him 2 other accolades-  #84 Artist 100 and #14 Social 50 in 2015.

I’m New School by date of birth, but I’m actually Old School by tradition. Bob Seger couldn’t have said it any better than this: “Today’s music ain’t got the same soul, I like that old time rock ‘n’ roll.” Moreover, Joe Cocker rocked to the limit. He lived his life up and that’s what counts. Don’t die bitter by living inhibited; die happy by living uninhibited.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Drake Wins the Rap War


There should be a law requiring Rihanna and Drake to make songs together. Who wants to help circulate this petition? Every time I drive past the 10th intersection, someone plays Work on her radio. How many times must Drake sing you should get done and come over?

Drake changed everything with Hotline Bling. Even U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump parodied Drake’s music video on Saturday Night Live. The Canadian rapper has attention from VIPs and that’s why he receives VIP perks. If there’s one celebrity you want in your squad he is Drake. Justin Bieber’s cool too, but Drake’s named after an international explorer.

In this day and age of Internet Explorer, news travels fast. Bad news is supersonic speed. The Toronto Raptors love their loyal Toronto rapper. In fact, Drake said, “All I care about is money and the city where I’m from...” Nowadays loyalty seems rare.

There’s too much short term thinking and not enough long term strategizing. You’ll enjoy this piece called Pitbull Vs. Drake RAP BATTLE. You see like Pitbull and Selena Gomez Drake is an international celebrity. He can go anywhere and be recognized. That’s why he needs bodyguards and top of the line security.

A lot of rappers fake their status. Drizzy doesn’t have to because those Forbes documents are solid. His endorsement deals compare favorably to prominent athletes. Like Kobe Bryant, he signed on the dotted line with Nike and Sprite.

What’s more, his place in music is undeniable. I feel Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper. And Drake is the best rapper right now. Yes, the rankings fluctuate depending on Kanye’s Twitter activity.

Finally, in the field of war battle losses are expected. Eminem was once a superpower for a long time. However, at this stage of the game Drake wins the Rap War. Why, you ask? Because I said so…that’s why. 

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How Richard Pryor Set The World On Fire


Do you watch the Laugh Factory? Right after a hard day of literally working at the factory, how about watching comedians perform at the Laugh Factory? Richard Pryor was a foreman at the Laugh Factory. He could make standup comics out of clay in the same way Henry Ford made Mustangs out of steel.

Mike Epps and Tracy Morgan owe Richard Pryor’s legacy a fortune. Would there even be an “Eddie Murphy” without Richard Pryor? Did you know Saturday Night Live wanted Pryor as their inaugural host but executives feared the worse? That’s why George Carlin was chosen.

What’s so funny? Everything was a laughing matter with Richard Pryor. The comedy legend made sure his audience was having fun. Pryor is called the best because being funny was his calling. And he was the crème de la crème.

Now you see Steve Harvey doing his thing and it’s all good. What’s more, he doesn’t have a problem saying Richard paved the way for him. Jerry Seinfeld said Richard Pryor was the “Picasso of our profession.” No matter how great a comedian gets, he must acknowledge the great ones.

Have you seen Which Way Is Up, Brewster’s Millions, and Harlem Nights? Richard Pryor movies (and especially his standup specials) must be consumed on an empty stomach. With Pryor laughter comes from the gut. The comedian addressed the most controversial topics all while keeping his cool. His comedy worked because he wasn’t confrontational but observational. Plus, all types of women fell dangerously in love with him.

What was Richard Pryor’s secret to success? He understood people. We cannot overemphasize the importance of interpersonal communication. Pryor knew how to use the right word at the right time, what was better left unsaid, and how to make you feel special.

I’ve seen every Richard Pryor Show episode. Moreover, I can’t go a month’s time without his comedy. Check out Car Wash for a throwback.

Final thought, Richard Pryor almost died after setting himself on fire. Ironically, this same man set the world on fire too! How did he do it? It was an inside job.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why Fifth Harmony Should Stay the Course


 Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Dancing and singing in synchronization is Fifth Harmony’s forte. Don’t confuse the Work From Home girl group with the Real Housewives of Atlanta, who are out of synch. Right now the spotlight is shining on Fifth Harmony. Their performances turn heads, move feet, and pop eyeballs.

Finally, Fifth Harmony has become a force to be reckoned with. From here on out expect nothing less than the best from your girls. These five will do anything to make us happy.

Plus, they make Lil Mix look like a little recipe. If Fifth Harmony is a grapefruit, then Lil Mix is a grape. You can get by on only a grapefruit for breakfast but try eating 1 grape alone.

Nicole Scherzinger needs the Pussycat Dolls as much as Camila Cabello needs Fifth Harmony. Sure, Camila Cabello could go on and have a nice solo career. However, music doesn’t need this. Music needs more Maroon 5s, Coldplays, U2s, and Metallicas.
Before jumping to a conclusion, name a top all female band that’s been around for generations. You can’t do it! Fifth Harmony has the opportunity to make music history here but they have to stay together and do it.

Rain on the parade

Camila Cabello won’t ever be more famous than Beyoncé. However, I feel Fifth Harmony can outperform and outsell Destiny’s Child though. Fifth Harmony should stay the course because their stronger collectively than separate.

College students dread the incomplete grade. Wouldn’t you rather have a C instead? Fifth Harmony has some unfinished business. They are still developing their skills. They’re good dancers, great singers, and excellent entertainers.

Overall, Fifth Harmony has the talent and potential to become legends. 10 years down the road, they could be bigger than the Spice Girls. Hopefully, they can put their egos aside and put in more work.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Why We Want Norah Jones


 Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Don’t know why we want Norah Jones? I’ll tell you. We want her for a host of reasons. We want Norah Jones for bragging rights.

Who sings sweeter than the sweetest? Can you keep up with Jones’ sound? The musician can sing in multiple genres. Jazz and Country are her specialties.

Nothing beats her delicate touch. You’ll fall in love with Norah’s pitch. Also, she approaches music with gratitude and respect. It is a privilege to watch this songstress in action.

Listening to Norah Jones defuses stressful days. Moreover, she adds pleasure to many enjoyable moments. Amazing is the best adjective to describe this woman’s work. Shout out to Kate Bush and Maxwell.

Did you know Billboard named Norah Jones Jazz Musician of the decade? This means she bested Kenny G. Could it be that Jones’ voice is a saxophone? 

Imagine listening to Chasing Pirates when sailing on a ship. Get lost in the lyrics of Come Away With Me. Throughout her career she’s made the most out of her talent. She never neglected her gifts. Plus, she paid her dues.

Maybe, Miranda Lambert and Jones can get together.

If Miles Davis was the common denominator, then Norah is the common numerator. Simply put, she’s got our number. The celebrity compares favorably to yoga instructors when it comes to flexibility. Others could learn from this special music artist.

Her concerts frequently sell out because the Texas Longhorn is a rare breed. She mixes ingredients better than Samantha stirs stew on Bewitched. Yet, Norah Jones seems pure.

She insists on opening doors rather than closing them. The celebrity can change on command. We value adaptability in entertainers. Who else can cut a song with Carrie Underwood and Herbie Hancock?

In a nutshell, she gives us everything. That’s why we want Norah Jones.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

How George Carlin Stirred Up Controversy


Comedians respect George Carlin’s tithes and offerings. Moreover, George Carlin greatly contributed to society with his witty observations and realism. He saw life neither as a fairy tale or a reality show.

It is impossible to agree with all of Carlin’s controversial views and insights. But admire the funnyman’s fearlessness and tenacity. The legend lambasted corporations and institutions, who really run the world- NOT girls…sorry Beyonce.

Furthermore, it took big balls for George to go against feminism. Remember standup comedy is tongue-in-cheek. Carlin supported empowering women in the same way that Mark Twain advocated emancipating slaves. Remind yourself comedy is more figurative than literal.

Additionally, exceptional comedians can persuade crowds better than illusionists with their timely words and naughty gestures. 

George Carlin explained the game and broke the rules. He was the complete standup comic. The celebrity disseminated information to the tired, poor, and huddled masses. It might seem odd but he engaged both mainstream and underground fan bases. In other words, George had money flowing on bridges and inside tunnels- from all directions.

George Carlin’s comedy wasn’t too extreme like Russell Brand’s erotic escapades. Carlin couldn’t compete with Jim Carrey’s loose movements and crazy facial expressions. However, George Carlin was an original entertainer and arguably the best. 

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Before Bill Maher came on the scene and pissed off Christians, George Carlin pissed off all religions first and foremost. Yes, Bill borrowed material from George. Comics steal jokes because it is a rite of passage. It’s actually insulting when your comedy isn’t recycled. Dave Chappelle reworks Richard Pryor’s comedy in the same way Kobe Bryant stole Michael Jordan’s jumper.

I feel George Carlin was the Larry Bird of standup comedy. You will always recall his impact on the game. Sometimes, he stepped out of bounds on purpose. Plus, George Carlin intentionally delivered flagrant fouls.

7 Words

Final thought, George Carlin is most famous for constructing a list of seven dirty words you can never say on television.

1.         Shit
2.         Piss
3.         Fuck
4.         Cunt
5.         Cocksucker
6.         Motherfucker
7.         Tits
George Carlin stirred up controversy with a silver spoon.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bee Gees + The Beach Boys = Too Much Heaven and Good Vibrations


Bee Gees and the Beach Boys songs are timeless pieces. Take for instance these following lyrics:

We’re living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

Ain’t that the truth?! We spot fools everyday.

How about this?

The Midwest farmer’s daughters really make you feel alright
And the Northern girls with the way they kiss
They keep their boyfriends warm at night…
I wish they all could be California girls

What’s better than receiving California love?

Between the Beach Boys and Bee Gees you can’t go wrong. I listen to the bands to calm my nerves. Put on Surfin USA and that will do the trick. After listening to the record all you can think about is beach balls and Pina Coladas.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

It’s a fun way to relax. Try playing Stayin Alive when you’re feeling in a bad mood. It works. I feel like the world needs good music.

Nowadays, they don’t make hits like they did in the past. That’s why we gotta do a Throwback Thursday (TBT) on Wednesday. No one sings like Barry Gibb.

Listen to Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb’s Guilty. “Little by little we meet in the middle. There’s a danger in the dark. You gotta be mine.” There’s no doubt that is a top 10 duet of all time.

Plus the Beach Boys are a top 5 band. Their music is still heard all over the globe. Yes, Elvis was a legend but he was a 1 man show. Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine, and David Marks made their mark on American music history.

Finally, the Beatles weren’t the only great band from the United Kingdom. How about the band of brothers? 3 brothers named Barry, Robin, and Maurice forever changed the sound of music, especially in England.

You combine the 2 bands and you get U.S. and U.K. Ambassadors. Bee Gees + The Beach Boys= Too Much Heaven and Good Vibrations.

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