Saturday, May 28, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse Movie Review SPOILER ALERT


Apocalypse awakens from a deep sleep ready to usher into the world a new age. However, Professor X, Mystique, and their X-Men will fight for the good of humanity and themselves. Apocalypse handpicks 4 mutants to take over and rule the world.

I give the X-Men: Apocalypse movie 4 stars. That’s 1 star for every horseman (as advertised). The movie lives up to the buildup. Plus the new characters make a grand entrance. It’s funny seeing how Cyclops can’t control his powers and inadvertently destroys Professor X’s grandfather tree. This film receives high marks on the plot and screenwriting.


My favorite part had to be Hugh Jackman’s exit as Wolverine. How do you replace someone that great? Maybe, you don’t.

Moreover, the new Storm did a good job replacing Halle Berry. Give her time and she’ll become a big star. Hollywood should have more actresses like this. Give a nod to Phoenix too. She delivered more than expected as well.

Apocalypse was the very first mutant in the comic book. The scenes in this movie are like a comic book come alive. Comic book collectors can sit down with amateurs and enjoy this movie together.

There are a lot of conflicts within conflicts. Will Maury tell Magneto “You are the father,” about Quicksilver? Can Professor X get Apocalypse out of his head?

X-Men Apocalypse fathoms the idea of the world ending. Apocalypse attempts to rule the planet by absorbing every power. Hence, he disarms all nations of their nuclear weapons. Then, with the unwilling help of Professor X, he’s able to control every person.

While under mind control his words become orders obeyed by all. The only one who can really disobey is Professor X, because his power supersedes even Apocalypse’s own, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Overall, I love X-Men:Apocalypse. I might go see it a second and third time. It’s deserving of a B+ grade. They always set the bar high, do they?

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!