Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Incredible Is Melissa Benoist?


How Incredible Is Melissa Benoist?

We are reentering Supergirl season 2 and it's safe to say Melissa Benoist is still super. I began binge watching Supergirl this week. And I've concluded that Melissa Benoist was put on earth to become Kara Zor-El on television. How does she do it, episode after episode? She's absolutely incredible.

You can see the determination in her eyes. Melissa Benoist seeks glory as Supergirl. She belongs in the DC Comics. It is her destiny. No doubt Henry Cavill aka Superman is impressed by the former Glee star. Don't forget that she is a multi-talented celebrity.

The triple threat actress is best suited and well-equipped. In other words, Benoist is up for the challenge at hand. So prepare yourself for a wild ride. She'll flap her cape around and fly you high like a Boeing 777. Melissa is reaching new heights by the second.

It's amazing watching Melissa in action. Whatever she touches turns to gold. I'm looking forward to her future movies. Moreover, the Hollywood star deserves a pay raise.

She's in a similar position as Hilary Duff. All she needs is one big blockbuster or an Academy Award, and she's set for life. Supergirl has a shelf-life, but Melissa Benoist's name can go down in history.

Benoist digs deep down into the heart and soul of a character. You should check out her performance in Whiplash. Not only does she play a wonderful supporting actress, she's a terrific love interest.

Maybe, Supergirl could play Batman's lover now that the Batman v. Superman saga is completed. How's that for a script? Superman and Batman end up as brother-in-laws. You get my drift (they're family). Unfortunately, the likely ending scenario is like Scarface. Do you remember the scene when Al Pacino's character Tony Montana discovered his sister Gina in lingerie at his best friend's home? They had recently got married. That's a story for another day.

Anyway, I say all this to say Melissa Benoist is absolutely incredible.

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