Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who Loves Manika?


If you like the word love, you’ll like the name Manika. It’s only right to show some love to the How Can I Love songstress. Did you know this beauty is mixed with Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian, and Spanish? That’s a whole lot of loving right there. That’s not why I love her though.

You see Manika built a brand from scratch. She put the work in, while others just scratched off lottery tickets. She didn’t rely on luck. That’s why Manika became famous and got put on the map.

Plus, she toured with One Direction. And she’s authored books.

Instead of being a Disney princess, she’s a reality TV princess. Have you seen Global Beauty Masters? Have you heard her Love Line radio show? Manika has a mini-conglomerate.

She also sings and raps. How does she sleep? Hey, you’ve gotta be driven in order to do great things. Manika does what it takes. The girl is amazing.

What is more, her music also has a message. Sure, there are many fun songs from her album. You might like I Might Go Lesbian featuring Tyga.

Right now at 22, I believe by her 35th birthday, she could be bigger than Nicole Scherzinger. I like to see her star in a movie with Vanessa Hudgens as well. Like Hudgens, she is a legitimate multitalented/ triple threat celebrity. Her music style reminds me a lot of Fergie.

Moreover, Manika scores major points on creativity. Check out B.Y.O.Bugatti on YouTube. To create a song/ music video on that high level requires a significant amount of skill.  

The Las Vegas bred celebrity appeals to a very large demographic. Her fans are practically everywhere. With 1 million plus Twitter followers and over 3 million Facebook likes, people are listening. And Manika gives us what we love. Who loves Manika?

I am Guru Jay launching into orbit in 5-4-3-2-1!

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