Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Marilyn Monroe Was the Ultimate Sex Symbol


I watched The Seven Year Itch a few months ago. In the movie, Marilyn Monroe showed why she was the ultimate sex symbol. All she had to do was be her sexy self. And she was too sexy for herself! I highly recommend The Seven Year Itch if you enjoy watching classic films.

She really was a work of art onscreen and off. Moreover, photographers fantasized about shooting photos of the Hollywood star in their studios. Only a few were lucky enough though to capture all her beauty and glory.

I believe Marilyn Monroe invented the sex symbol. There are actresses everywhere trying to look, act, and talk exactly like Monroe. You could argue that Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence are sex symbols because of Monroe's popularity.  

Who is Hugh Hefner without Marilyn Monroe? Playboy came about because of their iconic spreads and Cover Girls. It seems this gorgeous California girl made Hollywood a landmark all by herself. You see there are a million Marilyn Monroe movies out there because she was one in a million.

It’s okay to be obsessed with Monroe. You have my permission. How many times have we’ve seen Marilyn’s image plastered on posters and calendars in offices, bars, and homes? Plus she may have one of the most famous silhouettes of all time.

Britney Spears picks up beauty tricks from Marilyn Monroe. That’s why the blonde is so effective from Reese Witherspoon to Cameron Diaz. Would you read a Monroe beauty book of secrets?   

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret why Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate sex symbol. Her 5’5 curvaceous figure appealed to our finer senses. The sensual celebrity paved the way for Ashley Graham, Kate Upton, and others to follow. You don’t have to be pencil thin to be a marketable model. There’s beauty in every shape and size.

In a nutshell, the blonde bombshell was the ultimate celebrity.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Ranking the Real


Do you watch daytime TV? Maybe you're watching the Real right now. The Real is one of my favorite talk shows. There’s no other show quite like it.

I love the Real cast because they don’t hold anything back. Every last one of them makes a contribution. But, let’s be real...who does the best job?

  1. Loni Love

I’m partial toward comedians, so Loni Love gets the edge. Plus, she contributes more value to the show because of her humor. Who could forget her performance in Mall Cop 2, where she brings down the house?

Loni Love reminds me of a younger Whoopi. Does anyone else see the familiarity. They both have a similar style and stage presence. Loni controls the set like an air traffic controller.
  1. Tamera Mowry

The Sister Sister starlet has transformed into a reality TV supernova. Without question, Tamera adds class and a mixture of spice. We value her opinions because she’s honest about her life.

The wife and mother is relatable to her audience. Tamera opens up and tells the truth about herself. What is more, she’s a strong believer in God.

  1. Tamar Braxton  

As the youngest sibling, I can identify with Tamar. She is smart, talented, generous, and kind. Braxton would rank higher but she’s absent sometimes. On the other hand, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  

  1. Adrienne Bailon
Photos By:  Wikimedia Commons

Adrienne always comes up with sensational stories. She shows appreciation and gives gratitude. Perhaps, the most perky of the bunch- no one questions her spirit. Bailon loves dancing and many single men love dancing with her.   

  1. Jeannie Mai

Fashion expert Jeannie Mai specializes in clothes, so she’s the fashionable #5. In order to survive, people need clothing. And in order to thrive, you want an eye for fashion like Jeannie Mai helping you fit in your clothes.

What’s your ranking of the Real cast? Tell me in the comments.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Like Factor of Michael Strahan


Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

What makes you like someone? Why do certain people have a special effect on you? I believe there is something called The Like Factor.

You’re either likable or you’re not. You have it or you don’t. And Michael Strahan has it. Plus, the personality is a likable guy.

He has a big stature minus the big head. All this means he wears big pants with the deep pockets. He also wears many hats. Best known for Live! with Kelly and Michael. Right now he hosts Good Morning America.

Next up on his plate is serving as host of $100,000 Pyramid. Have you seen the commercials? He says something along the lines of “this is not what mama had in mind when she told me to get a summer job.” That’s another reason I like Michael Strahan.

The celebrity cares a great deal about his family.  He speaks highly of his father who is an army veteran. We have that in common. Army Brats stick together.

Moreover, Michael Strahan is becoming more like LL Cool J. Ladies love this most eligible bachelor. It wouldn’t surprise me if ABC arrange for him to appear on the hit TV show- The Bachelor.   

At this point in time, Michael Strahan can bank on his good name. Frankly, he is the bank with a $55 million net worth. Who wants a bailout?

For the most part, he keeps it light. He’s not afraid to try new things. In Entertainment, it’s important to be adjustable. That’s why I go with the flow.

The Like Factor of Michael Strahan has a very strong effect on people. His charisma plays a large role in his appeal to a wide audience. He’s famous for his sharp intellect and powerful work ethic too. All these qualities and more define his status.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Let’s Take a Selfie with Ed O’Neill


 Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Summer is a day away and the weather is perfect. The sun is shining, so you are smiling. Let’s take a selfie with Ed O’Neill.

If Bill Murray ticks off the clock, Ed O’Neill has the time. What if Netflix gave this actor his own Christmas special? What is the real O’Neill like?

I don’t get into gossip. I just call them like I see them. Although Ed’s old school, he’s cool enough to be on Instagram.

First, Married with Children may be the most watched TV show ever. It clearly is one of the most watchable. Who’s watching Married with Children right now?

Fans love characters like Al Bundy. Do you think Ed O’Neill hates being called Al Bundy in public? I don’t think so.

Moreover, Modern Family remains on top of the TV show rankings. People pass remotes because grandma must see Modern Family. Maybe, you have DVR so everybody is happy.

You rarely see Ed in movies but when you do he’s the most interesting man in the world. That’s my version of the popular Dos Equis commercial. Jokes aside, his performance in the Bone Collector was no laughing matter. He demonstrated his dramatic knack in the film.

Plus he seems laid back. So laid back, he didn’t recognize Britney Spears. Here’s why I give him the benefit of doubt…

Beautiful women constantly surround Ed O’Neil. Christina Applegate. Sofia Vergara. So he doesn’t see Britney Spears as the average person does. Also, Britney wasn’t dressed like a pop star when she asked for a selfie.

It’s interesting how long Ed O’Neill’s been in business as a leading TV actor. Can you believe Married with Children will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year? What is more, this year Ed O’Neil will celebrate his 30th anniversary with his lovely wife Catherine Rusoff.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Morgan Freeman Amazing Filmography

 Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Morgan Freeman has delivered many iconic performances throughout his legendary career. How do you make a list of his best movies? Maybe the answer is…you don’t. Still, I would like to talk about his amazing filmography.

Let’s start the discussion with the Shawshank Redemption.

The Shawshank Redemption reveals the depth of man’s solitude. Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding exists in a manmade habitat based on making profit from human labor. In the film, Freeman finds a way to demolish the totality of the prison industrial complex as an actor. He’s inside the prison but the prison isn’t inside of him. Despite circumstances, Red refuses to lose hope within.

The actor plays DCI Cabot to perfection in the Sum of All Fears. The star never has a problem portraying powerful people. What is more, he empowers the cast. I believe Ben Affleck became better because he shared a screen with Morgan Freeman. Freeman always sets himself apart.

I believe his career was all set after Lean on Me. After Lean on Me there could be no denying of his greatness. The movie delivers an important message. You may want to check out a similar movie called Hard Lessons starring Denzel Washington.

Morgan Freeman alongside Jack Nicholson in the Bucket List was phenomenal. There are some twists and the ending was emotional. Now it seems everyone’s making a Bucket List because of this movie’s success. It made $175.4 Million at the box office worldwide.

I also highly recommend watching: Bruce Almighty, Invictus, The Dark Knight, and Lucy.

Moreover, software can’t duplicate his voice. Impressionists will come close but there’s nothing like hearing the man command the English tongue. Morgan Freeman takes pride in his work and it pays dividends. Directors know he won’t accept just any role. Without question, screenwriters prepare scripts with Freeman in mind.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

The Soft and Sweet Sounds of Corinne Bailey Rae


Here’s the best way to explain Corinne Bailey Rae’s music. Her voice is a clarinet. She mixes up her range and controls the pitch like a pro. Plus she brings us joy every time she sings Put Your Records On and Like A Star.

You see she knows what to do. And she looks good doing it. Right now her new songs from The Heart Speaks In Whispers- Green Aphrodisiac and Been To Moon specifically- are on my playlist. As always her lyrics are amazing and that voice is incredible.

It’s hard to stop listening after you press play. Are you hooked yet? What more could we want?

The soft and sweet sounds of Corinne Bailey Rae relieve the pressure. In a world with so much stress and worries, you need someone like Corinne. What is more, she’s true to her message. Her words delve deep into the meaning of life. Rae shines like a sunray. No wonder she received that name. 

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

The British songstress could have been a princess in another lifetime. Musical notes are her subjects. She creates moods and expressions with her melodies.

Like Lena Horne, the star ‘got’ rhythm. Give her a guitar and watch her string magical harmonies with the bands. Oh yeah, she’ll sing until kings and queens come off their thrones. 

I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Enchantment by Bailey. What is better than watching this music artist perform in concert? She could be the English version of Alicia Keys. The only difference is a guitar, keyboard, an accent, and a few seas. Moreover, executives respect Rae for brand managing.   

Yes, Corinne Bailey Rae took a break. But while on her hiatus, she became better in every facet. “Don't you know that, that patience is a virtue (yes it is), and life is a waiting game...don't you know that, peace must be nurtured…” In other words, seasons change.  
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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Funny Girl Margaret Cho


Comedy pushes limits. That’s why Margaret Cho is your pusher woman. She represents her hometown San Francisco beautifully. What a beautiful city and woman. Let’s celebrate Cho because that’s what we do here.

Too many celebrities get chopped up and spit out for no reason. I prefer celebrities like Margaret because she speaks her mind freely. Should we start punishing people based on their life’s perspectives?

The Korean American comedian is very vocal about change and social issues. Some will take what she said and twist it in a knot. That’s wrong. Although there’s a price to fame, it shouldn’t cost everything.

You see Cho can be extreme like Russell Brand. As a standup comedian, her comedy compares with Amy Schumer. And the comedic actress plays great supporting parts too.

Picture Margaret Cho and Ken Jeong in a movie head-to-head. Margaret Cho gets recognized because she developed her talent. Who watched Cho on the View? Her and Whoopi have awesome chemistry. You can’t fake it.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Plus Margaret Cho’s brand is built to last. Can you believe she’s 47? Her face doesn’t look a day over 35. I admire celebrities that extend their time in showbiz.

Hollywood and entertainment are the most superficial businesses. You gotta constantly prove yourself in order to make it. The funny girl has done just that.

Whether through music, on TV, or in movies, Margaret Cho’s name rings your bell. Does she have poise and grace or what? Yet her filthy mouth barks attention. I would love to see her live in person.

Funny Girl is a 1968 musical film starring Barbra Streisand. Funny girl Margaret Cho creates throwback material by paying homage to Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor. She is a true comedian who breaks through glass ceilings.

What is more, we appreciate Margaret Cho for entertaining us and rocking the microphone for all these years.

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